More in 5-4-3-2-1

So, I’m totally stealing this survey/blog idea from Tina at Faith, Fitness Fun (which you guys should check out if you haven’t, it’s one of my favorite blogs).

5 Words to Describe Myself

Goal-oriented. To-do lists are my friend!

Determined. In other words, I “git ‘er done”. This is how I beast through runs, workouts, and documentation rewrites at work.

Snarky. Because sarcasm really needs a separate font.

Random. I’ve been known to do some pretty crazy things.

Encouraging. This has really come out lately with answering some of my coworkers’ running questions as they train with the Couch to 5K program.

ACS Runners

4 Favorite Foods

Wow… just four? Okay, that’s pretty tough.

Las Palmitas Veggie Burritos. Last year when I was sick and had almost no appetite, I knew I could go to Las Palmitas, order a vegetarian burrito, and be totally happy eating it.

GOOD veggie burgers. Not just any veggie burger. BK Veggie Burgers and most frozen ones won’t do. The best veggie burgers are at Pawley’s Front Porch in Columbia, SC.

Ice Cream. Best if baklava is included, and in small quantities because my tummy doesn’t always like dairy.

Fruit. Because I get totally anxious when my fruit basket is empty :). Fortunately, it’s currently full of apples and bananas (pluots are in the fridge).

3 Things I’m Most Proud of Accomplishing

Graduating from college. I did well in college, so nobody ever expected me to flunk out or drop out- I’m sure when my parents dropped me off at FMU in August 2003, they knew that I’d leave with a degree. However, getting a degree in four years is definitely easier said than done. I changed my major 57383 times, and after completing burning out of Pre-Pharmacy after two years (2005), I decided to pursue a Professional Writing degree. Complete 180, and it was definitely the best decision I ever made.

I know my heart wasn’t really in it, and I could have dropped out of college and no one would’ve thought anything of it (except me). I looked back just before graduation and realized that it’s not completing 120 credits that make college an accomplishment, but seeing things out to the end.

Working at the same job for three years without going insane. I really love my job and wouldn’t want to do anything else. My first job out of college wasn’t what I expected and definitely made me second-guess the field of technical writing. I took a big chance when I accepted my current job three years ago, because it was technical writing but in a different industry.

It’s not that long, but when you’re 25, staying at a job for 3 years is kind of a big deal. I still wake up every day wanting to write. I work with a great group of people who all feel that way, at a great company that respects its employees.

At my wedding shower at work. I don't usually wear a crown to work, but if it fits...

Getting married.Because being goal-oriented and determined don’t always mean you can find a future mate. I never dated anyone seriously in high school, and my first two years of college, I dated around but never pursued a relationship, since I knew it wouldn’t go anywhere. The summer between my sophomore and junior years of college, I realized why those previous relationships wouldn’t have worked out.

2 Favorite Workouts

I’m not going to say running here, because that’s an obvious answer. When I’m not running, I like lifting weights and I also enjoy doing the occasional low-impact group fitness class, such as yoga or Pilates.

1 Thing to Expect from My Blog

Hopefully more posts! I’m doing 3 races in September, and I have a few other post ideas too. I also need to finish my Q&A Answers post.

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10 Responses to More in 5-4-3-2-1

  1. Rebecca says:

    Ahhh, fun idea for a blog! I really liked this post, as well as many others. 🙂

    I hope to get married someday. I feel sad knowing that I am 23, and my past relationships were failures. And since I don’t have a boyfriend right now, its hard to be patient. But I must be patient because, obviously, he’s not coming into my life today. Or tomorrow. So, there’s really no point in feeling sorry for myself.

    I am glad that you enjoy your job. Or… career. 🙂

    Haha! Yes, I would say, that riding a horsie is random. 🙂

    • Amy Lauren says:

      I wouldn’t feel bad about it. You’re still only 23, in the scheme of life that’s not very old. Around here people get married super young, but I know a lot of people your age who aren’t married or in committed relationships.

      Oh yes, I love riding horsies like a little kid. Or doing anything crazy!

  2. Sarcasm TOTALLY needs a separate font!!! I think people think I am more serious in real life than I really am because a lot of my sarcasm seems to get lost in posts. I’ll have to tell people “no, no!! I’m not seriously upset about xyz” or something similar.

    • Amy Lauren says:

      Haha mine gets lost too. That’s the hard thing about written text vs. person-to-person communication, things get lost on people!

  3. Lindsay says:

    I changed my major 472952 times too, but can’t say that I love what I do… And don’t you feel so old for having been working for 3 yrs?!? I feel old having worked for 5.5… Yeesh. 😉 And sarcasm totally needs it’s own fault. Too many people take me seriously when I am really just being sarcastic…

    • Amy Lauren says:

      LOL I’ve been working in this field for over four years and at this company for almost 3. I never intended to be a technical writer for this long- I was just going to do it for a year or so until a good journalism job opened up.

      Which now means I will be doing it forever 🙂

  4. I changed my major too and it makes me feel a lot more secure of people that changed theirs. Sarcasm needs it’s own font especially through text messages.

  5. Awesome post, Amy!
    I love your wedding pictures 🙂
    Btw – how cute is that fruit “cartoon”?
    Haha 😉
    Hope you’re having a lovely day!

  6. missymiller says:

    Still think it is so So amazing you ditched the pre-pharma.
    I know it was a leap of Faith and you SHOULD be proud.
    PS – wedding picture is awesome. Suitable for framing.

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