Game Night Parties, Political Parties, and Lunch Breaking

Hey guys!

Since work is a little slower today, I decided to do a short post on my lunch break. I work as a technical writer, so it’s not like writing on my lunch break is a bad idea, right? I heated up my lunch (Smart Ones Lasagna Florentine) and already finished it, and you can definitely tell that tomorrow is payday because there’s a line at the microwave in the break room, haha.

I’ll probably have a Greek yogurt later- I’ve been craving it all week long! I think my body just needs more protein to keep up with the running and lifting (according to DailyMile, I’ve already run 77 miles this month). I found the Chobani Apple Cinnamon yogurt the other day and it is *delish*! If you haven’t tried it, you definitely should, and I’m hoping for another 10/$10 Chobani sale soon so I can stock up.

As for me, I had a pretty good weekend. My parents came to visit on Saturday and stayed for about an hour, always great to see the parents. Clay and I also voted in the Republican primary here in SC, and although we weren’t too thrilled with the results (okay, so we were very unhappy with results), it was nice to be a part of the election process. Both of us are pretty middle-of-the-road and vote for the candidate, not the party. I’m just glad the primary is over here so I can watch the news without being bombarded with political advertisements.

We spent Saturday night with a bunch of our friends over at our friend Ashley’s house, where we played board games and ate lots of yummy snacks and goodies.

We played 80s Trivial Pursuit, and I defended my grandma reputation for knowing more headlines/events answers than anything else.

And of course, we hung out and took lots of pictures :).

I’ll probably relax and take it easy until Saturday morning, when it’s time for the Polar Bear 5K race. My company sponsors this race every year, and the church who organizes it is a client, so it’s nice to support something so close to home. Either way, I’m looking forward to hanging out with all my friends and coworkers who run and walk it on Saturday and enjoying some yummy chili and cornbread afterward. The high is supposed to be in the 60s, so hopefully we’ll have some nice running weather since the race isn’t until 10:00.

I love January temperatures in the 60s too, but I guess that’s one reason why I love the South :).

The evil documentation monster is knocking on my cubicle wall telling me to get back to work now, so I’m back to the grind. Until next time…

Q1.) Have you been keeping up with the Republican primary? I was keeping up with it just because I live in South Carolina, and I still kind of am. I really hope Ron Paul improves in the polls!

Q2.) Do you let others know your political views? I guess I just did in the last question ;). Normally I’m pretty open about it anyway.

Q3.) Do you like Greek yogurt? I love it! Great sources of calcium and protein, plus very tasty.

Q4.) What are your favorite board games? I really love Apples to Apples!

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22 Responses to Game Night Parties, Political Parties, and Lunch Breaking

  1. ladycoop says:

    1- No, I haven’t. I hear bits and pieces but I don’t pay much attention.
    2- it depends. If someone asks I tell them what I think but I don’t go around offering my views.
    3- I have only tried plain greek yogurt. Wasn’t thrilled. I will try the one you mentioned in today’s post though. 😉
    4- Cranium.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      The plain greek yogurt is pretty much tasteless, but it works if you mix it into some recipes. The ones with fruit and honey in them are really good, you would like those. I could see why you would be skeptical if you’d only tried the plain though, I would never eat that. Just for recipes (you can use it for oil).

  2. Sheena says:

    1. I pay a lot of attention to politics and do vote by the party line for major offices. I liked Santorum, but I want Romney to win. I also like Romney and think he is the best candidate for the chance to beat Obama.
    2. I am pretty open about political issues and my party, though sometimes I can become too passionate.
    3. I have never been able to get into the Greek yogurt craze. I have tried a couple brands and just like plain yogurt better.
    4. I love Apples to Apples, but a good game of Scrabble is also fun.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I like plain yogurt too :). I really just like yogurt in general, it’s a pretty healthy food and tasty.

      As far as political parties go, I hear a lot of people say things like that, that it’s hard to pick and vote for who they think will beat someone, or who they like (goes for people for both parties, it was the same way back in 08 during the Democratic primary). Has to be a difficult choice.

      Thanks for responding!

  3. Krystie says:

    I love apples to apples! Chobani yogurt is my all time favorite, I stick to plain but sometimes I like to try new flavors, I have not tried that one but I may have to, it looks delicious!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I’m not big on plain really, unless I’m cooking with it, but I guess it could be good with something sweet to balance out the taste. The ones with fruit and honey in them are really great, almost like a dessert.

