Our insecurity should be something we left with the JV (Way Back Wednesday)

High school is like the state of the nation

Some people never change after graduation
Believing any light you shine makes their’s lesser
They have to prove to everyone that their’s is better

We’ve all got bad yearbook photos, which we forgot to let go
And just like acne, our insecurity should be something we left with the JV

So here’s to letting go of yearbook photos- things we’ve got that hold us down.

Superchick, “High School”

After being inspired by Hollie’s blog post last week, I decided to do a post about high school. Granted, I’ve been out of high school a bit longer than Hollie so I’ve had even more time to recover change :).  I wanted to share some pictures and facts and other fun stuff, even though most of my pictures are at my parents’ house in photo albums :). So, here goes…

I didn’t run in high school!  In fact, I didn’t do any sports.  I was probably the most unathletic kid ever- I did everything I could to get out of gym class, and my mom went to a parent-teacher conference with my gym teacher because that was the lowest grade on my report card in ninth grade.  I never could hit or catch a softball, but despite being unathletic, I ran a half marathon.  It still amazes me :).

9th grade

This was me in 9th grade (1999).

Instead of sports, I was in band, where I played flute and piccolo and was pretty mediocre at it.  I always knew my musical career was limited to high school- and I was totally cool with that.

Silly string

Silly String! This was at the end of a concert (2000)

I loved band and it was awesome.  Our band never won state finals, but in my opinion, we were the best band in the state!  We worked hard every day at practice, had amazing friendships, and everyone was accepted.  The band was a microcosm of every clique and social group at the school.  We had nerds, smokers, cheerleaders, jocks- and everyone got along, at least, the best you could expect high school kids to get along.

Band friends

Band friends, Jasmine, Hanna, and I (Fall 2001)

I learned so much through being in band- so much about confidence, never giving up, facing your fears, working hard with a group toward a common goal… and when I graduated high school, I was proud to take that with me.  Sure, everyone has pictures they want to burn and memories they want to repress, but band is something I’ll never let go of.

band on field

I assure you, this was NOT our entire band (2000)

Being in band also gave me a sense of school spirit for spirit weeks!

Freak Day

My friend Trey and I on Freak Day, 2002. We usually didn't go to school looking THAT crazy. But we came close sometimes!

I also had a much different style back in high school and wore a lot more black.  I wasn’t a goth or skater, but I’m happy that my wardrobe includes so many other colors now :).  I also wore a lot of oversized clothes, and looking back, I really wish I had more confidence in my body.  I was heavier back then (but not overweight) and I definitely didn’t flaunt any of my positive features.


At a band audition. This was before my grocery store job, as I was drinking Pepsi and not Shasta (2001)

Some things haven’t changed though… I was pretty crazy back then!


Yes, that's a cardboard box I used as a "Cheese Hat" (2000)

And… Dave Ramsey has nothing on me!  Toward the end of my junior year, I got a job working at a local grocery store.  My parents insisted that I get a job because I got out of school at 1:30 most days and only had my community college class twice a week- so it gave me something to do (and extra money).

senior year

Senior year (2003)

I spent my afternoons ringing up and bagging groceries, saving toward a new computer.  I drank this Kiwi Strawberry Shasta soda from the soda machine at work because it was super yummy and only a quarter, even though everyone else spent $1.00 on a 20 oz. Coke (remember when Cokes were only a dollar? Boo for having to spend $1.00 and change for a Coke now!).


Where the writing magic happened during high school (2002)

After consuming a lifetime’s worth of high fructose corn syrup and saving for four months, I bought a laptop :).  I spent hours on that laptop hard-coding HTML for my Geocities website (anyone else remember Geocities? RIP Geocities!) and downloading music.


It still boots and everything...

I took the same computer to Francis Marion University, where I used it in my business writing and technical communications classes.  Even now, I love thinking back about how my first job, the skills I learned there, and the computer I bought from working there has lead me to my current career in Technical Writing.

