Run Clubbin’, Birthday Celebrations, and Street Strider Marathon

A lot of blog worthiness has been going on in my world lately.

Last Sunday, I met up with the TrySports Believe/Achieve run club for an easy four miler to recover from my Back to School 5K– and because I missed the Saturday long run and of course, missed my run club friends.

We ran four miles around Park West and had some nice conversations. Park West is a great place to run and is home of the nicest track I’ve ever seen as well as the Mt. Pleasant Track Club. A couple others biked since they already ran a lot of miles that week.

After our run, we headed to Joey Bag A Donuts for coffee, breakfast sandwiches, and donuts- as usual for Sunday (run day!). Joey’s is a local coffee and donut shop that’s been featured on TV and has tons of neat donuts and caffeinated beverages. It’s a fun place to go anytime, but especially after a relaxing Sunday run.

Ahh… Joey’s gourmet donuts!

Last Sunday was even better though. We had a party at Joey’s to celebrate Eric’s birthday and street strider marathon. Jim, founder of the Try Sports store and one of the run club leaders, dubbed Eric the only member of the run club on wheels. Due to knee problems, Eric doesn’t run, but he works out on a street strider, which is a little like an elliptical on wheels. It doesn’t have the impact of running but is still a great workout. Through street striding, Eric’s lost weight and gotten into great shape, and he comes out to the group runs to street stride with us runners.

Jim and Eric- two of the most inspirational people I’ve met here.

After gradually building up, Eric decided to attempt a 26.2 mile marathon on his street strider for his birthday, finishing up at Joey’s. His wife Carolyn and the kids, the Try Sports gang, and friends and family went all out for the celebration, and we all had a great time. Eric was one of the first people I met when I moved down, and it’s super inspiration that he hasn’t let his knee issues stop him from “striding” toward a healthy lifestyle.

Love these signs!

I won’t say Eric’s real age… but the koozies from his party say “40 years to one hundred” so you can do the math :).

Here are some pictures from the birthday party and street strider marathon. Way to go Eric on 26.2!

Gotta love food with a face, when it’s a donut anyway.

Partying it up on Joey’s Patio

Kids setting up the finish line

Here comes Eric…

Crossing the finish!

Run Clubbers!

Run Clubbers!

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12 Responses to Run Clubbin’, Birthday Celebrations, and Street Strider Marathon

  1. chasingthekenyans says:

    how fun! those donuts look delish. i always wonder if i’d be coordinated enough for those street strider type thingies. haha. i mean, could i actually make it up a hill on that? 🙂 congrats to eric!

  2. Kara says:

    You always seem to have SO much fun!! I love it!!

  3. allieksmith says:

    You seriously do so many fun things… I love it! And those donuts… oh me oh my. YUM!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It is a neat donut shop! If nothing else just going in there and looking at the cool donuts is fun, like the ones with cereal on top that I’d never actually order (I had half of a red velvet and half of a Smores at the party). The coffee drinks there are like Starbucks and delicious too.

  4. So cool that even though we live in the same town I learn about tons of new places from you. I have never heard of that donut shop before.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It’s inside the Park West subdivision and it’s pretty much amazing =). It’s hard for me to justify making a trip to Mt. P for food, but I do stop in when I’m in the area… which is often.

  5. That looks so fun! And congrats to Eric, 26.2 miles is a huge accomplishment whether it’s running or on the street strider.

  6. okay, these are more donut pix than i can stand!!! i’m droooling and so have my eye on that white and pink one. 🙂 congrats to eric, that’s sooo awesome!! hope he ate 26.2 donuts. 😉

  7. Aww what an accomplishment, congrats to him! It shows that you can really do so many great things with your body if you put the time and effort in.. a lesson for all of us :)\
    Oh lordy those doughnuts are looking mighty tasty and I’m pretty sure that top left one is a boston creme… I would sink my teeth into that one for sure!

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