It’s Okay Thursday- September 13

Hey everyone! I hope you all enjoyed reading about my Dirt Dash 12K race on Saturday. Fortunately my legs have recovered from the brutality of trail running (On Sunday morning, my legs felt like they were hit by a train,  which is a weird feeling when you live by a train that comes by 5 times between 8 PM and 12 AM… anyway). I did yoga on Sunday and that got the blood flowing in my legs, so they felt better pretty quickly. Runners who don’t do yoga are missing out!

On Sunday, we had some friends over to play Dungeons and Dragons (well, Clay plays that, I don’t) and eat pizza. It was a pretty good time. We usually do this every weekend now and rotate who brings the food and what we eat, so we hang out and have a great time. One of the guys’ wives just moved out from California and she doesn’t play D&D either so we went out to FroYo in Paradise, haha.

Besides my weekend, I had a pretty good week. I’ve started coaching Cross Country for the Mt. Pleasant Track Club (more on this in future blogs), as well as getting my own half marathon training in. I’m still getting accustomed to coaching for a new club. My parents are also visiting today, so we’ll go out for lunch and catch up on life.

It’s Thursday, so I’m linking up with A Complete Waste of Makeup for It’s Okay Thursday.

It's Okay

To love those little stuffed toys you heat up in the microwave and place on your tummy when it hurts. Mine is a red owl named Hooty. He also smells like lavender to help me sleep.

To love pumpkin spice but feel like it’s a little too early for it. It was close to 90 yesterday, but it felt like Fall because there was no humidity. But, if it’s sports bra and tank top running weather, it’s definitely not pumpkin spice weather. Maybe in a few weeks I’ll indulge in one, but I’m really enjoying my chocolate k-cups with almond joy creamer lately.

To secretly wish you’d gotten in on Fantasy Football. Oh well, Clay has a Fantasy team and I guess there’s always next year for me. I don’t know much about which players I’d pick but it would’ve been fun!

To enjoy Japanese food with your friends on a Friday night and consider it “carb loading” for a Saturday race. Here are some pics from our Japanese night!

To disagree with the media’s thoughts that people don’t pay attention to the September 11 anniversary anymore. Almost everyone I know pays a LOT of respect to it because it’s one of the defining events of our generation.

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15 Responses to It’s Okay Thursday- September 13

  1. I haven’t had japanese food in ages, looks so good. I also haven’t had froyo in over six months. What is this.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Japanese food is delicious, provided there’s no MSG or something in it. I know Chinese/Japanese food sometimes has that and makes people sick, but fortunately this place was good and didn’t :). FroYo is great and they also have sorbets here too!

  2. Tiffany G. says:

    lol @ the almond coffee picture…poor fellla misses u ha.

    the church i go to in florence now has small groups based on age that meet on wednesday night and the speaker last week suggest even girls should get into fantasty football bc it changes the way you look/think about it. i dont have a team either but i know friends who have a team and they get really into it. some mutual friends of mine have a league together and pooled money together and whoever wins 1st, 2nd, 3rd gets money and 1st gets a trophy and of course man bragging rights for a year lol

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Actually I just like football and want to get into it because of liking football, haha. I don’t really have a favorite NFL team and neither does Clay but we watch them all. Fantasy Football just seems like a fun way to enjoy the season.

      I laughed so hard when I found that coffee bean picture of him missing his mom, haha.

  3. ladycoop says:

    The owl is so cute!

    I agree about it being too early for PSL. I got one the other morning and it just wasn’t good to me since it wasn’t cool/cold.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, I don’t want to rush the summer away with pumpkin spice. I did go ahead and buy the creamer since it’s on sale but probably won’t use it until I get the pumpkin spice K-cups (which with my budget and recent expenses, I won’t buy them until next Friday when I get paid…)

  4. Lizzie says:

    I NEED one of those owls. I felt left out of fantasy football last year, so I’m very happy that I made my friend let me in his league this year. I don’t really know THAT much about my players yet, but I enjoy the smack talking aspect of the whole thing.

  5. runwkate says:

    It is so ok to have an owl – I want one too! Those photos are gorgeous, and now I want Japanese…

  6. haha…that would be me at the D and D games: umm, where’s the pizza?? 😉
    i LUV japanese food too…i could eat anything/everything under the sea. my fav is sashimi…and i think it’s called the tekadon bowls. look like u guys had fun! 🙂

  7. I totally tried my first pumpkin spice Starbucks last week even thought it was still almost 90 degrees. However, like you said it is okay:)
    Cannot wait to hear more about you and the Mt. P track club:)

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks :). I will write about coaching soon. I used to coach track and field and cross country back in Florence too, so even though I’m new to MPTC, I’m not new to coaching.

  8. Mmmm that sushi looks delicious, I would definitely order very similar items! I agree about the fall weather, while it’s not as hot here as it is there, it is still wayyyy too warm for me to consider it being fall. I am still partaking in pumpkin festivities though 🙂

  9. allieksmith says:

    I still feel like it’s too early for the pumpkin coffee. Maybe I’m just in denial about summer ending though ;).

    I love those things you can heat up and put on your tummy too!! Jimmy got me one as a b-day gift one year and I was like okay? Now I use it a lot!!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I use mine a lot too… even though it’s really hot here, it just feels good on your tummy sometimes or anything else that’s sore (which happens a lot for those of us who work out or run).

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