It’s Okay Thursday!

Happy Thursday!

This is the first time I’ve ever done this link up (I don’t do too many of these things!), but I thought it was neat when I saw it on Cori’s blog. It reminds of me a feature in the Glamour magazines I used to read when I worked in the library back in college, and the link up image of a coffee cup makes it especially appealing :).

It’s okay…

That I wore a tank top running tonight. In February. And I ran with Nick, Scott, Wes, Jonathan, Becky, and Elizabeth on the Rail Trail. We all loved it and plan to make it a weekly (or at least frequent) occurrence.

That I left the run and immediately went to Rebel Pie for pizza. Rebel Pie is an old world, Italian, brick oven pizza restaurant here in town. I had a delicious margherita pizza. If you’re in the Florence area, I suggest you check it out. Tonight was their first night.

To go to Dollar Tree and be slightly amazed at what you can get for a dollar. With everything being so expensive, it’s crazy to think how you can still get some things for so cheap! I got sandwich bags, cubicle decorations, vanilla syrup for my coffee, and some really tasty Minees cookies, even though I really just like banana cream.

To be super excited about decorating my coworkers’ cubicles. I got flowers and spring decorations for them- it’s so fun to make our drab desks slightly more festive. Hey, not everyone can work from home…

That I want to do seven minutes of nonstop burpees because that’s the first workout of the CrossFit Open. I don’t CrossFit on the reg, but I want to see if I can actually burpee for seven minutes and how many I can get.

To think that in a little over a week, I will officially have been in the workforce for ten years. Yes, I started working at the local grocery store the first week of March 2002- I was 16. Where did ten years ago?

To be secretly jealous of the college kids who have Spring Break coming up- especially the ones who are going on a cruise for it!

Obviously we can’t wait to cruise again :).

Q1.) How do you make your job (or school, if you’re in school) more fun? We decorate and sometimes have fun parties like the one we had two weeks ago.

Q2.) If you work out, do you prefer to work out alone or with others? It depends for me. I like working out alone if I’m trying to run a specific pace or do a certain workout like a training plan, but I love working out with others just for the social and fun aspects of it. Plus, if you always work out alone, it gets depressing after awhile.

Q3.) How old were you when you got your first job? I was 16… I still can’t believe I’m 26 now. It feels like I should still be 16!

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11 Responses to It’s Okay Thursday!

  1. Rebecca says:

    Awww. I want to do the “It’s Okay Thursday” link up. I’ve been thinking about it lately, but maybe next week though, since I’m already laying in bed, and I don’t know how to link on my cell phone. 😦

    Yayy. I was looking forward to hearing about the pizza place. Sounds like your visit was a success! 😀

    1. Seeing what free stuff is on myPanera card (assuming I have something free). Smiling. Being thankful that I’m on the clock. Making small talk with customers. Getting a lot of work done. Realizing that sometimes it really is that simple (seriously, everyone tells me that I make things harder than what they are). And most importantly… trying to stay positive and do everything for the Lord and not for me. 😉

    2. Usually… by myself. I don’t mind people around, but as far as exercising with me, I usually prefer a little bit of space. Just because I am overweight, and I do get self-conscious easily. And I like to listen to my mp3 player when I do exercise. 🙂

    3. I was 18. Hehe. Hostess at Pizza Hut. 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, it was kinda late when I did it too. I like to do these things fairly early in the morning just because that way I can get the blog out early for people to look at while it’s still the day of the link up? I dunno!

      I love to listen to music when I exercise too, but I didn’t do too much of that tonight. Usually when I go with someone we talk the whole time we run :).

      I remember your pizza hut job! Good times!

  2. I only just got my first job in October–so I guess in October of 2021 I can say I’ve been working for 10 years. That’s a really long time from now, though, I’ll almost be 30!

    I like working out with other people, especially playing tennis with my dad and sister during the summer. I’m hoping my spring break is warm so I can get back out on the court!

  3. Serial says:

    Reading this made me do a little math. I’ve been working (real jobs – babysitting and mowing the neighbors’ lawn doesn’t count) for more than half of my life.

    First job: Hostess at Red Robin. Awwww yeah.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I like Red Robin! I haven’t been in forever, though. It’s pretty neat that it was your first job, it seems like it would be a pretty interesting place to work, I guess.

  4. Cori says:

    I’m glad you linked up! It’s always one of my favorite posts of the week. The pizza you got looks really yummy! I always like trying new places when they open. It’s crazy how much stuff Dollar Tree has, and even crazier that it’s only $1!

    Q1.) How do you make your job (or school, if you’re in school) more fun? We decorated our department for Christmas. That was a lot of fun! We also do little parties once in awhile. I may be biased, but I think our department is the best in the company.

    Q2.) If you work out, do you prefer to work out alone or with others? Well, I mostly work out alone, but it’s fun to work out with other people too.

    Q3.) How old were you when you got your first job? My mom never wanted me to have a job while I was in school, but I decided to take some time off when I was 19 and worked in retail for a couple of years. When I turned 21, I got the job that I currently have now.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I remember when you got your job :). It’s cool that you’ve had the same job all this time too when you were in school, I know the extra money definitely helps.

      Haha, I think my department is the best too!

  5. Patty says:

    I was 16 too! And I wanted to work so badly… 10 years for me too, very crazy! I think 10 years earns ourselves a cruise 🙂

  6. lindsay says:

    i don’t remember how old i was. 15 or 16 i guess. i don’t want to think about it! haha. i can’t believe i ever worked for so little… $5/hr or so. thank goodness for real grownup jobs now 🙂

    no one really does anything fun where i work. no fun pranks, no decor, no parties… well, sometimes we have a “goodie” day where people bring in a dish and you graze all day. that’s not exactly fun, but it does distract from work.

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