Friday Food for Thought…

Person who works in an office: Dresses like a real girl all week long, wears yoga pants when she’s off because she just stays home.

At Biggby coffee, sporting my real-girl clothes and claiming my last birthday month freebie- a Spotted Owl Skinny Latte. Marshmallow, vanilla, and hazelnut- yum!

Person who works from home: Wears yoga pants all week long for work. Dresses like a real girl on her day off and is super antsy to get out of the house.

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11 Responses to Friday Food for Thought…

  1. True life. I’m glad I work on a college campus and a bit more slack though I think LOL. Love this Amy!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks Hollie! When I did my internship for college, I definitely dressed up a lot, mainly because I wanted people to know I was there to work and not just some random college kid. But I also had a job in the math department as a testing monitor and I wore sweats all the time, haha!

  2. Ha, I love your outfit. i don’t mind wearing dresses now but i miss my college days

  3. Rebecca says:

    This is so true. 🙂

    But of course, have you ever had those days where you don’t do much, and at the end, you’re thinking, “I saw no one in particular today, and these clothes still are pretty clean, so I can wear the same outfit tomorrow!”
    I have.

    The closest thing I’ve had to an office job is working as a Peer Instructor (or tutor) in Academic Support in college my senior year. I hope for a nice office career, or along those lines someday, but it’s so hard to know what to look for when looking. So frustrating.

    Enjoy your birthday treat!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I have those days quite often, especially just being around the house, or when I put on clothes for just a few hours to leave the house. I re-wear quite often :).

  4. This is also my life when I get home from school 😉

  5. pickyrunner says:

    This is great! I still dress like a “real girl” (kinda) to classes but the second I get home, jeans come off and sweats go on. They’re just so much more comfortable! I am kind of excited for an internship so I can dress up sometimes though.
    P.s- marshmallow is literally my favorite thing in the entire world. Good choice 🙂

  6. I wear teacher clothes all week and exercise clothes all weekend. My parents made fun of my because I meet them, at their house, for dinner Saturday and they thought I was looking too fancy. It was hard to explain to them that they were my only chance to be in nonteacher clothes or exercise clothes so I took it.

  7. Sarah says:

    Look at you all in your real girl clothes, ya look good 🙂 Can we create a new category called… person who goes to classes all week in spandex and then tries to get away with wearing yoga pants to work all weekend?? I don’t think I’ve worn jeans or non-stretchy pants in over a month. oops. Love this post.

  8. I love real girl clothes so I wear them pretty much every day unless I’m at home sick but I think if I worked from home I would probably be more relaxed with my outfit choices. I can’t deny that yoga pants are super comfy!

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