Race and Trip Recap: Georgetown Bridge 2 Bridge Half Marathon

I’m a half marathoner again!


I finished the Georgetown Bridge to Bridge Half Marathon on Saturday in 1:49:37 (chip time- finish time was 1:49:44). I honestly have no clue which time “counts”…

I was pretty stoked about my finish time. I set a goal for about a 1:55 finish after plugging my 5K times in a pace calculator and taking the tough course (2 large bridges that you had to run over twice) into account. Best of all, I had a great little (last minute) overnight trip and date night with my handsome husband, and it meant so much that he and my mom were waiting for me at the finish.



Clay and I left for Georgetown Friday afternoon when he got off work, and we got into town at around 5:30 (it took longer to get out of Charleston and Mt. Pleasant than to get to Georgetown) and checked into our hotel. I picked up my race packet, which included a map of the course and a parking map- really helpful. I also got a size small long-sleeved, blue, cotton t-shirt, which was really nice but looks like a dress on me (why do race shirts NEVER fit?).

The 5K and 13.1 packets had a car sticker in them, and the stickers were a great touch since they were personalized with the city and race name, not just an ordinary 13.1 oval. I’m excited to put it on my car soon.

Of course, a trip wouldn’t be complete without some delicious food and a date night, so we headed to The Humble Crumb, a small Italian restaurant that uses local ingredients and makes everything from scratch.


We love supporting local restaurants, and pasta and pizza are a runner’s best friend, especially before an endurance race. Clay had a pizza and I had a pasta dish with eggplant and zucchini, along with salads and delicious bread and butter that they brought to our table. It was enough to fill me up without being overstuffed- very important for a pre-race meal!


Insert random NomNomNoming sounds here…

After our pasta dinner, we hit the convenience store to grab something to drink and a little dessert (double stuft oreos for me), then headed back to the hotel to sleep. Our hotel was the Jameson Inn Georgetown, which was really accommodating to the runners by offering a late check out (yay for showering before driving back to Charleston!). I got a great rate from Priceline and even though the hotel was pretty no-frills, the price was right for a one-night stay for a race. We both watched a lot of TV (Yukon Men on Discovery Channel) then fell asleep pretty quickly.


I always have to take this picture of Clay when we check into a hotel…

I got up at 5:30 Saturday morning and drank lots of water, then headed down for the continental (carbo!) breakfast, where I had a bowl of instant oatmeal and a little less than half of a “make your own waffle”. I can’t go to a hotel without having one, and some extra breakfast before a half marathon can’t hurt, right? I also had hotel coffee before heading to the start.

My Believe/Achieve run club friend Barbara was doing the race too, so I ended up parking close to her and her dad, Chandler (who also runs with us) and hanging out with them before the race. Chandler was our expert driver, cheering section, photographer, and caretaker of the coats while we ran… it was CHILLY at the start with winds and temperatures in the 50s.


I ran my first mile pretty conservatively with about a 8:35 pace… cool for me. Instead of going out so fast, I tried to take in the amazing race environment and enjoy the scenery of the marsh. We hit the first bridge at mile 3 and miles 3-5.5 were on it (out and back)- My 5 mile clock time was 42 minutes and some change, just what I was hoping for… nice and steady. Off the bridge, we ran through downtown Georgetown where we were met with water, gatorade, Gu (I didn’t take one- I had my own, but it was nice of them to provide this), and lots of spectators and cheering, including Chandler. People were sitting on their porches cheering for us, and most of the 5Kers were done and cheering as well.


I passed a few girls on miles 6-7 because I picked up some speed once I was done with the bridges. Seems like I always get a second wind here. The spectators were awesome- the City really supported the race!

We went up the last bridge, the steepest, around mile 8-9. With the wind and uphill, this was the most brutal part of the race, but fortunately it was a little warmer. I ate half my Blackberry Gu (so thankful my friend and fellow Mt. Pleasant Track Club coach Peggy told me about them- they are a lifesaver) and drank a little water at the water stops. I saw my 10-mile split (1:23/1:24ish and some change) and didn’t meet too many other ladies on the out and back… that’s when I mentally figured out I might be able to pull a slightly faster time.


