CrossFit, Couch to 5K, and Comfort Zones

So I’m super excited about the 5K race that my company is hosting for us in September.

Best of all, ACS isn’t just hosting a race- they’re helping any employee who wants it train for the race with Couch to 5K. Twice a week, any employee or family member- from those who’ve never ran before to those who’ve ran a few races- can come train with an interval plan and learn about running topics like hydration, nutrition, and mentally preparing for a race.

I’m really excited about my friends at work who are learning how to run. I love race atmospheres, so I’m excited for the race and seeing everyone finish. I’ll gladly answer (or try to answer) anyone’s questions for me about running. Considering what my desk looks like, a lot of people stop by to ask questions :).

Amy at Desk

I assure you I do work, not just smile for the camera and eat ice cream.

Seeing my friends and coworkers have the courage to get out and start running both motivates and amazes me.

Last week, a group of eight met up after work to do Week 2, Day 2 of Couch to 5K. In the heat. On their own time. After working at least 8 hours in the hectic, crazy, software development world.

Our usual Saturday morning group run is “on your own” this week, as the gym trainers who are involved won’t be there (some runs are on your own, some structured). One of my coworkers, who has never ran in her life and is old enough to be a parent to many of us, is stepping up to get everyone out there to run/walk Week 2, Day 3.

The hardest part of running happens before you get to the starting line- it’s when you take that first step. I’m very proud of everyone who has.

ACS Runners

ACS Couch-to-5Kers- We are hardcore! And this isn't all of us, either!

For those of us who already work out, have completed a few races, or aren’t into running, ACS is offering a group workout class called CrossFit. CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that focuses on a broad level of fitness, and according to the website, is used by police academies, military special operations units, and elite athletes.

I’m a technical writer dorkumentation extraordinaire for financial software. I don’t fall into any of those categories.

And… I’m not exactly a risk taker. I know I’m a runner. I can go on and on. Pretty fast. For a really long time. Don’t throw a ball in there, because I can’t throw, catch, or kick it- I’m clumsy. I grunt during yoga and wince in pain.

I’m analytical (ENTJ in the house) and overthink everything. I’m the person who wrote a two-page list of pros and cons to running a half marathon before even clicking “Sign Up” on the website- and that was AFTER actually training for the race, which included two ten mile runs and one 11 miler.

And, as completely irrational as this is, I’m tiny and might look silly lifting heavy bars and kettlebells like those strong, muscular, toned, women pictured on the site. Hey, being a woman gives me the prerogative to be self-conscious sometimes, right?

After looking at some of the Workout of the Day sections of the CrossFit website, I timidly responded to the e-mail to sign up for a beginner’s class. Last Sunday, eight of us met at Competitive Edge gym for the workout- which consisted of running/sprints, ball exercises, and burpees, led by a super fit girl who can do pullups about as easily as I can drink chai lattes and blog while avoiding real work (Oops. Don’t tell.).

We survived

Kelli & I- CrossFit Survivors!

It wasn’t easy, but I felt accomplished when I finished. It would’ve been much easier to just run 3 miles like I planned, but it was much more fun trying something different. I actually liked it and can’t wait to go back when our classes start.

Just like it takes guts to start running, the workouts will be tough and push me out of my comfort zone.

And I’m ready to break out of that shell and comfort zone for good :).

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13 Responses to CrossFit, Couch to 5K, and Comfort Zones

  1. That is so cool that you got some coworkers and friends into running. Gosh if we worked together I would come by chatting it up everyday. 🙂

    • proudpatriot07 says:

      Yeah there are a lot of us doing it! 22 people came to the practice last night :). It’s really fun to see everyone so involved in the runs.

      And yeah if we worked together we prolly wouldn’t get much done, haha.

  2. Ash says:

    I’ve always been interested in strength and weight training, but I’m also nervous about looking silly because I’m small and not ripped! That’s great that you signed up for the class and broke out of your comfort zone, though!

    • proudpatriot07 says:

      Yeah- most women really can’t get super ripped because of hormones, but some definition is always kinda nice :). Plus there are different sizes of weights, so they adjust… so fortunately the person who is just starting is not expected to use like 50 lb weights!

  3. eleanorpie says:

    I was just reading the other day about how more women need to do strength training. It’s basically the best way to avoid bone problems later on in life. So good for you! Always good to mix up your workouts.

    • proudpatriot07 says:

      I’ve always heard that too, that it really helps prevent things like osteoporosis… which runs in my family so I probably need to be trying to prevent.

      Plus it’s boring to do the same thing day in and day out anyway :).

  4. Allie says:

    How motivating that you got coworkers interested in running!!! That rocks!

  5. Rebecca says:

    Wow… not that is really something that you got your coworkers involved with something that you’re passionate about. I don’t think I’ve ever done that, besides little things like getting people interested in journaling or writing letters. I wish I could do something more honorable. 🙂

    Oh, I’m sure that you do more than just smile for the camera at work. 😉 Hehe… when I look up companies on the web, I notice their business people are always looking at the camera.

    Have a nice day!

  6. Rebecca says:

    * NOW that is really something…

  7. missymiller says:

    Hi There!
    You will dominate Cross Fit and be doing one-armed handstands next week. I know this.
    Please capture the moment on camera.
    Maybe with your spare hand you can hold an ice cream cone!
    (Ok, THAT may take a while longer. )

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