Yoga Buddies Goodbye Dinner

Wednesday night, after my last yoga class, my yoga instructor, Teresa, and some of the people who come to our class took me out to Redbone Alley for a goodbye dinner.

Earlier this year, I started doing yoga regularly after experiencing a running injury. After I ran the Ebenezer Miles for Missions 12K, I had lots of hip and lower back pain when I got out of cars or stood up out of chairs. Fortunately, I was able to run pain free, but I cut back on the running and added extra yoga and weight training.

Even though I started yoga so my hips would feel better, I’ve really grown to love it and love the Wednesday night class. I coach track on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and usually do races on Saturday and longer runs on Sunday- so Wednesday is my “running-free” day when I focus on yoga and recovery, and it’s worked out well! I’m definitely looking to join a gym in Charleston that has yoga classes and get plugged into one at least once a week.

Stephanie, Leah, and I after the National Trails Day 5K race

Teresa, the instructor, says she’s noticed that my muscles have gotten longer and leaner I started practicing, and I have too. You might not sweat buckets or get your heart rate up, but yoga is definitely a workout and you *will* feel it the next day- especially your core! I’m not sure if my running has improved because of yoga, but I know it’s really made a big difference in my life by making me more “in tune” with my body and spirit.

I also made lots of amazing friends who kept me entertained and accountable for showing up. They all made my 4-5 months in the 6:30 PM Wednesday yoga class special and I’ll remember them forever.

Thanks for the dinner, guys! Here’s to many years of practicing, good health, friends, and memories. Namaste!

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11 Responses to Yoga Buddies Goodbye Dinner

  1. krisranhere says:

    I want long & lean muscles too! I like yoga but I never have the patience to keep up with it. Looks like you had a great goodbye dinner with friends!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks! Yeah, it was a great dinner. If I didn’t do yoga in the class environment, I don’t think I would’ve had the patience to keep up with it either, but then I really started to and when I started feeling the results, that definitely kept me going!

  2. Yoga is so much better when you find a community like that. So exciting for you!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Definitely :). I’m going to miss my class a lot, but I’ve already located a yoga studio here in Charleston in the two days I’ve been here, haha.

  3. So true about feeling it the next day! A few days ago I did a yoga sequence that was really focused on the core area and I was sore there for 2 days after. It’s a great feeling though and I love knowing that I’m getting stronger and more flexible doing yoga.

  4. If I had such great friends like that, I would totally love yoga too!

  5. Teresa Dullaghan says:

    Sweet Amy, I am going to miss you! Your enthusiasm and dedication to your practice has been inspiring. It was wonderful to be able to share your last evening of Wed yoga with you and friends. Gail has already emailed me and she has a Wed night class waiting for you in Charleston. Keep your Yoga Sutras book close by and keep practicing for it will continue to enlighten you. Wishing you much happiness and love! Love ya, Teresa

  6. Kara says:

    I love how your class was so close. I don’t know anyone in my yoga classes! (But I also go on different times and days every week!) Yoga is such a HUGE help for me running – I like the warm vinyasa yoga for stretching…I feel soo much better after that class.

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