First weekend of freedom!

Reading that title, you’d swear I was the member of the family who’s been working full time, going to school full time, and performing an indentured servitude interning on the side. But alas, that would be my handsome husband, who finished final exams and projects on Thursday.

Clay and I decided to celebrate a little early. Graduating from college is like celebrating a birthday- you can’t just celebrate only once. You celebrate with family, one with friends, one with coworkers, one with every social circle you roll with.

In celebration, I made homemade brownies. Sporting my flirty apron was quite a bit more exciting than the brownies, though. We sorta prefer boxed mix ones… ? Hands over foodie card.

Saturday afternoon, we went on a date to every ethnic food store in Florence- pretty awesome adventure if you ask me! Clay bought some marinades and lots of curry spices at the Asian market, and I got veggie burgers and Indian ice cream. It was my first time trying Indian ice cream, which has a different texture than regular ice cream or frozen yogurt. I got the $1 cup since it was a new-to-me food, but it was pretty tasty- I’d certainly eat it again.

After our journey around the world via specialty food stores, we hit Rebel Pie for delicious brick-oven pizza. Mine had red sauce, mozzarella, green peppers, black olives, green olives, and caramelized onions- so delicious, but so huge! I could only eat three slices (they’re small slices), but it’s not bad left over. We love Rebel Pie and are grateful to see it doing so well- plus Clay can’t wait to help the owner, Alan, out more now that he has newfound free time :).

And the best part- we had a tear-up party. Living in an apartment, a bonfire is out of the question but this did the trick!

No more pencils, no more books, and no more legal size paper math tests!

Q1.) What do/did you do with your materials from classes in college or high school? I kept all the papers I wrote, because it was my writing and I needed it for portfolios, but I usually just through away tests and quizzes. And I sold my books back.

Q2.) Have you ever visited an ethnic food store? I’ve only been to a few, but I liked going to them Saturday.

Q3.) Is there anything you like that’s boxed, but you secretly think it’s sometimes better than homemade? I really do like boxed brownie mix brownies, even though I change up the flavor a bit by using Greek yogurt instead of oil and adding vanilla extract.

Q4.) Tell me about something fun you did this weekend!

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13 Responses to First weekend of freedom!

  1. krisranhere says:

    Ha, looks like you had fun destroying that college work 🙂

    I threw EVERYTHING out from high school & college. I hate keeping things, clutter, etc. Maybe I should have kept some of the papers that I spent so much time on.

    When I lived in DC, there was a Mexican-American grocery store behind us. No one could speak English but I LOVED it. The food was cheap and fresh and I was able to shop their for my groceries daily. I miss it!

    Box mixed brownies rock, I always add cheesecake topping or bits of Snickers bars to make them a bit more personal. I need to try your Greek Yogurt trick.

    Hung out with the family, ran a 5K, drank with friends this weekend 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      The Greek yogurt makes the brownies more moist. These weren’t very moist at all, definitely could’ve used some yogurt! I will have to try using bits of Snickers bars in my next batch of brownies too.

      Sounds like you had a fun weekend, and congrats on the 5K! I ran a 5K this weekend too. It was a practice run to test out a course for an upcoming race, though (good thing bc my time was BAD…)

  2. I’m such a box baking person? Is that not allowed, being a foodie?! BAHAHA! Lame. I do agree though-adding the greek yogurt is a great way to make it super moist!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Haha, I don’t think so :). I think we can all enjoy boxed foods sometimes. You know how some people are, trying not to eat anything processed, love to make things completely from scratch, thinking a box is taking the “easy way out”. But, I think if it works for you and your schedule and your appetite, it just works, ya know?

  3. ladycoop says:

    I recycled most of the stuff from high school. I do have a binder of history notes I took. I guess I saved them b/c history is my favorite subject.

    I have never been to an ethnic store. I would like to go explore one day though. My friend scores me HUGE bags of basamati rice from the Paki store she goes too (her hubby is from there). So there are some good deals to be had. LOL

    I think alot of baked things taste better from a box but I also think it’s b/c most of us are conditioned that way…kiwm? Most of my family didn’t do things from scratch. I like to bake from scratch now so my tastes have changed. I prefer homemade to box. Of course now with our diet most things I want to enjoy I have to make them myself to insure they are dairy free.

    Something fun from this weekend….this weekend was actually kind of boring. LOL I sat outside and read while getting some vitamin D. I also baked ALOT yesterday.

    Congrats to your hubby for finishing!! I bet it’s a big sense of pride but also a BIG relief! 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Oh yeah- there were huge bags of rice and stuff in the stores. The prices were good too! I saw all your baked goods in the pic on facebook and they do look tasty ;).

  4. I always want to throw out all my stuff after I finish a class or a school year, but I can only convince myself to get rid of the stuff I know I won’t ever possibly need again, like math stuff and tests.

    I haven’t had brownies from a box in a really long time! The last time I had any brownies was last summer when I made raw brownies which were awesome, and I really need to make them again once I’m home again. They were so simple to make and basically just made out of nuts, dates and cocoa powder, but they tasted so decadent!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, I was a total hoarder for awhile, but now I think everything is gone. Funny though because I found a floppy disk in my bookbag (now my gym/track bag) of papers from my sophomore year of college. I almost want to keep it to show kids and I can tell them it’s an antique…

      Raw brownies sound tasty :). I’ve never had them…

  5. Congratulations to your husband for graduating!!!!! Must be such a good feeling 🙂

  6. Hahha these pictures are pretty much amazing Amy, congratulations to both of you!! I throw some stuff away, depends on the classes! And then the stuff I do hang onto, well I just have no use for it, and then end up throwing it away eventually anyway haha. I just get worried I will need some of the material someday! Not true either and I don’t think it ever has been. Whoops.
    Never been to a food exchange liek that, but it does sound like an interesting experience! oh and I could not agree more about the boxed brownies and way convenient too 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Haha, thanks. Yeah he was glad to throw stuff away. I ended up throwing all my college stuff that I kept away a few years ago, minus papers. I have those saved (electronically) just because I’m partial to my writing like that ;).

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