Yoga or NOga, National Coffee Week, Feeling like Fall

I downloaded Windows Live Writer on my laptop and it makes blogging SO much easier! I highly recommend it (then again, I sorta hate the web editor for wordpress).

Sunday afternoon I headed to yoga at the North Charleston branch of my gym (the largest chain of gyms in the Charleston area), only to find class cancelled because the gym only has a few yoga-certified instructors and no one could teach it. Stink because I drove 20 minutes to the gym, waiting at every. single. stoplight. I ended up stretching for awhile and doing some of the weight machines, along with a little ArcTrainer-ing, but still… it wasn’t yoga.

Picture 276

I wouldn’t be so upset, except something similar happened last Friday- I showed up, but no one else and no instructor… no one told me it was cancelled. Then last Sunday the instructor decided she wanted to teach PiYo instead of yoga, which I didn’t mind trying something new because it was similar and we did have a class.  I really miss yoga, and I can tell I haven’t practiced seriously in a few weeks. I think I’ll try out a studio on Sunday and see how that  goes…

I stopped by Biggby on my way home for some coffee. This place is so good; if you like Frappuccino coffee drinks and don’t like extra calories, it is for you because they can make every coffee drink low-fat or skinny! One of my Florence runner friends, Amanda, told me about it because she went to college in Michigan and they are all over the place up there. I had a very delicious skinny frappe made with caramel, white chocolate, and hazelnut- it’s called a “Bear Cub”, hehe. Good stuff- and almost every coffee drink there can be made under 300 calories, which is pretty neat too.


One of my friends actually told me it’s National Coffee Week… I guess the drink I had was a nice way of ringing it in Smile. Also, I read where McDonalds has free coffee all week which is pretty cool too. I’m definitely not that much of a coffee snob and I think gas station and fast food coffee is tasty too. I’m even going out for coffee and desserts tonight with some friends…


Besides that, I officially started drinking Pumpkin Spice now that the weather has cooled off here. I even had to turn the heater in my car on my way to run, it was about 60 degrees. Plus it feels great for cross country and football. A lot of my friends live in colder areas and probably think I’m a wimp for thinking 60 degrees is cool, but it’s much better than dealing with the insane Lowcountry humidity.

Hope everyone’s doing well! Off to get some work done for my big-girl job, then Body Pumping this evening. Have a good one!

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15 Responses to Yoga or NOga, National Coffee Week, Feeling like Fall

  1. I have yet to have a pumpkin flavored coffee but I need to get on that. I hate when classes are cancelled unexpectedly, it really throws off your schedule. Glad you are finding new places though in Charleston!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      You should definitely try pumpkin coffee! It’s pretty tasty, if you don’t like it just don’t get it again (I wouldn’t suggest buying a package of K-cups or anything until you’ve tried one). All the coffee shops have it now.

      Yeah, yoga being cancelled like that reminded me of the people who’d drive all the way out to campus from home to find class cancelled… especially when they had 30-60 minute drives.

  2. ladycoop says:

    I did giggle at the heater for 60 degrees comment. LOL

  3. Wow, I can’t believe it’s only 60 degrees where you are! Today was supposed to be one of the coolest days we’ve had in awhile, and it got up into the low 70s which isn’t that cool at all especially for late September!

    I wish we had Biggby here–I love Starbucks frapps and always order them light but I wish they had more options. I really like ordering their iced Americanos and then adding a couple pumps of one of their sugar-free syrups because I get the coffee flavor without too much bitterness.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      You would love Biggby. Forget Starbucks and their frappe “menu” that has like 6-7 options. At Biggby anything can be a frappucino and not as bad for you :). I like the sugar free syrups too (but not sugar free coffee creamer, that has a weird aftertaste… )

  4. Steph says:

    National coffee week? I like the sound of that…

  5. Kate says:

    Enjoy the coffee! That seriously suck about the yoga – I would b raging if it happened to me twice!

  6. Bummer about yoga being cancelled. 😦 I hate when stuff like that happens without prior notice.

    National Coffee week…. how fitting that I actually drank fall-flavored coffee twice this week! Normally I don’t drink any coffee at all but I just had to try the fall drinks coming out. 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I also hate it. The website said that yoga was scheduled too, didn’t even know until I got there. I was glad I had my sneakers so I could at least work out. Some people were there to try yoga for the first time too, we had 5-6 very disappointed people.

  7. Patty says:

    Bear cub sounds absolutely delicious! I am so into fall flavors – especially low calorie ones! Do you ever do yoga at home? I know Netflix actually has a huge selection. I have never really done yoga and i want to start- do you have any recommendations?

  8. I’ve never hear of Biggby, but am all about low-cal, but super girlie flavored coffees. Where is it located?

    • Amy Lauren says:

      North Charleston off Dorchester Rd. Also one in Summerville. I’m definitely stopping in every time I’m in the area (not in those areas too much, but I have a friend in Ladson and it’s super close to her).

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