Memorial Day weekend happenings (so far)

Hey guys! After the Race for Taylor recap, a Wordless Wednesday, and a major life announcement, I guess I owe everyone a post about… life.

Last week involved lots of crazy emotions- from anxiety to sadness, anger, confidence, and even excitement. I got some tough news on Wednesday, and feeling super upset, posted a prayer/thought request on Facebook. 54 people liked it or said they were praying, and it made me realize how blessed I am to have such amazing people in my life.

Quite a few people checked on me. You know a true friend when you see them “like” or comment on your status, and almost immediately after, you get a text or message asking what’s up or encouraging you. Believe me, I needed it… 

Oh so true…

Even though I’ve known about the move for a couple weeks now, everything’s happened so quickly. But, I intend to enjoy my last two weeks in Florence to the max- I can rest once I’m moved and things have slowed down.

Everyone wants to feed me before I leave, and with all the “Goodbye Amy” parties in the works, I’ll need to train for a half marathon to drop all the weight I’ll gain! I already have three dinners and one lunch planned. Guess this means I can pack everything in the kitchen, because it doesn’t look like we’ll be cooking anytime soon. I’m not complaining… ;).

On Friday, Clay won a $100 Best Buy gift card door prize at his company picnic. So far he’s won two TVs (two years straight!) and this gift card at the picnic. In five years of attending, he’s had a 60% success rate at winning something. Funny thing about this win is that he’s leaving the company next week.

At the 2009 picnic, he won a TV *and* I won a camera. Hard to believe this picture was taken three years ago- we weren’t even engaged then!

Look at our haul! I wore glasses too- I do not miss glasses one bit!

I rested a lot on Friday, and on Saturday I felt cheery and social, so I headed to Darlington at 7 AM to run with the Fitness World Running Club. The club has lots of abilities and distances, but some of us ran almost 6 miles and had a lot of fun. Those Darlington hills are definitely a change from what I’m used to, but it was fun running somewhere new. The Fitness World gyms are very nice, and I highly recommend them and this club for anyone looking for running buddies. We even took before and after pictures.

Before the run. I promise we’re not advertising layaway, but I shameless stole this from Facebook and can’t crop it out without distorting the pic.

Best of all, the club will have a team for the Cooper River Bridge 10K and some other runs in the Charleston area, so I’ll get to see some of them when they come to the Lowcountry for races (and when I visit Florence for the occasional race).

After the run. Yeah, that’s our sweat, told ya it was hot. Not like there’s a fountain behind us, of course not. No fountain.

After seeing those pictures, I’ve concluded I must get a tan- I look like Casper the Ghost’s sister (I’m in the pink).

I *love* the accountability factor running groups have. I joined a Charleston running group on Facebook and they have meetups like this almost every day. As hard as it is to leave Florence, making new friends will definitely be fun and hopefully come easy.

As far as the rest of the weekend goes, I’m going to hit the gym today and get some lifts in. I want to take advantage of my super nice gym while I still have it, and my legs need training anyway. I also have to meet someone to get rid of some stuff I’m selling on a Facebook group, and I’m busy with packing, packing, and more packing.

For Memorial Day, we’ll probably hit Hartsville to see Clay’s parents, then I’ll come back to Florence and coach that evening. Yep, the kiddos will be hungry for cookout food after the track workout…

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12 Responses to Memorial Day weekend happenings (so far)

  1. ladycoop says:

    that’s awesome that you’ve already found a running group. 🙂 Have you found a place to move into?

  2. That running group sounds really fun and a great way to get to know people! I hope all the packing and the move goes smoothly. 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks. At least I got some packing done this morning! Selling things online has gone well too, glad to be bringing in some extra $$ for stuff I had just sitting around and in the closet! Less to move too.

  3. glad u kno u’re cared about and have people wishing u all the best and sending positive vibes out there when they know u’re struggling. big hugs! that said, i do hope u’re feeling a little less anxious about the move know that u are getting more things squared away for ur new locale and making connections there! running buddies are always the bestest…hehe.
    keep on loving the free food, take all u can get while it’s there. 😉

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks Cait! Yeah I am definitely up for the free food although I’m thinking about asking one group of friends if we can just do ice cream instead :). I feel a little less anxious about the move, the job search is causing the anxiety now!

  4. That’s so great that you joined a new running group! I’m sure it’ll be hard leaving your old group behind but it’ll be nice to get to see them at races around the area. I’m sure that will help you transition smoothly into your new city!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, the running group I went running with is actually here in the Florence area, but I did join the Facebook group for a Charleston one, so at least I know when the runs are and can meet people once I get down. I do hope it will help the transition…

  5. Ahh this is wonderful that you already found such a great running group! I am sure this new area is going to be even better with the group there to support you in running of course, but your life outside of the sport as well! I hope the rest of your memorial day has been a great one Amy, you certainly deserve to enjoy yourself 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I actually did have a great day today! It was tear-free and although I got slightly emotional at the end of track practice tonight, it was still tear-free.

      Obviously the pics above are a local group here in town, but I can’t wait to meet the people I’ve “talked to” on Facebook in person when I move to Charleston and get to run with them. And yeah- running buddies definitely support you outside of the sport! I don’t know what I’d do without mine- the chats we have when running, coaching, before/after races, etc… it’s just a weird bond that everyone in this sport seems to have!

  6. Rebecca says:

    Hey, Amy! 🙂

    I wish you well as you and your husband move! I was actually really excited to move about 6 months ago, even though I only moved across the county line 35 minutes away. But I do understand how much of a home you and Clay have made where you’ve been for the past several years.

    I’ve seen your status updates about taking your race numbers off your desk, and I can imagine the empty feeling it gives you. 😥

    But I look forward to reading about your adventures in finding a new job, participating in more races, and just making memories in general. 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks Rebecca! It was quite sad taking down my running race numbers today. I have them all on a ring until I figure out what to do with them, but I’m doing another race on Saturday. I wasn’t going to do any more here, but some of the kiddos convinced me last night.

      You better believe the first race I can find down there, I will participate in!

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