Charleston group runs, my weekend, and the other side…

Hey guys :). Now that we’ve survived Monday, I hope everyone’s having a terrific Tuesday at work, school, sports, summer, whatever you do. I never know how to start posts, so I’ll write a little recap of my weekend.

Friday afternoon, I went to a yoga class at the gym. Yoga here is on Friday afternoons at 5:15, which works really well for me as long as I leave the apartment early enough to beat traffic. I had a great practice with three other ladies and loved the class- it’s different than my Florence class, but everyone was still really nice and the yoga instructor, Lisa, told me about all kinds of cool restaurants and places to check out. I’m already looking forward to Friday’s class and will probably attend every single Friday.

On Saturday, I slept in until 8:30- I guess my body just needed the rest to restore my sleep stores from so much move craziness or something. I haven’t slept that late in awhile. Clay worked out with a personal trainer at the gym and then we went to his company picnic at the Charleston Air Force Base. I got to meet a lot of his coworkers and their families, which was super cool. A lot of them were new in town too because the company is doing a lot of hiring. Seems like almost everyone here is from somewhere else originally- definitely very newcomer friendly here, and I’m thankful for that. We had sandwiches, chips, desserts (Clay made a delicious banana pudding), and I hung out with some cute and sweet little kids playing cornhole!

After the picnic, we went to the coolest store ever, Earth Fare, and I got this delicious vegan chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting. It was amazing, and you wouldn’t even know it was vegan unless someone told you. Plus it’s patriotic and it was only $1.49- so big I couldn’t eat it all.

On Sunday morning, I woke up at 5:30, programmed my GPS, and headed to Mt. Pleasant for my first Charleston area group run. I learned about the Try Sports running group on Facebook, and since I knew I wouldn’t be scared of traffic on a Sunday morning, I headed out. The Park West track is the most beautiful track I’ve ever seen, and I’m convinced the hill behind the track is the reason why the town is called Mt. Pleasant- it’s the first hill I’ve seen here (and it’s man made for training purposes).

Five of us ran together on the Park West streets and Erik rode his street strider, then we went to the Joey Bag a Donuts coffee shop. They have the coolest donuts ever with toppings like cereal on them, and the menu was written out on donut boxes in the shop. I had an skinny almond roca latte, and we all sat around talking and drinking coffee.

Pretty cool menu huh?

Fruit Loops on a donut!

I really clicked with everyone and enjoyed the run; runners are some of the most welcoming, open, people ever- it’s true. Park West isn’t super close to my apartment, but I hope to go each weekend if I possibly can. At least I work from home right now so I don’t have to worry about a commute, right?

Speaking of worries, the last few days haven’t been worry free. I’m usually pretty positive online- I know no one likes to read posts that sound like whining, but the move has been tough.

Working from home definitely has its advantages (can we say doing laundry and dishes during the workday?), and I’m super thankful for instant messenger to stay connected with my coworkers, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be calling people soon just to hear their voices and feel like I work there. For me, not being able to just walk over to my friend’s candy dish or pop over a cubicle wall is a big adjustment.

I’m still getting social interaction with running and gym time (I even went on my lunch break), but sometimes I feel like I’m talking everyone’s heads off and tell them I work from home and maybe that’s why I’m so abnormally chatty. Good thing other people like to talk…

I obviously miss my track team. I went into the grocery store after my Friday morning run to go to the bathroom, and I saw a little boy who looked a lot like one of the kiddos I coached. It makes me sad, because that particular kiddo didn’t do meets, so I don’t know if I’ll get to see him again or not- hopefully we will both do Race for Taylor next year again, I’m planning to return to Florence to run it in 2013, but still.

I also have an extra two hours in my day now that I’m not coaching, but I miss the coaching and team camaraderie- and unless you’ve been involved with a sports team that felt like a community and family, it’s hard to understand. It’s hard enough when a season ends and even tougher when your season ends with a move. Surely I’ll have that again someday, probably coaching another USATF youth team, but it’s definitely a big adjustment for me.

My framed team picture and worry rock.

Last, for the first time in ages, I didn’t get to see my dad or my father-in-law on Father’s Day. Now, my dad and I aren’t particularly close (I did call him and tell him Happy Father’s Day, he said it wasn’t that big of a deal, and that was about it for our conversation). I’m thankful both of them are in my life and I can call them, but it was a weird realization that even though we’re still close, there will be holidays when we do not see our all of our family members. I have an aunt, uncle, and some great cousins here in town though- so this is a chance for me to spend more time with those family members who I didn’t get to see as much before.

