Grilled Cheesin’ It- My first Charleston food truck experience

Happy Friday, guys!

The sun is up in Charleston, the Gamecocks beat Vandy last night, and it’s a long weekend. Life is good.

Around here, the anticipation of college football is like the week before Christmas and waiting on Santa when you’re a kid. It’s big business in our household! Clay and I watched the game last night at home… I guess our neighbors know which college football team we like now, because I’m the type who yells at the TV during the game. Since Clay had to work until 5 and the game started at 7, we picked up food from the Charleston Burger Company instead of grilling out.

For the long weekend, Clay is having friends over to play Dungeons and Dragons, I’m running 10 miles in the morning, and we’re going to a Food Truck Rodeo that afternoon. It sounds super fun, and I think 10-12 trucks will be there serving up good eats. Like a Food Network challenge, each truck has to use peaches in at least one dish, since they’re in season here (and peaches also make for a great prize when you win your age group in a 5K).

Here in Charleston, people tend to work in the same areas of town, and traffic is no joke. For people like my husband who commute to work at tech companies and other places and only get 30 minutes to an hour for lunch, food trucks come out so that the workers don’t have to fight traffic and waste their entire lunch break getting food. Different trucks come out to his job each day, so they get a good variety. It’s a pretty neat concept.

Of course, I work from home, so I usually miss out on food trucks (having a food truck come to my house to feed me for lunch would be pretty incredible, I must say). Last week, the Cory’s Grilled Cheese truck came to my neck of the woods for a kickball tournament, so I made a special trip out there to try it. What’s not to love about a portable grilled cheese restaurant?

Cory’s Grilled Cheese did not disappoint- I had muenster cheese with tomatoes on gluten free bread and it was delicious! It was super cheesy, the bread was slightly crispy, and the tomatoes provided a nice juiciness. You can get tons of neat ingredients on your sandwich- from traditional things like bacon and tomatoes to more obscure grilled cheese toppings like banana and nutella.

I took my sandwich home and put it on a real plate to eat it, but I know it would make a delicious work lunch!

Q1.) What are your plans for Labor Day weekend? Lots of running, football watching, and food truck rodeo for me! Plus resting up for next week.

Q2.) How do you like grilled cheese sandwiches? I love tomatoes on them, and pimento cheese is good too. I’ve never had nutella on a grilled cheese, but I’d give it a shot!

Q3.) Are you excited for football? If so, which teams? We’re definitely excited around here and it was neat because Carolina’s win kicked off the college football season. We’ve been watching NFL preseason and keeping up with Clay’s high school team too (he played football).

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20 Responses to Grilled Cheesin’ It- My first Charleston food truck experience

  1. I have actually never eaten from a food truck, yet another bucket list thing I guess.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Aww, you should! I hadn’t until I moved here. We didn’t have them in Florence because the traffic wasn’t so bad and people mostly just went out to restaurants or brought lunch. It’s a cool concept for areas with a lot of businesses/corporate companies though.

  2. ladycoop says:

    1) no plans. We are boring. LOL
    2) I used to. I do miss a good grilled cheese sandwich once in a while. I haven’t tried to make one since going vegan. There are tons of recipes out there but I know it won’t taste the same so I won’t bother.
    3) Football….what’s that?? JK. We don’t watch.

  3. Sean Newell says:

    Ok Amy I would ask that you please not show that grilled cheese anymore!!! After my 10 mile run this morning I started drooling and I licked my monitor when i saw it…..really not fair!!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Aww, sorry for your monitor being licked! I went to a family reunion after my last 10 miler, the double-digit runs make me super hungry.

      I think people here run so they can eat honestly, there are so many good places to eat in this town! We try not to go out much… just maybe twice a week or so, but it’s hard!

  4. Kara says:

    YESSS FOOTBALLL!!!! You know I love football too 🙂 Oh and I also love grilled cheese, that looks delicious!! I’m also running 10 miles tomorrow, so basically we are the same person 🙂 haha!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Oh yeah I am a grilled cheese fanatic! I normally do them on whole wheat bread (health nut I am), but I couldn’t resist trying this one because it was gluten free and I’d never had gluten free bread before. Good luck with your 10 tomorrow too!

  5. Rebecca says:

    Hey, Amy!

    It looks like things are going fairly well for you. I apologize for being M.I.A. lately. I just haven’t been in the blogging mood lately. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. 😦
    Hopefully this “crazy phase” goes away soon.