I beasted up the bridge again and enjoyed the downhill, then saw the right turn onto Front Street and got excited since I knew we were almost done. Pretty soon I could see the finish, including the finish clock, and I could read the 1:49 on it, so I hit my Tiny Terror kick.

I finished in 1:49:37 (or 1:49:44), got my medal, took some pictures with my mommy and my husband, and then enjoyed a complimentary stretch/massage session.


Thanks for the awesome genes, Mommy. My young looks lead guys to believe they’ve been chicked by a 15-year-old when I’m really 27.

When the results were posted on the timing trailer, I figured out I was 3rd in my age group, so we stuck around for the awards ceremony at 10:30. The race had live music between the finish and the awards ceremony so we were pretty entertained. I won a $10 gift card to Try Sports in Mt. Pleasant for finishing 3rd out of 25 females ages 25-29.


So thankful he puts up with my 5 AM wakeup calls for running!

This was really the only beef I had with the race, as lots of winners were from out of town, yet won gift cards for more local running stores. Some winners got tech shirts or gift cards from another running store in Myrtle Beach.

I have to say this was one of the best races I’ve done and I really hope I can do it again next year! It’s only a little over an hour away from Charleston, so it’s a great getaway and a really beautiful, well organized race- especially for an event only in its 2nd year. The race direction, crowd support, and atmosphere were unbeatable.

After awards, showering, putting on my Mt. Pleasant Track Club shirt in honor of their cross country meet, and a pit stop for a gas station Turbo Mochachino (my favorite!), we hit the road for Charleston. Clay drove home…


After a light lunch, lots of social media and post-race texting, and a nap, my friend Nadine and I hit up Cracker Barrel because she’d never been there and I wanted more carbs. I haven’t been to Cracker Barrel in ages- it’s like a country cooking restaurant here in the South- but she wanted to check it off her SC bucket list since she just moved here. We both had French Toast and it was delicious!


I really can’t wait to run 13.1 again! I’m already looking forward to my next half marathon, probably next month, and then one here in Charleston in January. But, we’ll see how I feel with the post-race recovery and soreness!

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Disclosure: I received a free race entry on behalf of Try Sports Mt. Pleasant, who sponsors my running club and this race. However, all opinions are my own.

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38 Responses to Race and Trip Recap: Georgetown Bridge 2 Bridge Half Marathon

  1. Tiffany G. says:

    wow 2nd half…u are a rock star!
    and that pasta looks delicious 🙂
    I like playing that brain teaser peg game that are on the tables at cracker barrel.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Ahhh, I was waiting for you to post this!! I kept up with your posts about this half marathon on Facebook, and I’m so happy for you that you got to participate in it!

    Sounds like the hotel was very nice! Yup, the nicer businesses are always willing to “bend the rules.” Hehe. Glad you got to shower before heading back!

    Nice picture of Clay! 😀

    It’s always encouraging to be cheered on… in any area of life!

    Well, congrats on doing a WONDERFUL placement in the race, and I’m glad I finally got to read it. Have a wonderful evening! 😀

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks Becca! It was good that the hotel bent the rules for us, it really pays for them to do that so they have happy customers who want to come back. I hope things are going well for you too.

  3. allieksmith says:

    Wowza, you did AMAZING! Especially will the bridges and all! I love the picture of you zonked out. You must be so proud of how well you did! AWESOME!!! 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Haha, it was kind of a joke picture and I didn’t actually sleep on the way back, but once I got food in my belly after the run I definitely took a nice lil nap!

  4. runwkate says:

    So much fun! Congratulations Amy, that’s a fantastic time – and 3rd in your category is pretty neat. Huge effort! And it sounds like you are so ready for the next one. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.

  5. Congrats! I love that area, seriously I adore that place. i want to go to charleston to visit you, I am seriously counting down the days till spring!

  6. Great job and I’m glad you took a place too, you deserved it Amy! I’m glad your training is going well!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks, yeah I was happy getting 3rd, especially since I didn’t expect anything and there were 25 girls in my age group. Usually in races where I place there aren’t that many other runners my age haha.

