It’s Okay Thursday- March 29

Hey girlies! Thanks for all your comments on my last post, the Technical Writing Journey. I know it’s a cliffhanger ending, and sorry for anyone who was expecting Part 2, but I just finished writing it today, so I’ll post it in the next day or two. It wasn’t as fun to write, but I hope you guys get something out of reading it.

It’s Thursday, so I’m linking up with A Complete Waste of Makeup for It’s Okay Thursday.

It's Okay

To tear up when watching the episode of 19 Kids and Counting where Michelle Duggar learns of her miscarriage. Losing a child must be so hard for anyone to go through…

To take a picture with your husband, and shamelessly show off your wedding ring.

To freak out about waking up at 3 AM Tuesday morning standing in the middle of your living room (when you went to sleep in a bed, in your bedroom). Sleepwalking perhaps?

To leave work early Tuesday to come home and take a two hour nap because you need it after waking up at 3 AM Tuesday morning standing in the middle of your living room.

To laugh at the “Fit Picks” in the snack machine. Someone sent me this- I won’t go near a vending machine. This is why I keep fruit, yogurt, almonds, and protein bars around.

To get excited about the Spring Boot Camp class coming to the gym next month- even though I secretly wish we had CrossFit!

To worry about my Mommy’s melanoma coming back when she goes to the dermatologist (hey, I’m protective of my mommy).

To coupon until you drop… err, spend less than $4 on the relatively healthy foods in this picture. See, you *can* use coupons and eat healthy! I love the Stonyfield Greek yogurts and Eat Think Smile granola.

To freeze entire containers of grapes… then eat containers of frozen grapes as your afternoon snack.

To feel nostalgic when looking at pictures from college and realizing that your college graduation was FIVE. YEARS. AGO. Where did the time go?

To love a day when temperatures are in the 70s instead of the 80s, because 70 degree temperatures feel like Spring and mid-80s feel like June- and that’s not cool!

Happy Thursday!

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16 Responses to It’s Okay Thursday- March 29

  1. Meghan says:

    Granola and yogurt = pure bliss! 🙂 And I’ve been dying to try Crossfit! Have you done it?

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, I really like CrossFit! I did it last summer because my company paid for us to do it once a week, we had a special class just for people who worked there :). It’s a lot of fun but makes you super sore, and it’s kinda hard to balance that soreness with running (I do like running more, but CrossFit is definitely a *great* workout).

  2. allieksmith says:

    I totally get sad when I see previews for the 19 kids and counting episode too. Love that show! I truly hope all goes well with your momma <3333

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks Allie! Yeah, the previews of it made me sad and I got sad when I watched it. It came on again after The Little Couple and I made Clay turn the channel because I just didn’t want to think about the show anymore that night!

  3. Jealous! That is awesome!

    I was thinking about you today, I saw it on twitter! Hope everything goes smoothly!

  4. cute post! naps are the best.
    I like the duggars, too.

  5. Cori says:

    I could definitely use a nap already, and it’s only 8:30. I swear I woke up every hour last night. I used to sleepwalk a lot when I was younger. It’s such a weird feeling waking up and being somewhere you wouldn’t expect! I need to try frozen grapes. I’ve never thought about putting them in the freezer. 5 years! Wow! It’s crazy how fast time flies. Happy Friday!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Frozen grapes are the best. It’s like a mini grape popsicle but healthy :). You should try it.

      I can’t believe it’s been 5 years either. It really feels like just yesterday I was graduating college! I also can’t believe I’ll be 27 in a few months, my 26.5 half birthday is coming up next weekemd, ahhhh!

  6. Kara says:

    Sleepwalking is terrifying! I’ve only done it (that I know of) once, and I woke up standing in a completely random place. So scary!!

    But yay for Spring boot camps! 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I’m totally excited about the Spring boot camp! Unfortunately, I have to miss the first night because our track season starts that night (I have to be at practice early), and I have a doctor’s appointment that day (I never feel like doing anything after appointments, but hopefully no blood will be involved, I can dream right?).

      Yeah, the sleepwalking was kinda weird. I’m glad it hasn’t happened since, and I hope it doesn’t happen again!

  7. Those Fit Picks are ridiculous, whoever comes up with them obviously is not much of a healthy eater. The only thing even close to healthy I’ve ever seen as a Fit Pick is a Clif bar, which is definitely an improvement over a Rice Krispy Treat!

    I love frozen grapes too! For some reason they’re just yummier than regular grapes. I like to freeze my fruit because it lasts longer that way and I just prefer most fruit frozen, though fresh fruit is always good too.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Haha, I think the snack machine company came up with it to sell snacks (I think anyone who truly wanted a healthy snack would get a piece of fruit, Clif bar, veggies, or something like that instead of going to that machine though, just my two cents).

      I like regular grapes too, but frozen ones are great in this heat. It’s like a grape popsicle only healthier!

  8. LOVEEE clipping coupons! And my son sleep walks too, one time he had a totally random conversation w/ him. I started asking him questions, he responded in WEIRD answers. Finally, I caught on and took him back to bed haha

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