  4. allieksmith says:

    I’ve been trying to keep up with the political things! I go to TEA Parties and volunteer at them so I suppose people kinda know I’m conservative 😉

  5. lindsay says:

    i like ron paul best of the group – he’s straightforward and does less of the “politician” dance. i don’t get why republicans want a ‘typical politician’…

    i love board games! lately my parents get us one every christmas or for josh’s birthday. we just got apples to apples this year.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      That’s pretty much the same reason why we like Ron Paul. I don’t think the media is doing him justice though. Every debate I’ve watched, it seems like he gets cut off, isn’t able to get his words in, etc. It seems like they use him and Santorum to get Romney & Newt going instead of letting them really express themselves.

      Apples to Apples is really fun. You guys will love it! You just have to get a good group of people together to play, though.

  6. Shauna Lair says:

    Nice post, Amy Lauren. Good luck on the Polar Bear Run!

  7. Shauna Lair says:

    Q1.) Have you been keeping up with the Republican primary? Oh yes. It is quite entertaining. So much is at stake at election time. I don’t think enough people realize that, or know how that is. I rather know what is going on and my rights.
    Q2.) Do you let others know your political views? I do, but I’m trying to get better about where and why.
    Q3.) Do you like Greek yogurt? So good! I love to mix it with granola.
    Q4.) What are your favorite board games? I love Trivial Pursuit.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      It is entertaining. I consider myself more of a moderate, but I want to know about all that’s going on with both parties. I don’t know who I’ll vote for in November, but I’m still concerned because one of those guys MIGHT be our next president (or vp, once they choose running mates).

      I mix my yogurt with granola too, it’s delish that way adding the extra crunch :).

  8. Cori says:

    I absolutely LOVE the apple cinnamon Chobani. I picked some up last week, and it was so good!

    Q1.) Have you been keeping up with the Republican primary? I do to an extent. Ron Paul would have to be my favorite candidate.

    Q2.) Do you let others know your political views? Not really, but I don’t mind telling someone if they ask.

    Q3.) Do you like Greek yogurt? I love it! I always have Chobani in my fridge!

    Q4.) What are your favorite board games? My absolute favorite will always be Trouble, haha!

  9. Rebecca says:

    Q1.) Have you been keeping up with the Republican primary?
    Not yet. But I will start reading up on it soon. Because it’s almost already February, and I need to get informed. 🙂

    Q2.) Do you let others know your political views?
    I mention it in passing, but I’m not one to argue about politics. I have a very liberal friend who still slams Bush and trashes him A LOT, and being a conservative Republican, I politelty tell her that I’d rather her not talk about Bush like that, especially since she knows that I like him. But other than that, I’m pretty quiet about political views.

    Q3.) Do you like Greek yogurt?
    Well… it’s a little strong for me, but I did eat it a lot when I had my 8-month yeast infestion back in 2009. 😦 I thought that Greek was too much for me, so I switched over to plain Dannon and Stoneyfield yogurts. I still eat plain yogurt occasionally. Thankfully, since then, I haven’t had serious female problems, like when I was a sophomore in college.

    Q4.) What are your favorite board games?
    Scattegories, Scrabble, Chutes and Ladders. Hehe.

    It looks like you all had a lot of fun! I love the cupcake display. And you all look great together. Looks like fun.

    Have a wonderful Friday, Amy!

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Yeah, the plain one is a little strong, and I can see where if you had to eat plain yogurt, you probably wouldn’t want to go with the Greek variety.

      I loved Chutes and Ladders as a kid! I think it’s still somewhere at my parents’ house.

  10. Oh girl I love how involved you are in Politics. I’m the same way. This election though is so difficult, I think Romney is the best candidate for a chance at president in general. The primaries have been so close this year-it certainly is much different!

  11. That is great you are involved with politics! I really ought to be… it’s important and helpful to know what the heck is going on. But I choose not to really pay attention. I think it’s time to change this 🙂
    I am flippen obsessed with Greek Yogurt, I have at least two every single day!
    Oh and Apples to Apples really is a great game! So is Taboo and Scateggories 🙂

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  13. 1) No
    2) I don’t have any
    3) Never tried it, but I love yogurt!
    4) My favorite board game is Candyland =)

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