Stomach troubles, sleeping in, and sunshine in my Saturday

Hey guys and happy Saturday! Gotta love the weekend, for those of us who work traditional 9-5 jobs. As for everyone else… who doesn’t love the weekend, right?

After sleeping in for some mornings, I can say I’m finally recovered from my half marathon. I’m feeling rested and my legs feel pretty fresh. I ran 4.35 miles on Thursday (the same amount that my run club training friends ran, but they did track speedwork and I didn’t) and it went really, really well. I also ran an easy 3 with some new friends after a running form class I attended. I swing my arms too much  and heel strike and can’t figure out any way to remedy this.


Aside from that, I’ve been working and doing lots of writing and editing. It’s been nonstop editing at work lately but I’m fine with that because it’s job security. I’m coordinating a big review project for troubleshooting articles (I work as a technical writer for a software company), so it’s pretty busy. This is the time to mention that my job duties have changed a bit, and instead of writing procedures, I write and edit troubleshooting articles for software problems and work on client training now. It’s actually a bit harder in my opinion… but I just celebrated four years at ACS Technologies and have a review coming up, so maybe I will have a raise coming my way with these tough job responsibilities.


I still like what I do and working from home, even though I feel like a slob sometimes because I wear yoga pants or norts and don’t get dressed when I wake up (I have normal working hours of 8-4:30 or 8-5).

And the worst thing about working from home… when you’re sick, you’re at home sick but also at your job sick.

I woke up Saturday morning at 2:30 AM with a horrible stomach ache smack dab in the middle of my tummy/belly. We’re talking hurts to touch, extended belly, excruciating pain. I took some pepto and tried to get back to sleep, but that didn’t happen. No matter what, I wasn’t comfortable in bed, and it hurt to turn over, get out of bed… well, everything. Pretty soon I was dry heaving on my bathroom floor and breaking out into cold sweats. Needless to say my 10 miles didn’t happen this morning, but I drank Powerade… for another reason!

Powerade… no gatorade in this house as the Carolina Gamecocks play the Florida Gators today and that would be blasphemy. Just sayin’….

But, there’s a little sunshine in my day from this survey Hollie tagged me in. Enjoy!

1.     Who is your favorite philosopher?

Philosophy wasn’t required for my professional communications degree … so here are a two quotes I like that are from non-philosophers. I do like what Steve Jobs has to say in quotes, does he count as a philosopher?

“The beautiful part of writing is that you don’t have to get it right the first time, unlike, say, a brain surgeon.” — Robert Cormier, American Novelist

“What distinguishes those of us at the starting line from those of us on the couch is that we learn through running to take what the day gives us, what our body will allow us, and what our will can tolerate.” — John Bingham, Running Writer & Speaker

2.       What is your favorite number?

8. Nah really I don’t know, I just wanted to pick a number and 8 sounds good. Plus my birthday was on the 8th.

3.       What is your favorite animal.

Pretty much any baby animals are awesome, but I loved the pandas at the National Zoo when I visited in college. Time to throw back to 2006…


4.       What are your Facebook and Twitter?

Both are in the links to the left, and I’m on them all day every day (the joys of working in the tech industry). Feel free to add me on either one.

5.       What is your favorite time of day?

Early morning. I get my run in and come home to increased productivity. Plus, I just like being up before the rest of the world. It kinda brings me a weird inner peace, I guess, being alone with my thoughts before the day’s craziness starts up.

6.       What was your favorite vacation?

My honeymoon with Clay. We travelled on the Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas cruise ship. We’re leaving for another cruise in only 3 weeks too! I know I haven’t talked much about it on here, but it’s coming…

Picture 071

7.       What is your favorite physical activity?

Sweating after a run.

8.       What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?

Ohhh, you know it… #CoffeeADay

Picture 227

9.       What is your favorite flower?

Whole wheat? Nah, whatever my husband gives me, but he secretly knows I’d rather have techie gadgets like a laptop or running shoes or a massage. I do like roses, which he gave me for our first Valentine’s Day– the first time I was ever given flowers, actually. Another throwback to 2006…


On a side note, I was one chalky, pasty, girl that winter. I swear I live in South Carolina and it’s always sunny here. I was just so busy writing and tutoring that I didn’t get out.

