Weekend Recap: Bursts of Confidence, Comfort Food, and Charleston Cooking

Hello peeps- it’s Monday!

I can definitely say that little lines for Saturday and Sunday in my Lilly Pulitzer planner just aren’t enough room for my jam-packed-with-fun weekends lately. Even Sundays are busy lately. Back in Florence, Sunday was my rest day. I went on a long run that morning and spent the afternoon doing laundry, reading the newspaper, watching TV, and just relaxing before work on Monday. I miss the relaxation but wouldn’t trade the times with friends for the world.

Clay and I went to Red Orchid China Bistro Friday night for our special weekend date and the most delicious Chinese food I’ve ever had. Red Orchid’s menu and tastes put all the numbered combo, fried rice + egg roll + wonton soup and a fortune cookie, Chinese restaurants to shame. We got the vegetable buns appetizer (the buns were made with rice flour- so light and appetizing), mu shu vegetables, and hot and sour soup.

Clay had a noodle dish with like three different kinds of meat, and I forget what it was called, but he loved it. I ate about half my entree and then we went to Big Lots for office supplies (gotta love married life and how a date involves a trip to Big Lots) and FroYo in Paradise for dessert.

I got up at 4:45 on Saturday morning to drive over to Isle of Palms for my 10 mile run with Believe/Achieve run club. I was a bit nervous about running 10 miles for the first time in over a year, but Siobhan, Will, and Peggy made for awesome company and philosophical conversations at 6 AM.

The first half of the run was great, until my digestive system rebelled. Of course, no stores are open before 8 on Saturday but we luckily found parks and construction sites (You’ve found true running buddies when they don’t mind waiting on you at a porta potty…). I ate half of a Clif bar before the run and some jelly beans during it, so I’m thinking maybe eating before the run caused my issues… it’s just so weird to think about doing a 10 mile run without eating, though.

Fortunately, I have until November to figure out pre-run fuel.

There’s a certain confidence that comes with distance running. I had a big smile when I finished, just because if you can run 10 miles, you can complete a half. If you can run 10 miles in the August heat and humidity, narrowly avoiding digestive disasters and dehydration, you can beast through a half marathon. Imagine how much easier it’ll feel in November, when it’s cooler and I’m (hopefully) better fueled and hydrated.

Despite the heat and tummy troubles, I kept a decent pace on the way back to the Red and White, where I drank chocolate milk and hung out with everyone before driving 25 minutes home to shower and get ready for my uncle’s birthday party. Chocolate milk might have the perfect carb-to-protein balance post run, but my tummy didn’t think so, and I won’t be “refueling with chocolate milk” again.

I enjoyed my uncle’s birthday party and seeing my family. It’s always great to spend time with them, and my half marathon appetite was definitely living up to it’s reputation with the home cooking- we’re talking macaroni and cheese, green beans, sweet potato casserole, grape salad, and tons of awesome desserts like blueberry pie and peach cobbler.

Nothing like a meal with the family, and always worth the almost two hour drive to see everyone. Unfortunately, I left my camera’s battery in the charger, so I couldn’t take any pictures. When we got back to Charleston, I still felt pukey (no pun intended), so I read and watched TV until 10:30 (when I fell asleep).

On Sunday morning, we met up with the Pee Dee Foodie crew for brunch at Hominy Grill. Kevin, Melissa, Emma, Ann, Jerry, Les, and Nicole came down for a Charleston Dining Tour this weekend, and while we couldn’t join them on Saturday for the tour, we all got to meet for brunch at Hominy Grill Sunday morning. When I lived in Florence, I wrote restaurant reviews for the Pee Dee Foodie blog and made lots of friends that way, so it’s awesome to keep in touch with everyone and hang out when we can.

It was definitely worth the trip downtown and the 30-45 minute wait to get into Hominy Grill. The restaurant was featured on the Food Network and Alton Brown ate there- we even got the chocolate pudding that he recommended. It was like dark chocolate and not super sweet, but definitely rich- not your  typical chocolate pudding. I also had a delicious omelet and Clay had an egg dish, but around the table, we all tried different things- true foodie spirit!

We had a great time catching up with Kevin, Melissa, Ann, Jerry, Les, Nicole, and Emma. Even better- I saw a Facebook post Sunday night that they’re already planning a trip back in November to go to a Christmas Light Festival we have. I’m pretty excited already and know we’ll find tons to do that weekend. Charleston is the place to be!

Hope everyone had a great weekend :).

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7 Responses to Weekend Recap: Bursts of Confidence, Comfort Food, and Charleston Cooking

  1. heavier training means heavier eating. what good timing when you are with family. looks like a blast!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I always have an insatiable appetite when I run 10 miles or more. Not that I’ve run that much too many times, it’s just something about 10 that does it for me…

  2. Zenlizzie says:

    Your rest day sounds like a busy day to me!! And I’d like to finish the sentence “If you can run 10 miles..” with..”then you`re my hero!!”

  3. yea, i hate long run tummy issues, but finding the perfect fuel fix takes hits and misses. also sometimes the heat alone just messes everyone up! so i hope u find some resolve in future runs! u didn’t hammer down some of that chinese food before heading out? 😉 jk. sounds like u had a bast overall…minus bathroom stops…lol

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Oh yeah, I got through it and finished with a smile. Even a bad run is better than being injured or not running at all. I think if I quit experimenting and just go back to instant oatmeal that may help… hmm…

  4. chasingthekenyans says:

    Well duh, charleston is pretty sweet! Glad you are busy seeing the sites and trying out new places.

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