Pizzas, Pi (and Pie), and Housewarming

Hey guys- it’s Monday! Isn’t that exciting? Err, not…

I had a really nice restful weekend, even though I overslept by almost two hours this morning. Yeah, seriously- talk about Daylight Savings Time craziness. If only they’d make daylight savings time during the work week… preferably between the hours of 2-3 in the afternoon on a Friday. That would certainly work…

I didn’t have major plans this weekend, nor did I race (I ran for fun both days). I actually spent a lot of time being lazy (thus, feeling guilty for being so lazy), but I got a few productive things done, including buying some wedding gifts, buying groceries, paying bills, laundry, and doing our taxes. Now that I’m married, there’s actually a refund involved so that’s pretty nice. Stupid taxes on interest earned from saving and investing money… 

Besides that, we went out for pizza Saturday night. Rebel Pie is a new pizza restaurant that  “defies ordinary pizza”. It’s an authentic brick oven pizzeria with lots of fresh veggies, meats, and other pizza ingredients. I picked up a margherita pizza for Clay and I a few weeks ago on opening night, but Saturday we decided to eat in and get something different. We got two pizzas (yay leftovers), and both were delicious.

I got caramelized onions and black olives on mine, and Clay got most all of the meats and a bunch of veggies.

We’ll definitely be making a trip back soon…

Speaking of pie, I also made an Oreo Pie this weekend in honor of Oreo’s 100th birthday and Pi (3.14) day. I know Pi day isn’t until Wednesday, and this pie probably won’t last until Wednesday, but it was fun making a round dessert to enjoy for the occasion, because I’m such a math nerd at heart- I even tutored math in college.

If you want to try it, the recipe is from Money Saving Mom. It was really easy to make and only involved vanilla pudding, milk, crushed Oreos, cool whip, and a premade pie crust (the recipe called for an Oreo crust, but Clay wanted graham cracker). It was great even with the pre-made crust. Obviously- part of it was devoured before I could take a pic…

On Sunday morning, I went shopping (Girls, this is the *best* time to go to Walmart!) and also put together a housewarming basket for my college roomie and bestie Tiffany who just moved into town.

I’m pretty stoked about having a close friend just a few miles away and hanging out more often. She has a sweet apartment that’s close by and is working on decorating, getting furniture, and the other stresses of moving like internet, gym membership, figuring out where to shop, etc. The basket had tons of household goodies and she really loved it. We hung out for about an hour or so and just chilled.

Of course, I had a crazy hard time going to sleep Sunday night, but I’m thankful for the extra daylight and being able to run before it gets super hot outside. Our weather is beautiful lately and just… perfect. Looking forward to getting outside some this week, and hoping you’re all doing well!

Q1.) Have you done your taxes? Yep, just did them Sunday night. Yay for refunds (even if it all goes towards bills).

Q2.) If you only had money for one thing in your budget, would you pick a gym membership or cable TV? I would definitely go for the gym. Tiffany and I were talking about this yesterday because she’s busy looking at gyms rather than TVs right now!

Q3.) If you were moving, what’s one thing you’d want someone to give you for a housewarming gift? Since getting married and having the joy of a wedding registry, we have most of what we need, but I know my husband would love an outdoor grill!

Q4.) Are you eating round foods on Wednesday in honor of Pi (3.14) day? We sure will be- even though we already are.

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10 Responses to Pizzas, Pi (and Pie), and Housewarming

  1. lindsay says:

    what a fun gift! i would pick gym over tv too. i don’t need the temptation of all those channels anyway! we did our taxes awhile ago… but i keep forgetting to ask my dad about one thing that we need to file with ours (some account that he gets the mail for). whoops.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Well, most good gyms have TVs attached to the cardio machines so if you pick a gym you get both, that’s how I look at it.

      Clay’s tax documents got sent all over the place. Apparently his university still sends them to his parents’ address even though he has not lived there since 2005… LOL.

  2. Kara says:

    That pizza looks soooo good! And that is such a cute little basket, what a great idea!

    Thankfully I already did my taxes and got my refund back! (by “I” did them, I mean that I had someone else do them and I just signed the papers). But I was happy to see that $$ in my bank account!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah we did the Turbo Tax software online. I always used an accountant when I lived with my parents just because they had an accountant, but the software was really easy. It still wasn’t cheap, but we saved $10, haha.

  3. Ummm wow I just wrote a really long comment and somehow it was deleted, ugh 😦 The point is, that pizza looks great, the oreo pie is fantastic and wonderful gift idea!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Sorry your comment got deleted :(. I have been having trouble commenting on Blogspots lately but nothing weird with wordpress… not sure what’s going on. Yeah, the oreo pie was great… next time I may use fewer oreos though, or either top it off with spray whip cream. Already getting ideas!

  4. Tiffany G. says:

    Thanks again! I loved my gift! Very practical 🙂
    That oreo pie looks so awesome. I wanna try it one day.
    And that pizza looks yum very refreshing to see good local places as opposed to the chains.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah Rebel Pie is really good! We will have to go one day now that you’re in town!

      There was pie left at my apartment when I left it this morning but can’t promise it’ll be there when I get home. It’s almost gone. If I hadn’t bought the froyo it would be gone but I’ve been digging into that FroYo!

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  6. we do our taxes, and we got ours in January. Sucked though because we’re married filing jointly and they nailed us tax wise with a marriage tax…. next year we’re may file married filing seperately and put Christopher under me because I make less. If I can get more money that way I will. I’m in dept already… I can’t afford much. lol.

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