Baklava Sundaes, Baking in the Sun, and Bangin’ out the Miles

It’s Sunday evening, so I figured I’d write a bit.  We stayed around the house this weekend, but sometimes that’s a good thing.  Last weekend was a long weekend and super busy, so it was nice to spend this weekend running (trying to build both distance AND speed, eek!), laying out by the pool, and spending time with the handsome husband.

I got up bright and early Saturday morning and hit the treadmill. Since it’s hot even in the morning now, I’ve pretty much given up on running outside.

I ran 7 miles (one hour) while watching True Life on MTV, and it was an awesome, fast (for me) run even though I had to stop to stretch a few times.  I’ve been running and working out for a few years, so I’m used to something being slightly sore after a good workout, but lately my hamstrings have been super tight. I’m doing some new stretches each night and doing yoga once a week to loosen up.

But yoga is tough! It’s easier to run for an hour than do an hour of yoga~ and I feel like everyone in the studio hears me grumbling through my pain, haha. Yoga this week was mostly about legs, which made me super giddy because they definitely needed it!

On Sunday, I ran a treadmill 5K in a little less than 25 minutes and wasn’t sore. I think the yoga and new stretches may be helping, but after 7 miles on Saturday, Sunday was going to be lower mileage regardless :). I even tested out my new Life is Good running shirt that I got last week at the Tri 2 Run store here in town. It says “Gotta Run” below the little running shoes on it, and it’s pretty much amazing (excuse the bad mirror pic).

The rest of Sunday afternoon was spent laying by the pool. It was super hot, but the pool was this weird green color (algae?), so no way was I getting in. Eww. Of course other people were in the pool like nothing was wrong, but I was perfectly content reading my book and chillaxing on dry land.

After laying out, I came home and did laundry then hit my porch/balcony for more reading, painting my toenails, and eating a strawberry Popsicle :).

Clay and I went to Sakura Saturday night for sushi and other Japanese yummies.  I had the vegetarian yakasoba and carrots which is always tasty, and he had the lo mein with beef and two sushi rolls. I was starving after my 7 miles and he ran that afternoon too, so we had to satisfy our distance running appetites.

After Japanese, we went to the Sundae House. The Sundae House is like a Florence legend for ice cream, and they just reopened after being closed for a few years. I don’t know if they’re under new management or what, but they have a new menu and it’s awesome! I got a chocolate dipped soft serve cone, and Clay got a baklava sundae, but we ended up sharing both things.

The baklava sundae was amazing!  Both of us agreed it was one of the best ice cream sundaes we’d ever had. If you’re a local, you should definitely try it!

So, that’s it for our pretty awesome weekend :).  Back to the grind tomorrow for a five day work week- doesn’t it feel weird?

Q: Have you ever done yoga?

Well, obviously this is a yes for me, but I sorta stink at it and only do it to alleviate running soreness, anyway :).

Q: Do you go out for dessert after a dinner out, order dessert at the restaurant, or just go home and eat something there?

We almost never order dessert when we go out to eat, and we rarely go out to another venue for dessert- usually we go out to dinner, or we go out for ice cream, so Saturday night was definitely a win-win having both, especially Sundae House awesomeness!

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8 Responses to Baklava Sundaes, Baking in the Sun, and Bangin’ out the Miles

  1. Were you watching the true life about the kids that were sent away from their parents. I had to run on the dread on Saturday and that was the episode that they were showing. It really moved me strangly enough-maybe because I’m so close with my parents.

    I have never had baklava but it sounds so good and you know how much I love my Greek Food.

    • proudpatriot07 says:

      That’s the one I watched. I also watched the one about the deaf girl who tried out for the dance team tonight. A lot of them are moving, I wish MTV did more shows like that and less of the trashy stuff they do.

      You should definitely try baklava! Any Greek restaurant should have it on their dessert menu :). BTW I had pancakes for breakfast this morning and thought of you… next time I will have to take a picture and put it up here, lol.

  2. Ash says:

    I love yoga! I started doing it six months ago and I don’t think I can stop. I do agree that it’s hard to do a full hour of it, so I just try to squeeze in 20 minutes a day.

    That baklava sundae sounds amazing! I’ve never had baklava but having it in an ice cream sundae seems so cool. I usually don’t get dessert out, but occasionally I’ll grab some froyo or gelato–they really hit the spot, especially during the summer.

    • proudpatriot07 says:

      We don’t have fro-yo here and it makes me sad =(. Doing a full hour of yoga is super hard! Even just concentrating for an hour, lol.

  3. mmm sundae’s!!! My fave! =)

  4. We rarely order dessert at the restaurant we eat out at, but we will usually make a pitstop somewhere else after taking some time to digest or bring something home to eat. Gotta have dessert! That sundae looks awesome.

    Great job on those runs too!

    • proudpatriot07 says:

      Thanks for the compliments on the runs :).

      I’m with you on waiting on dessert. I don’t like to have it directly after a meal either- usually I’m too stuffed to enjoy!~

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