Anyway, I know this was a long post, so thanks for reading it all, if you did :). I’ll be back in a few days with more to say- but as for now, I’m wiped after a four mile speedwork run and going to crawl into bed with the hubs and watch TV. In all of this, it’s quite nice that he’s no longer working nights and we can watch TV together.

Gotta love the little things.

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18 Responses to Charleston group runs, my weekend, and the other side…

  1. It sounds like you are doing everything to get to know your city more, that is something to be so proud of. What connections you have already made!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, I’ve already made some amazing friends. It will take time for real friendships to truly develop, but I can definitely see that happening- already met lots of cool people :).

  2. Almond roca latte?? That sounds so good!

    It’s so great that you’re going out and meeting new people. You are definitely making the right steps 🙂

  3. Im sorry to hear you are having a tough time adjusting to the move. But look at all the things you are doing, and the people you are meeting, and you just got there! I am really impressed!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Oh yeah, I’m really enjoying meeting all the new people. It just takes time to build relationships, and I guess I’m a little impatient with that. I’m sure once I’ve been here a few more weeks and really know a lot of people instead of trying to memorize names, I’ll really love it :).

  4. Awe I’m sorry to hear it’s not so awesome right now-but it will be. I def understand about having the teamwork. I still miss my high school swim team-nothing will ever come close to the community and family we built with each other.

  5. Noah says:

    Can’t believe I missed running with you Sunday! I usually run with TrySports on that day, but I was doing a 20 miler… We love the hill at our track. That’s the one we make all the MP Track Club kids run up and down for practice!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yep! I saw that hill and thought the same thing, no wonder these kiddos are state champs- hill training is definitely an advantage for running. Our track in Florence was nicer than many, but we didn’t have a hill like that and certainly wished for one! I read about your 20 miler :).

      I plan to do more Try Sports runs when I can get out to Mt. P, so surely I’ll see you at one of them. I hope I can go on Saturdays or Sundays, those are really the best days for me to get out there since I don’t have work (ever since I got lost on my morning run, I have to keep it super local and short to make sure I make it online for work in time).

  6. Rebecca says:

    Hey Amy!
    Wow! It looks like you’re doing well with getting settled into Charleston area. I’m impressed! In fact, now that I’ve lived in my area for 6 months, I’m looking into getting involved with something. I like the people interaction that I’m getting at work, but sometimes I feel it’s not enough, you know?
    I do enjoy the church groups I’ve been involved in. But I’m still looking for maybe 1 more thing. I just want to make sure that whatever I do, I really enjoy it and it’s not too much money. 🙂

    I’ll keep you posted!

    And that fruit loops on a donut looks amazing! But that would probably put me to sleep. I love sugar! But that much with a donut especially would put me to sleep. Especially with the heat this time of year!

    And I’m sorry to hear that you miss your track team. 😦

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Well, I’m going to miss the team anyway, so it’s really nothing to be sorry about- just a natural part of a move, I guess.

      You should definitely get involved with something. There are tons of cheap or free things out there to do, sometimes you just have to look for them. There’s a local newspaper here that has tons of things going on, websites too. My calendar is already filling up, but this is a pretty big place too.

  7. when I quit coaching I felt so empty! Boo!
    That cupcake looks yum!

  8. The yoga class sounds great! It’s always nice to get involved in something like that where you want to go back every week.

    The cupcake looks so good! I’ve really been loving the vegan baked goods I’ve found at Whole Foods even though they’re always gigantic and take a couple servings to finish. I even got my little sister who is totally opposed to anything healthy and vegan to try and love a vegan chocolate donut! Now she wants one every week!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It was a great class! I can’t wait to go back tomorrow afternoon, I really like yoga anyway.

      It was a great cupcake, I don’t know where Whole Foods is here but Earth Fare is pretty similar so I’ll probably just shop there since it’s pretty close to me. I also like another store we have here called Publix.

  9. lindsay says:

    glad you are settling in well so far! we have an earth fare here in the upstate too – love it. though just as pricey as WF. but, they do text/email coupons for something free with a $5 purchase, and i can always find $5 of stuff i ‘need’ 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah- peaches are the deal this week, I sure hope I can get up there to get my free pound, hehe. It’s easy to spend $5 there anyway, and $5 isn’t much to begin with, haha. It’s pricey but the sales can be good… definitely too pricey to do all the shopping there.

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