  7. kayleeoutlaw says:


  8. Amazing time. The race actually sounds pretty cool. Maybe next year when I am healthy I can do it as a taper run preMCM.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It was so fun! You should try to do it next year, it’s not “flat and fast” like people want but if you can run our bridge you can run these, they had nothing on the Ravanel… just sayin’.

  9. Patty says:

    Congrats Amy!! That’s a fantastic time!

  10. Congrats! I think it’s cool that you guys stayed overnight in the area where the race was and got to try out a local restaurant.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks Ashley!

      Yeah, it was a little far to drive race morning with the 7:30 start time, and I didn’t want Clay to have to wait around for 2 hours while I ran. This way, he got to sleep in until 7:30-8:00 and walk to the finish. It was definitely more fun for both of us with staying overnight.

      And we LOVE trying local restaurants out :). That’s the highlight of us travelling to new places!

  11. Steph says:

    Awesome job!! It sounds like a fun race! I’ll have to try it some year. Also, ❤ Cracker Barrel. =)

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, it’s really worth visiting for. Not a big race, but not super small either and the town really appreciates the runners. Plus it’s close to Myrtle Beach so a good little weekend trip.

  12. congrats!!!! and 3rd place- YOU ROCK!!!!!
    Also, why don’t race shirts fit? mine are always so short haha

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Mine are always way too long… I think this shirt would have been too long for anyone though unless they were really tall. I know I’m short but it came down almost to my knees. I hope it shrinks in the wash *crosses fingers*. If not I can just sleep in it. It’s not a tech shirt.

  13. Kevin Brokes says:

    Congrats. You looked strong going up that second bridge (I was the guy at the bottom with the bike.) Keep it up!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks Kevin! I’m glad you’re able to bike, didn’t even realize that was you or that you were there (we haven’t actually met in person yet, but hopefully we get to race together soon!). I remember seeing you now because I was thinking does that guy know me or something? That second bridge was HARD, HARD, HARD!

  14. shannonjoe says:

    That’s an amazing time! Congrats! 🙂

    YUM-Cracker Barrel-I know about those here in Alabama.

    I just signed up for my 1st half! OMG! So scared! It’s the Disney Princess Half in February. Committed.


    • Amy Lauren says:

      You will be fine! It’s a Disney race so enjoy it and don’t feel pressured to hit a certain time or anything. I hear the Disney ones are well worth the extra cost for them because they are very well planned and excellent races.

  15. Kara says:

    YAYYY You are awesome!! WAY TO GO!! (Oh, and Blackberry Gu is one of my favorites! Yum!)

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks! I don’t think the Gus taste bad really, I try to stick with the berry flavors and they kinda taste like melted gummy bears or melted fruit chews, I dunno lol! Anyway they work. Thanks for your congrats!

  16. Sarah says:

    YESSSS! So proud of you and happy/excited for you 🙂 This is seriously such an accomplishment. Love the Cracker Barrel, a good homey style resturaunt for sure. And also loving the picture of you laying there with the hat covering your face, good call good call… get some much needed sleep time! Keep us updated with how your feeling post-race and upcoming races!!!

  17. jaml905 says:

    You are so fast! You are a speed! Congratulations! That is an awesome time! How I wish I run fast like you! 🙂
    I wish to get long sleeves race shirt from races too. 🙂 So far, I’m only getting short sleeves from the races I’ve joined. I’m sorry they don’t fit you. You can always have it altered or something. 🙂
    Your pasta looks sooooo delicious! I got hungry. I’ll eat after this. 🙂 LOL.
    Your mom is pretty and so are you! Yes, you definitely look like a teenager AND how I wish I’d still look that great after finishing a race. You still look so fresh! 🙂

    Congratulations again! Your blog is really inspiring me. 🙂
    Rest well!

  18. chasingthekenyans says:

    congrats on the AG award and great half-time! the chip time is (i believe) the ‘actual’ time. it factors in the delay you might have in crossing the start line since not everyone can line up at the front! but for overall awards i think they do based on gun time – first 3 across the line are your winners. for keeping track of race performances – definitely use the chip time if they are chipped time races! 🙂

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