Mystery Presents and Runner’s Best of 2011 Survey

Howdy Blogosphere!

Greetings from sunny South Carolina! It’s in the mid-70s today, and I’m thankful to live in the south, although this would be Frosty’s fate.

It’s  Thursday and my last day of work for an entire week! I’m super excited because my company gives us Friday (Dec. 23rd) and Monday (Dec. 26th) off for Christmas this year, so I get a long weekend. I’m also taking  time off next week, so I only work one day. We also get Jan. 2nd off for New Year’s Day- so two nice long weekends in a row.

Combine all the time off with having my wisdom teeth out, I don’t actually remember the last time I worked a full, 40 hour (or more) week, haha. Fortunately, our work here has slowed down a little for the holidays, so I’ve been able to relax a little and have fun at work. I really like that, because in the past year my job has gotten really hectic.

I work as a technical writer, so I write online documentation and training materials for the churches, schools, and non-profit organizations who use our software. It’s an interesting job, and I love it, but I have a LOT of products and updates to keep up with. I mostly write for Contributions and Accounting software, so we have to get the updates out quickly so that the churches who use our software download them and have updated tax information to print paychecks- so working on deadline energy is definitely a useful skill in this job!

It’s an office job, but it can definitely be fun. Today, I found two mystery Christmas presents– no tags on them, so I had no clue who they were from! My friend Scarlett and I figured out that the bag of homemade treats and candy was from one of our programmers. After spending about 10-15 minutes wondering, we noticed only our development team had them, so I asked one of our programmers(Bob)  and it was him! Turns out, with his wife baking and packaging so many goodies, not to mention them having three very active kids, he just forgot to put tags on them :).

They were super yummy, so that definitely made up for it. Of course he said that it was part of the gift- the “Who brought this mystery gift?” game.

I also found the Almond Roca on my desk when I returned from break this morning. No clue who left it and I haven’t figured it out, but it seems tasty. I just hate that I can’t tell the person thank you because I don’t know who left it :(.

Speaking of finding interesting things, I found this survey in Run to the Finish’s blog so I decided to do it too.

Best race experience? I did a lot of really great races this year, so it’s hard to pick one. But, I really enjoyed the Run Like a Nut 10K I did in November. A lot of my friends and some of the kids I coach did this race too, and I spent the afternoon hanging out with my best friends at the Pecan Festival. I loved being able to hang out with my friends who ran that morning and my friends who didn’t run that afternoon :). We had a great time.

Best run? I don’t really have a best run, but I enjoyed all the runs I did with friends, even if they weren’t races. I like getting together to run with coworkers on Saturday mornings, running with the Couch to 5Kers at my job, and of course, races.

ACS Runners

Best new piece of gear? I stick with the same make and model of running shoes, and usually Nike Dri Fit tops because those are the best. I will have to say I’ve started to really like the C9/Champion line that Target sells, though. The long sleeved winter running shirts they make are just as good as Nike or Under Armor, in my opinion, and much more affordable.

You know you have to have multiple colors because it gets old wearing the same shirt in every single race picture, and these shirts are cheap enough to have one in every color.

Best piece of running advice you received? I’m really thankful for my friends who encouraged me to volunteer coach with the Florence Track Club, and I’m also thankful for those who supported me when I ran the half marathon in January. I never thought of myself as a good runner or that I could do things like that, and I’m grateful for everyone who’s given me little pushes along the way.

Most inspirational runner? That would be the amazing ACS Technologies rockstar, Susan! She is inspirational because she just started running this year and sometimes participates in group fitness classes. I won’t say how old she is because she knows where I work, but a lot of people at her age wouldn’t consider trying something new, especially running, so that’s what makes her inspirational.

It’s also helped me to realize that it’s not a big deal to miss a race or a run, I have my entire life to run and can excel in it at any age.

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be? One of the best blogs I’ve found this year is CrossFit Lisbeth‘s blog. Her posts are usually very motivational for both workouts and life, so here’s one that I really liked- it always inspires me.

Speaking of running, I was able to run today too! I ran 3 miles outside (wearing a dri-fit shirt and shorts, since it’s 75 degrees) at about the same pace I usually run. Pretty good for my first real run back after having the tooth out! As much as I hated having to rest, I think my body really needed it because my legs felt very fresh and it was a great run.

Q1.) Have you ever had a tooth (wisdom or not) pulled? If so, how long did it take you to fully recover? My recovery has been going well so far- I’m off of my pain medicine, except for taking 1/2 of a pill last night to help me sleep (I could have probably just taken regular Tylenol, honestly, but the pain meds were convenient). So, I guess it took me around a week, even though I was only out of work two days total.

Q2.) Are you expecting a White Christmas this year? Haha, we actually DID get snow on Dec. 26th last year, but I’m NOT expecting any this year. Ironically, we will have a cold front that day with temperatures in the 50s. It’s usually around the 50s here at Christmas.

Q3.) Do you get a lot of time off work/school for Christmas? As you can see, my job is pretty good about giving us holidays off. I really like that because many of my friends who work for other companies only get one day off for Christmas.

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3 Responses to Mystery Presents and Runner’s Best of 2011 Survey

  1. Wahoo! I loved all your answers (and I’m stealing this). VA Beach is most certainly not expecting a white Christmas this year. It’s normally about like you guys up here too. We are having an unseasonable warm season!

  2. I had all 4 wisdom teeth out and couldn’t open my jaw enough to chew for two weeks… but at least I wasn’t in pain! (too much). So two weeks to recover?

    No white Christmas for me… I’ll be in Texas and SoCal over break. No snow!

    And I get an 11 day winter break!!! My university has a month long winter break, but I get to go back super early for training and meets!

  3. allieksmith says:

    Awesome survey! I love reading about running 🙂 I’m glad you have a holiday break now and you are sooo lucky it is warm in SC!!! It is about 30* here in the Burgh’ and I’m going to run in it.. brrrrr!

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