Day 4: St. Thomas, Love and Marriage, and Your Questions Answered!

Welcome back guys! Thanks for sticking with the review. Today, I’ll be writing about our day in St. Thomas, but I’m also going to answer a few questions that I got on Cruise Critic and from a few people at work.  If you have a question… just post it in the comments.  Or ask me in person, if you know me like that ;).

First, one of my coworkers asked if any of the shows or movies we went to cost. The answer… NOPE! Everything like shows, movies, etc were free. Pretty much all the events on the ship… completely free! A few things did cost, but when something costs, there’s a $ symbol beside it in the daily cruise compass, so you know.

The only show that required tickets was the ice show, which we didn’t go to. The rest, it was first come first serve with seating, so I suggest getting there 5-10 minutes early (but you didn’t have to get there SUPER early).

Second, someone on Cruise Critic asked if there was a movie screen on the pool deck… YEP! A few weeks before we sailed, RCI added several enhancements to the Freedom of the Seas, and that was one of them.

They played movies most nights, and when events like the Bellyflop competition took place on the pool deck, they aired them on the big screen. It was really helpful, you didn’t feel like you needed to be right by the pool to see.

Big movie screen!

We didn’t dock in St. