Day 7: Freedom Fest, DreamWorks Parade, and Ice Skating!

Glad you guys have stuck with reading :). I’m getting a ton of blog hits from this review, mostly Cruise Critic people, but you’re welcome to comment or stick around and read the non-cruise posts if you want to do that :).

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We started our last sea day with our last breakfast in the Windjammer.  I guess I forgot to take pictures and I forgot what we ate too, but I never had a bad breakfast in the Windjammer so whatever it was, trust it was yummy.

I did take a picture with our wonderful Windjammer greeter.  It was a nice touch for Royal Caribbean to have someone with personality greet you at the Windjammer.  All our Carnival cruises, you just walked right into the buffet, no greeting or anything.

After breakfast, Clay and I decided to try ice skating.  I totally sucked at ice skating and only got around the rink once, which I spent holding onto the railing.  Clay was a little better but still didn’t skate long.  It was nice that they offered skating, though.  They also have ice shows but we never got a chance to go to them.

I also went to the backstage tour while Clay laid around and read (he’s the easygoing one).  The tour was interesting, and well worth going to- you actually went backstage.

Some of the dancers, performers, and production crew talked to everyone about their jobs and answered questions.

I really learned a lot- but one thing is that the guest performers are the ones who really have it good.  Aside from the rehearsals and the shows they participate in, they basically get to stay on the ship from Wednesday-Wednesday and have a free vacation, but the other entertainers like the dancers work other jobs on the ship as well.

Anyway, the tour started at 10:30 but if you can get up in time, I highly recommend it.  We got to see costumes and other cool stuff too, and they have a wall that the departing cast members sign before leaving the ship.

After the tour, I went to the track for the Walk for Wishes, which is a fundraiser that Royal Caribbean does for Make a Wish foundation.  I bought the $10 t-shirt and walked around the track a few times, talking to a girl who works for the ship’s human resources department.  She was from Maryland, so it was interesting to meet an American on the ship.  She told me and another lady a LOT about life on the cruise ship, and I can imagine what she has to deal with working in human resources on a ship.  Working in HR at a 9-5 office setting has to be rough, but imagine with workers who work and live on the ship.

I managed to drag Clay away from his reading long enough for us to go to the Main Dining Room for our last Main Dining Room lunch.  By now, you guys should all know what I had…

Also, the main dining room has the same menu for the last two sea days.  I was kinda hoping for another menu but got the salad.  Clay got a burger.

The dessert, however, changes daily and today’s was a chocolate creme brulee.  It’s pretty much the best dessert on the Freedom, along with that tiramasu.

We also went to Freedom Fest, which is basically a little party on the Promenade Deck.  You can buy souvenir glasses (works out nicely if you haven’t had a drink onboard but really want the glass, which was my case!) and other stuff, and they serve a few foods like bread pudding that are supposedly passenger favorites.  We were full from lunch, so all we had were chocolate covered strawberries, haha.

They also had some sort of drink special going on, it was two-for-one for some kind of drink but I don’t remember what.  I’m so not a drinker.

We also went to the 3-D movie, Shrek 4, that afternoon.  We really loved the movie, but it was pretty packed because it was a sea day.  We both liked it better than How to Tame a Dragon because we like Shrek and the movie had a cute message.

Speaking of Shrek, we saw some of his friends at the DreamWorks parade that day.  There are two DreamWorks parades on the cruise, and they’re both the same parade, so no need to go to both of them unless you just really, really, love Shrek.  Or have kids.

The parade was pretty awesome.  A little hokey, but then again, I’m 25.  If you have kids, they will love the parade.  Then again, there was this lady who had to be in her 70s who wanted to dance with Shrek so badly, haha.

We also went to the gym that afternoon.  I ran like 2 miles or so and returned our towels since we wouldn’t be swimming anymore.  I also saw this crazy art in the gym.  Guess it’s to scare people into coming to the gym so they won’t look like that when they get off the ship?

We got ready for dinner and went to the Farewell Show.  I would say the Farewell Show was good but well… it’s a Farewell Show!  It means your cruise is almost over and super sad!

But, it was a really good show for quality.  The acrobat duo performed and our cruise director, Graham Seymour, sang.  Seriously, Graham Seymour has to be the most talented cruise director ever- he’s definitely the most talented one we’ve had on a cruise.  They should pay him three salaries… singing… comedy… and cruise director.

After the show, we went to the dining room to enjoy our last dinner there.

For dinner, I had the Indian food again.  I think the vegetarian dish was a calzone, and I didn’t really want that, so Indian food it was.  Like all the other Indian food, it was really good and not very spicy.  I don’t remember what Clay had.

I also had this incredible dessert- a chocolate brownie sandwich.  I really ate a ton of chocolate on this last day.

Also, it was our tablemates’ Jason and Chrissy’s anniversary, so our wait staff came out and sang to them and brought them a complimentary dessert.

Yep, they do that on cruise ships, but since all the food in the main dining room is free anyway, it’s just more fun that you get the attention rather than the dessert itself.  Usually the dessert is just something off the menu that night, lol.

We took a picture with everyone so that we can remember them all too.

… and we took some more goofy pictures!

And one last towel animal before we go… I never know what they are either!

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6 Responses to Day 7: Freedom Fest, DreamWorks Parade, and Ice Skating!

  1. It sounds like you guys had an AMAZING Cruise!!! Your ‘review’ makes me want to go on one someday very soon! =) Will you guys be going every year to mark your anniversary? Chris and I once vowed we’d go every year to Disney World to mark our anniversary– but we’ve settled on the 5 year mark!!! So in 2 years we’re definitely planning a trip to Disney World– and we’re bringing Christopher along for his 1st time, and it’ll be special for us because it’ll be our anniversary. We won’t spend as long as we did for our honeymoon– but we’ll have fun nonetheless.

    I’m glad you guys had fun!

    • proudpatriot07 says:

      We did have an amazing cruise :). Haven’t ever been to Disney World but I’m sure it’s interesting to go as an adult! You guys should go, though, I’m sure Christopher would love it and it would be special, most def.

      I doubt we go on a cruise for every anniversary, lol. We would like to do the Western Caribbean itinerary for the same ship, though, and maybe a Europe cruise one day… but also maybe a land vacation or two. I really want to see some places in the US too :).

  2. I couldn’t imagine living and working with the same people day in and day out. It has got to be terribly intense. Good heavens. That is so cool you got to personal chat with them. I would have loved to do that on my cruise. Oh well…guess I have to go again.

  3. lindsay says:

    it’s amazing how much stuff they have on these ships! i mean i know they’re big but parades, ice rinks, stages, casinos, restaurants, bars, spas, pools, gyms… sheesh.

    glad you guys truly made the most of your hmoon!

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  5. B. says:

    those ‘towel animals’ are swans, i’m pretty sure! 🙂

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