On disastrous haircuts, deals, and driving cross-country… {Five Question Friday}

Five Question Friday

Five Question Friday

1. What is your current favorite tv show?
Well, I have to say I don’t watch a whole ton of TV.  Honestly, my TV time is usually when I’m on the treadmill or when Clay and I are cuddling at night- and I almost just watch whatever’s on.
I have to say that my favorite thing to watch is Sunday night cartoons like The Simpsons and American Dad (which also comes on at around lunchtime, so on the rare occasion I go home for lunch I always watch this!).  I also love a few other cartoons like King of the Hill and Futurama. It’s a tradition for Clay and I, because we always watched The Simpsons together during college when we were dating.  Junior year, every Sunday night was spent at my villa in front of the TV.  Good times!

2. What’s the worst haircut you ever got?
When I was a junior at FMU, I went to Great Clips (hey, I was a student) and got a horrible haircut.  It was WAY. TOO. SHORT.  It’s probably one of the reasons why I haven’t worn a short haircut since. Even though Clay actually liked it, I really, really, HATED that haircut. I even look miserable in the pic!
It’s been over five years since the cut and although I was mad at the time, I don’t think it looks as horrible today.  My face is a lot thinner now, and I don’t wear glasses anymore, so it might not look half bad on me now.

3. What was something that you did as a child that you thought you were so cool for doing?
I never thought I was cool as a child (nor am I cool now), but I remember thinking I was super cool when I learned how to roller skate.  It was my favorite thing for a long time.  Like, two years.

4. Do you have any GREAT frugal family fun tips?
Aside from my dad, I’m probably one of the most  frugal people EVER.  A few months ago, I paid $5.88 for these groceries during Harris Teeter’s Triple Coupon Week (I saved $37.78).  Yes, I walk around the store with wads of coupons stuffed into my hoody pocket, haha. I don’t do the coupon binder because that’s like driving a minivan and I’ll never do that either.
So… my frugal tip is to use coupons and shop sales!  I’m not like the hoarders on the TLC Extreme Couponing show, but if I can get cereal for 50 cents, I’ll buy 3-4 boxes  (I also coupon for my mom so I give her part of my haul).  I don’t have an in-home pharmacy, but it’s nice to have a full medicine cabinet so that I don’t have to buy it when I do get sick.  And our garage, when we have one, will never look like a stockroom!
I coupon for things like cereal, spaghetti sauce, ice cream, snacks, toiletries, paper products, etc, and buy all my fresh foods (like 56373857 pounds of apples and spinach) at Sam’s.  Since I get seriously anxious if I don’t have a full fruit basket 🙂

5. Would you drive across country if you had the money to fly?
I would love to visit the West Coast, and it’s on my list of 13 things to do before 30, but driving… NOT HAPPENING!  I have the money to fly, and believe me, I will.  I can be a tourist once I get there- I don’t really care to see every landmark along the way.

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5 Responses to On disastrous haircuts, deals, and driving cross-country… {Five Question Friday}

  1. Jamieamie says:

    I always thought that was a cute haircut on you. Perception is everything. I perceived it to be adorable. 🙂 Of course, I envied how easy making friends seemed to come to you. You were/are much cooler than you realize(d). Oh, and I can attest that you are not an extreme couponer. lol Great post, Amy.

    • proudpatriot07 says:

      Thank you Jamie :). Making friends does come easy and I love to talk when I’m not bogged down in writing and PDFs and releases!

      I’ve thought about cutting my hair again because one of my friends did and it looks super cute on her. We’ll see what happens… fortunately my hair grew pretty fast back then so it only looked crappy for a couple weeks :).

      Those extreme couponers really creep me out and I’m convinced we have a few in Florence! Even in the pic, I never bought more than 2 of an item at once (minus the yogurt, which it was 2 of each brand that was on sale super cheap). It’s like Harris Teeter used to be the “upscale” grocer but now it’s more like the coupon binder haven!

  2. lindsay says:

    these were fun… 🙂
    1) i just watch whatever’s on too, for the most part. some things i like to tune into (biggest loser) but for the most part i don’t watch much tv.
    2) omg great clips. butchered me more than once in high school. haha.
    3) i don’t know if i can think of anything for this one… i thought it was cool to play club soccer, though i really just rode the bench 🙂
    4) i love that you share coupon deals with your mom. if i ever got excessive free groceries/toiletries i would donate them (it’s also a tax write-off!). i can’t believe those people who buy 900 jars of spaghetti sauce. sure, great deals, but donate it! and lol at your minivan/coupon binder comment. i’ve tried to coupon but i never save a ridiculous amount… i should watch extreme couponing more i guess haha.
    5) YES! i have flown cross country a few times, but i think it would be great to see all the places in between, drive rte 66, etc… i think i’m an old soul at heart. sure, the drive would get old, but hopefully i could find enough random things to do along the way 🙂

    • proudpatriot07 says:

      Nah, the extreme show really doesn’t teach you how to coupon realistically. I just started reading a coupon blog and learned how *shrugs*. And honestly, buying stuff in such bulk really gets on my nerves. Like, even at Sam’s… the large quantities of food sold there just bug me. That’s why I pretty much only buy produce there :). Not 567384563 chocolate bars like some people… LOL.

  3. shopannies says:

    roller skating was the popular thing when I was a kid as well come see my answers at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

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