Weekend Fun with the Work Buds!

It’s safe to say I like the people I work with :).

Friday evening, my department got together at Foodscapes for a Christmas party/dinner. It was tons of fun, especially since my bud Jamie who moved to West Virginia earlier this year came down to visit and attend (AND made amazing homemade peppermint bark candy for everyone!).

Foodscapes is a really neat restaurant in Lake City- it advertises itself as a “Fly In” restaurant because it’s beside an airport where people with small private planes fly into. They serve locally grown and organic foods, and all their dishes are made from that. The menu has a wide variety, with most things being healthy and also vegetarian friendly- which definitely influenced our decision to have a Christmas Party there.  The owners also put together a nice menu for us, complete with appetizers and desserts, and everyone really enjoyed it :).

The restaurant also had really cool, funny signs on the walls, so it was a very entertaining place to eat.

I had a garden salad with cranberry vinaigrette dressing, a ratatouille dish that had onions, eggplant, peppers, and tomatoes in an olive oil based sauce, over pasta. We also had bread with pimento cheese and dipping oil to start the meal, and we had a platter of tiny desserts to end it. I thought that was cool because everyone could try 2-3 desserts without having to share them around the table or order and pay for so many desserts.

Oh, and my handsome husband really loved it too :). After putting up with my crazy old lady driving for 35 minutes to get to the restaurant, he really enjoyed his roast beef dish.

On Saturday morning, I got up bright and early and went for a four mile run with a few other ACSers. A couple of the guys and I ended up running four miles on the Florence Rail Trail (you could run as little or as long as you wanted), so it was a nice way to work off the yummies from Friday night and get a relaxing run in. Running with others has a different feel than working out alone. I’m definitely not as hard on myself- it’s more about the camaraderie than hitting a specific pace or time, and I kinda like that.

Speaking of work, I’m about to get started with some. I have to get a wisdom tooth pulled tomorrow, so I’m pretty anxious about that AND being out at such a crazy time of the the month (with both software releases and e-mail newsletters going out). We have a big software release going out this week with some tax changes, so I’m hoping everything goes well. I’ll be spending today making sure we have our proverbial “ducks in a row” for everything.

Q1.) Is eating locally important to you? Or would you rather go to a chain restaurant for consistency?

Eating locally is definitely important for us :). We don’t really care for many chain restaurants at all, and hole-in-the-wall places are always the best.

Q2.) Do you have a busy week? Finals? Work? Getting ready for Christmas?

Oh yes! Lots going on this week, but also lots of hardcore resting after getting this tooth out. Netflix Christmas Queue, here I come.

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9 Responses to Weekend Fun with the Work Buds!

  1. Allie says:

    Hey! Good luck with your wisdom tooth extraction! I understand the anxiousness.. I have to get mine out in the near future and I keep putting it off. Bleh.

    The restaurant you went to sounds so cool! I eat locally any chance I get 🙂

    Running with friends is so much fun! I agree that it is more easy and about socializing, it makes me fall in love with running all over again !

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I put mine off a bit too, I was supposed to get them out over the summer, but I’m opting to only have the erupted one pulled since it’s likely the others will not bother me.

  2. I don’t mind going to eat out and chain but local restaurants have something special about them. They just seem more personal and Delicious. My finals are somewhat busy…mostly just full of actual test taking versus going to class.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Good luck with your finals… local restaurants are really special, I’ve hardly ever had a bad experience at one (but yeah sometimes I have… I would rather go to a chain restaurant than a few of the local Mexican restaurants here, but anyway).

  3. Cori says:

    The pasta you had looks delish! I like trying out local restaurants.

    Good luck with the wisdom tooth! I hate having to be out of work during a busy time. Thank goodness for Netfilx! 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Thanks… actually, things are going to slow down after Wednesday, which is when the update is released. So I’m kinda relieved that when I do go back to work, it won’t be super busy. Well, hopefully not. Knowing me, if I say that something will break!

  4. I love that place! My b.f. and I drove there once after we’d stayed overnight in Florence for a wedding. I loved the atmosphere, the food, the selection, the staff. Seriously a gem in that tiny little town.

  5. Good luck with getting the wisdom tooth out! I had to get mine out when I was 15, so I’m glad I got it over with before most people get it done.

    Local restaurants usually do have better food, or at least more interesting dishes. Some chain restaurants are okay, but mostly only the more expensive ones. My favorite local place is a PB&J restaurant and they’ve never been disappointing!

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