    Mmmm…. a basket full of peaches sounds lovely. Are you still eating them, or are they already gone? 🙂

    A portable grilled cheese restaurant, you say? Mmmm. To answer your question, I usually like American cheese and bread with tomato soup for mine. But I do like onions and thousand island dressing, so sometimes I throw those on. Sometimes I put scrambled eggs on mine. On the rare occasion, ham… but I know you don’t eat meat, so I’m sure that’s not a good suggestion for you. 🙂

    Today I actually used leftover steak, and I made a steak, American cheese and onion sandwich, with a lil’ bit of Miracle Whip for flavor. Mmmmm. I’ve been craving steak like crazy lately, so that definitely hit the spot today after work. 😀

    My plans for Labor Day? Not much. I worked today. I work tomorrow. I think I’m off on Sunday, so I’m thinking of catching a worship service in the morning, and then…?
    But sometime, hopefully soon… I’m hoping to FINISH the invitations for my friend Chelsea’s bridal shower and (Christian) bachelorette party…. still waiting for the mother of the bride to get back to me on the details. Can’t work on the invitations until then. Living in two separate states for this is hard, because I haven’t had the chance to do much, but hopefully that will change the closer I get ready to go out and see Chelsea. 😀

    Have a good weekend.

    And to answer your question… no, I’m not excited about football. That probably doesn’t make me a true Ohioan, but oh well.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, I have noticed most of my Ohio friends are really into football, either Ohio State or NFL because there are a few NFL teams there (Cleveland and Cincinnati, plus others in neighboring states. Here in the South we are mostly about college but lots of NFL fans too.

      I saw your dinner pic in your blog, I’m glad you cooked and had a nice dinner.

      I guess being a bridesmaid when the bride lives hundreds or maybe thousands of miles away is tough but surely it’s doable. It’s really neat that you’re going to fly out and be there for her at her wedding. Good luck with getting all the details finalized.

      I have like two peaches left. I gave a few away but I’ve been eating 1-2 peaches a day since I got them so they are going fast.

      • Rebecca says:

        Yup. The Cleveland Browns are either loved or hated around here… I don’t pay attention to sports, but I guess it depends on what season they tend to have. 😉
        And yes, Ohio state, or OSU, is FAMOUS for its rivalry with Michigan. Hehe. The OSU “fight song” was played a lot in my elementary, middle and high school years over the PA system (country school, as you can tell.) Hehe.

        I know! I feel bad, because this is the first wedding I ever get to be in, and I want to help so much, but it’s honestly the distance that’s keeping me from doing stuff now. 😦 Now, Chelsea and her mom tell me that I will be put to work when i go out there. Good! 🙂
        Yeah, I’m excited about traveling again. Haven’t left Ohio, or even been farther than 2 hours away from home for well over a year. Ahhhh! It’s driving me crazy. And I’m looking forward to flying again. Haven’t flown for over 2 years, but that’s okay. 🙂 I’m just thankful to be going somewhere.

        Oh! And I’m hopefully going to get some blogging done when I’m out there. 🙂 I am yet to blog a day by day trip, or every other day. Hehe. Kinda like your cruise posts! 😀

  6. oh my gosh, so i just read about this food network show challenge involving the food truck thing…hehe. i haven’t ever eaten from one either, with is pretty ridiculous because i used to live in Portland and there were about 20 food trucks on every street!! lol. that grilled cheese looking mighty tasty but i’ve never even heard of nutella on grilled cheese! 🙂

    have an awesome run out there m’dear! 🙂
    PS- i’m glad u waited until the 1st to kick off a 10 miler…lol.

  7. Wow that is neat. I’ve never heard of nutella on a grilled cheese but that sounds interesting and slightly tastey. Nice 10 miler today girlie! I really like that photo of you in the blue singlet BTW! Random but it’s super cute!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks! Yeah, it’s technically a tank and not a singlet, but I like it. It sorta feels like a team uniform or something because it’s for run club so it’s almost like I feel like I go faster wearing it, lol. My 10 was awesome today!

  8. chasingthekenyans says:

    Ahh a grilled cheese truck! What an excellent idea 🙂

  9. Just went to the Farmers’ market this weekend and they had a new grilled cheese booth. My friend and I split pimento with bacon, tomato, and jalapenos. However the blue cheese, pear, and pecan looked amazing too.
    How can you go wrong with grilled cheese?

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Of course not :). I beat blue cheese, pear, and pecan was delicious… I hope to make it out to the Farmer’s Market one day (one Saturday when I’m not running that morning… whenever that happens). I really want to try the food trucks and buy stuff!

  10. allieksmith says:

    I have always wanted to eat from a real food truck! I have only had food from “trucks” at festivals where it’s all pre-planned… if that makes sense?! Anyways… I like grilled cheese. Especially with tomato soup!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      The food trucks here are great! I had a rolled sandwich at the Food Truck Rodeo and Clay had barbeque… they all use local ingredients which is pretty cool. It’s not like the food trucks where everything is deep fried, these trucks actually had some healthier items and a very nice variety overall. Lots of vegetarian stuff too!

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