Trophy Lakes Cross Country 5K and my first Charleston race

Now that I’ve completed a 5K run in my new town, it’s safe to say I landed on my feet here in Charleston.

I wasn’t feeling this race until the morning of. With Mommy being in the hospital and feeling slightly down after looking at pictures from the Florence Track Club’s Spirit of Florence 5K, I would’ve debated staying home if I hadn’t registered. I planned to visit mom immediately following the race, but she told me not to cancel my plans and wait until the weekend (I visited her on Sunday and am happy to report she is doing MUCH better…)

Given that I’ve raced on Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and my birthday, Mommy understands my priorities- so I mentally dedicated this race to her.

After Bayler’s Birthday Bash- Christmas Eve 2010

I got up at 5:45 Wednesday morning for the 8 AM start. Drank my coffee, put on my “One Tough Cookie” headband and Fitness World Running Club tank, and grabbed my sports beans. Looked at my collection of race numbers, rubbed my worry rock, and smiled at my Florence Track Club team picture.

Runners love our routines. Locations change, the people we run with change, our paces and distances change- but some things don’t change. Some things will never change.

I was ready to rock this 5K for what it was worth.

Shameless pre-race self photo…

The race was at Trophy Lake, which is on John’s Island outside of Charleston. The 5K was a cross country trail run near a lake, but basically in the middle of nowhere- definitely one of the most rural parts of the area I’ve seen since getting here and reminded me a little of back home.

Before the race, I met up with fellow blogger Alex from Tour De Blue Shoes, who runs and recaps lots of Columbia/Midlands area races but was in Charleston on a family vacation and couldn’t pass up a chance to run a vacation race wanted to cross “Running with the Tiny Terror” off his blogger bucket list.

Alex is a pretty awesome guy, and I hope we run into (not literally) each other again. just met him in person an hour before, but a fellow blogger waiting for me at the finish of my first Charleston race really meant a lot since I didn’t know anyone else.

Blue Shoes + Tiny Terror = Blogger Domination.

I expected slightly more frills at a race in Charleston- and I guess I expected wrong. Before the start, everyone huddled around and the race director led us down a dirt road, drew a line in the dirt road with a stick, and told us to get behind the line. Keep in mind, there’s probably around 100 people or so here.

He also announced for someone to hurry up and move a car so we could start (hey, the driver didn’t know where the start was, so he didn’t know his car was there) and to tear the bottom part of our bib off and hand it to him at the end for timing. He reiterated that if we didn’t, don’t complain to him when we don’t see our results.

The race itself was around the lake, through a trail in the woods. The course was really nice and well marked along the way- only the start that had to be marked on race day. No hills, but some roots and low hanging limbs- of course low hanging limbs or trees are no match for me :). It was hot but not brutally humid out, and I even started out slower than usual to run an effective, negative splitting race. I finished in 25:35 ish.

I say ish because the results of the race weren’t online Saturday night when I was writing this. No marked start, no chip timing, no results online 3 days after the race… should’ve used Carolina Running Company. Perhaps I’m a little biased since I miss them.

The awards ceremony was held right after the race, after the organizer said he wanted to get it over with so we could all get out of there and drink (his words, not mine, he was a snarky guy!). I won third in my age group and got a new pair of running socks, which I guess is cool because it’s something I can use. Despite the race being at “Trophy Lakes”, no one got a trophy- the overall winners got gift certificates for a running store.

Above all, it was a fun experience- my first Charleston area 5K and my first time running on a trail in awhile. A lot of people were vacationing or running it for fun with family members, and since it was a holiday race, people dressed up patriotically, decorated strollers, wore red white and blue tutus, things like that. It was definitely a festive kickoff to a Fourth of July spent with running, friends, and family, and I’ll always remember that.

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22 Responses to Trophy Lakes Cross Country 5K and my first Charleston race

  1. Kara says:

    Great job!! I wanted to run a 4th of July race but it just didn’t work out…couldn’t find any close enough! Yours sounds great. I’m so glad you are adjusting and feel more at home now. Hope your Mom feels 100% soon!!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      She’s doing a lot better, Kara. Not 100%, but she just got out of the hospital Thursday night. She’s up, getting dressed, piddling around the house and yard, but hasn’t driven yet or ventured outside the house. I was really glad to see she was feeling so much better yesterday when I visited- thanks for your thoughts.

      Sorry you couldn’t find a race, but you just did the 10K so I guess that can count as your 4th race maybe :).

  2. Alex says:

    Enjoyed meeting you and reading the report! They finally posted the results late last night. Hope your mom is feeling better.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Glad the results are finally up! I’m not used to waiting 4 days for results- back in Florence they were usually posted by 3-4 that afternoon which was really nice for bloggers because we knew the exact stats, hehe. But at least they put them up at all, LOL.

      It was great meeting you- hopefully we get to race again together soon. I plan to do a lot of them around here so if you come back to visit I’ll probably see ya!

  3. ladycoop says:

    I LOL’ed at the starting line being drawn in the dirt with a stick. Thanks for sharing about your first race. 🙂

  4. So fun! first race in the new city, how exciting. that really is the best welcome.

  5. Awesome job Amy. I have been with you about not feeling the race until the day of. Great work and glad you pretty much enjoyed your first race down there. LOL at that race start!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks- yeah it was a pretty good first race. I really can’t complain with my time, I didn’t expect to do that well with the heat and trail, but maybe my speedwork is paying off, hehe. Most of my races I never really “feel” until the day of unless it’s one I always get excited for or a longer distance one.

  6. If I ever run a race, I would love to do a holiday one. They always seem so festive and more fun than normal ones, plus it would be a good excuse to wear a costume! And I love Alex’s shoes, they definitely stand out!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      They are fun and very low-key. I also recommend Turkey Trots on Thanksgiving, they are usually really well attended and it’s all ability levels, lots of families just wanting to get a workout in before eating Thanksgiving dinner (and it’s over with early so everyone can get home for the festivities). Halloween races are cool too, especially when they have costume contests- you can just take your time doing the race and enjoy looking at costumes. That’s the fun of it.

  7. Patty says:

    Aw!!! Great job!! And I love that pic of you and your mom, she seems so supportive 🙂 Congrats Amy!!!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks- yeah, she is. She’s a mom though, so a worrier. I have to insist to her that I’m acclimated to the heat and running in it, but she is pretty supportive. I’m hoping she can come watch me finish my next half.

  8. Awesome job Amy… like you said, not the best organized race, the starting line situation made me laugh a bit, but that is great you did one in your hometown! Oh and I have definitely been there about not really feeling the race until the day of… sometimes I am not into it until I am right about to run!

  9. allieksmith says:

    Woo-hoo! Tiny Terror is BACK for sure! You’ve def. landed on your feet in Charleston 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Definitely. I’m already trying to find another race to do- thinking about one later this month or either one next week (in the evening). Haven’t decided yet, though.

  10. ONGOING hugs to ur mom!! wat a lovely way to ‘run with her’ and dedicate this one to her. 🙂 and u did an awesome job girlie!! glad u got ur first race in in ur new residence….that makes it official! 😉

  11. i’d rather get a gift cert than a trophy anyway 🙂 congrats on the ag award! and i like how you write little notes on your bibs so you remember which one it was and how you did.

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