10.   What is your passion?

I have a passion board on Pinterest where I pin quotes related to my passion, so take a guess…


So… now I have to tag people, so I tag anyone who’s reading this and just wants to fill out a fun survey. Hope everyone has a great weekend and all your football teams pull off big wins!

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20 Responses to Stomach troubles, sleeping in, and sunshine in my Saturday

  1. I am so sorry! I saw your tweet and saw the stomach pain you were having. Hope you begin to feel better! Rest today and play tomorrow, right?

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks girl! Yeah, I’m gonna venture out to the store and on some errands, but besides that, it’s a good thing it’s Saturday bc football is on to keep me occupied. I will maybe do my 10 tomorrow instead.

  2. KrisLawrence says:

    Feel better soon!! Have a great time on that cruise coming up!!

  3. Patty says:

    Hope your tummy is feeling better! And don’t feel guilty about wearing yoga pants, most days I wear scrubs and those are like unflattering yoga pants 🙂 Have a lovely weekend, dear!

  4. I’m always chalky and pasty, it is just my complexion. I see nothing wrong with that. I have never been on a cruise. Sounds like so much fun.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      They’re pretty amazing! I highly recommend cruises, it is our favorite form of vacation.

      Despite my pasty complexion, I really don’t sunburn. I had a great tan going on this summer and earlier in the Fall, but it’s pretty much gone now. Oh the joys of being a writer and being inside most of the time.

  5. So many loves for this post. First and foremost YESS for the coffeeaday. That makes me so happy LOL. I love cruises. They are sooo much fun. I’m trying to convince the main man to go on one with me when he finishes flight school.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      The main man? Ooohh… you should elaborate.

      Yeah I had a gas station coffee today and thought of you, but no whipped cream. Still searching for a gas station in Charleston that does whipped cream!

      • OOH girl. I’ve been dating the same guy for just over a year, he is in Texas though for flight school (went to my neighboring school..we met running LOL). But he was in ROTC and graduated and was accepted into flight school for the air force. It’s def hard, but I don’t talk about him too too much because he isn’t around but also because I had some trouble with my ex stalking my blog…so that was awkward.

      • Amy Lauren says:

        Ah okay! Cool deal, yeah I remember you mentioning Texas a few times, now I see why you want to head there after your internship. Flight school is pretty impressive and so is the Air Force :).

  6. Kara says:

    Get well soon girl!! I was watching the South Carolina game today and thought of you! I also LOVE early mornings…peaceful and it’s nice to know you still have the whole day ahead of you!! (Well…sometimes that’s not so great. Like when you have a long day at work, haha)

  7. Steph says:

    Oh no, I hope you get feeling better! Also, I would kill to be able to work from home sometimes, so enjoy that!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, it’s pretty fun, but there are things I miss about an office too. I think everyone who works from home needs to be involved in a few things outside of home too like a sport, coaching, a church, etc just for sanity though. Gotta have at least one extroverted hobby.

  8. I hope you are feeling better!

  9. allieksmith says:

    I’m super excited for your cruise! It will probably be so cool to go on a cruise in the fall 🙂

    I’m really sorry about your tummy pain. I hope you’re feeling better now!

  10. missymiller says:

    I think any person can be a philosopher…
    You’re a philosopher I’m a philosopher….

    I have emaborate theories based on peanut butter and jelly (0:

    PS- Kudos on the new job, boo about the belly and PLEASE try and make work and home seperate as a RULE. Shut her down at 6 girl!! LOL. Also I had to google jorts. #I’m old.

  11. runwkate says:

    I’m sorry you were sick :-(. 8 is my favourite number too – reason or not :-D. And the cruise! Amazing – enjoy it. I’m looking forward to hearing more about it,

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