Labor Day Weekend: Bargain Shopping and Birthday Dinners

Wow, did we just have a long weekend? I think coming back from a long weekend can actually be tougher than a vacation, because after a vacation, you’re ready to get back to work, and after a long weekend… you just want another long weekend ;).

At least that’s how I felt at work on Tuesday. First, I could barely hold my eyes open all day- guess I’m getting old or something and just can’t stay up late like I could in college. Second, I had tons of work to catch up on from having three days off work, so I was busy pretty much the entire day- which made it fly by so I was out of there before I knew it.

On Friday night, Clay and I went out to Senor Zapata’s for Ashley’s 27th birthday. We had a pretty awesome time hanging out with Ashley and Neil and a lot of other friends who we don’t get to see that much.

Happy couple!

My handsome husband and I!

Of course Ashley was the lady of the night and got to wear the huge sombrero and eat the awesome flan dessert while everyone sang to her!

The Birthday Girl, Ashley

The Birthday Girl!

I was really happy to hang out with everyone and chill- it’s been way too long since we’ve all gotten together. I think the last time was actually Ashley’s wedding.

Girls pic

Five fantastic females!

On Saturday, our bellies were still full of Mexican food, so Clay and I settled down for a nice day of watching football! You know you’re addicted when you watch games for teams you really don’t care much about, lol. There were definitely a few upsets and close calls, but I’m glad USC pulled out a win over ECU.

USC Flags

Our side of the apartment building definitely represents!

We also went to yard sales on Saturday. Clay had to get new tires, so I picked him up at the tire shop and we rode around town and stopped at yard sales. I love yard sales because you never know what you’ll find. Sometimes you find cool stuff, other times, you just find crazy stuff. One yard sale had a life-size stand up cardboard model of a race car driver for sale, LOL.

I ended up buying two pictures for the apartment. The best thing- I spent a total of $6, so if I grow tired of the pictures or don’t want to take them the next time we move, I won’t be out much money.


I hung this above my dresser. Love the pink and purple cows!

We haven’t hung the pandas yet, but I’m thinking they’ll go in the living room. This is actually thin pieces of paper that are cut in shapes and pasted onto the background somehow- it’s not a painting. I thought that was neat.

Panda Picture


I was on a roll with bargains this weekend, so I did some couponing at CVS. I spent $16 in ExtraCare Bucks, 66 cents of actual money, and got $14 ExtraCare Bucks back for all this- so really, I spent a total of $2.66. You really can’t beat that, and those Milky Way Darks are awesome (guilty pleasure chocolate!).

CVS bargains

Headphones, foundation, 3 candy bars, pantiliners, and shave gel!

Besides that… it was a typical weekend. I laid out for probably the last time this year, because pools close after Labor Day, even though it’s still super hot outside- guess I’ll have to find a new Sunday afternoon activity ;). I also did CrossFit with my coworkers- we’re all crazy fit beasts and did a super challenging workout called “Fight Gone Bad”.

Q: What’s your best yard sale find or the coolest way you’ve saved money lately?

Q: What do you order at Mexican restaurants? 

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5 Responses to Labor Day Weekend: Bargain Shopping and Birthday Dinners

  1. Ash says:

    Ooooh, I love those paintings, especially the cow one. So funky and cool!

    I was so busy over Labor Day weekend that I’ve been exhausted all weekend. I went practically all over the state and my butt went numb from all the time in the car. But it was definitely worth it for all the fun road trips.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      The cow one is truly amazing! I need to take a picture of my dresser and everything on it (I own some pretty neat stuff).

      Sorry about the exhaustion, but road trips and trips in general are always worth it! I love getting out of town, and I haven’t gotten out of town in awhile, so I’m definitely overdue for a little road trip. We shall see soon :).

  2. allieksmith says:

    Mmm, I love Mexican food! I order a quesedilla 🙂

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