Merry Christmas Eve- Parties and a cool video

Merry Christmas Eve Blogosphere!

(Does anyone say things like “blogosphere” anymore? It’s so 2000s)

I spent the past few days going to two Christmas parties. First, on Wednesday, I met my parents at my Financial Advisor’s office for a Christmas party he held for his clients.

Now, we all know that I’m a numbers nerd, but I’m the only 26-year-old I know who has someone managing her Roth IRA, 401K, and other investments. In fact, I’m sure most of my friends my age don’t have all of these things, but it’s definitely important to save for retirement. Personally, I don’t count on Social Security to be there when I retire- those tax cut extensions that were just passed are cuts from the Social Security that’s taken from your paychecks, by the way- so I save on my own.

The party had lots of awesome refreshments and homemade goodies. Shrimp, meatballs, veggies, cheese balls, cakes, cookies- it was really nice. I use someone local to help me plan for my financial future, so they really go all out. Most of the big corporate places, you’re lucky to get a Christmas card.

Of course, I was the youngest person at the party, and everyone thought I was someone’s grandchild…

Friday night, I went to my friend Nick’s house for a Christmas party. Tons of amazing food, games (Apples to Apples!), music, and people. I had an awesome time and stayed for hours chilling out. It was great to see his newly renovated condo and Christmas decorations, and of course to see a lot of friends who I haven’t seen in awhile.

It was really nice of Nick to donate his time and residence to host the party, and I think he’s going to make it a yearly tradition on the Friday night before Christmas.

Here are some fun and festive pictures from the party:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also wanted to post this really awesome video that one of our clients posted on twitter this morning- If Jesus were born in times of Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

I’ve seen a few of these this holiday season and they’re pretty neat- it’s a great techie, modern, take on the Christmas story. Enjoy!

Q1.) How many parties have you hosted or attended so far? We haven’t hosted any, but I’ve been to three (including my family’s annual barbeque last weekend.

Q2.) Do you save or invest money? Oh yes, definitely! Along with my savings, I have an emergency fund and I budget for things like Christmas and vacations :).

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5 Responses to Merry Christmas Eve- Parties and a cool video

  1. lindsay says:

    if only more people realized Soc Sec isn’t going to be enough… i have also done a 401k and roth since starting my real big girl job. it’s always nice to meet other financially-smart people 🙂 seems like there are TOO many idiots…

    merry christmas! loved the video.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I’m such a numbers nerd and financial geek. I do whatever I can to get good deals (with a few splurges of course, especially good coffee and fun vacations). I do set aside as much as I can for my Roth each year and put the maximum my company matches into my 401K. Nothing’s doing well right now, but I figure by starting early I’ll have that much more when the economy improves. It’s been down so long I’m hoping things will be booming in 35 years, haha.

      As for idiots… this is the stuff schools need to teach- how to save money, invest smart, buy a home, buy a car, go to college without accumulating millions of dollars in debt, etc. It’s all possible…

  2. I use blogesphere Not too many Christmas parties for me this year. Although, once I get into the business world (or find a boyfriend) maybe that will change lolz! 😉

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