Build a Bear

Yeah, I built this bear on a business trip =). I can be crazy without the cheese hat! (2008)

The years I was in high school definitely weren’t the best years of my life, and I’d never go back– even if you paid me a million dollars!  Looking back, I see how much I worried over things that, in the long run, didn’t matter at all.  I also see how little confidence I had in myself, even though I always seemed to “have it together”.


This was my psychology class before Christmas holidays (2000)


Five year class reunion (2008)

  • Did you dress up for spirit week in high school (if you had it)? I definitely dressed up!  I never went crazy or won, but it was fun to be goofy with it :).
  • What subject was the lowest grade on your report card in?  Bet I’m going to be the only person who did better in math than gym!
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11 Responses to Our insecurity should be something we left with the JV (Way Back Wednesday)

  1. Awe thanks for the shoutout girl. You have changed so much and I love it. 🙂

    I dressed up for spirit week but never went all out. My friends were all cheerleaders so they kind of had too ha. 🙂

    • proudpatriot07 says:

      haha you’re welcome, I really did love your blog the other day!

      I was glad I never had to go all out for spirit week. It probably took those kids weeks to wash the mess out of their hair! My blue dye was bad enough!

  2. Lindsay says:

    LOL. Gotta love those HS pics… I was a “band nerd” for a few years too! Flute! I sucked 🙂 usually last chair… Haha.

    • proudpatriot07 says:

      My best friend and I tied for first chair, so instead of trying to have a retest or something, we switched out every week who got to sit on the end of the row, haha. We only had like 4 flute players anyway, so it was never a big deal who was what chair, haha.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Yay! Another Way Back Wednesday entry. 🙂 by the way, I forget, is that something you came up with yourself, or did you get the idea from someone?

    Anyways, I remember in high school I wanted to wear black sooo much. Even though I went to a small, country high school, there were people who wore black in the midst of the farmers of the school. Well, coming from an overprotective family, my parents didn’t let me wear black that much, and when they did let me, I had to wear something WITH it. Because my parents would tell me from time to time, “Rebecca, you worship Jesus, not Satan, so you will not dress like a Satanist.”

    And I didn’t have a job or my license in high school, so its not like I had privileges or the money to get stuff like that.

    Its funny tho… because now that I’m old enough to make those kinda of decisions, I will wear dark colors from time to time, but I have a lot of BRIGHT colors in my closet. I wear pinks, reds, orange, and sometimes yellow or something noticeable. I still like the gothic look tho, and maybe someday I will get a gothic outfit just to shock people. 😉 oh! I do wear a lot of black tank tops.

    Oooh, I remember your grocery store stories! My favorite one was where you guys hid behind something to “surprise” the customers! Hehe. That was your kiwijournal, right? Makinjg sure I’m not mistaking you for someone else. 🙂 But I remember you enjoyed the grocery store. It wasn’t the best job (obviously, you’ve found better jobs :).), but it was a good first job.

    Well, I’m going to end here before I write a book as a blog post response! Thank you so much for this entry. It was a good reminder of when we started reading each others journals. 🙂

    • proudpatriot07 says:

      Oh yes, I loved hiding behind the stacks of 12-packs of drinks, then saying something to another coworker when someone walked by, and it would freak them out! I will have to say that working there was completely crazy sometimes, but it really puts things into perspective. Everyone should have to work somewhere like that. It really made me work harder in college knowing that if I didn’t do well and graduate, I’d be destined to a life of stocking shelves!

      I occasionally wear black now, but usually I have enough colors on it with it that I don’t look gothic. I don’t think I ever looked really gothic- I just looked like an angsty teenager, which was about right…

  4. I loved seeing high school pics! I did NOT know you were in band. Here’s to us fellow Band Nerds =)

    • proudpatriot07 says:

      I never knew you were in band either! We didn’t “meet” (virtually) until I was in college anyway so I guess not. Once I was done with it, I never really talked about it much.

      Yay band nerds unite!

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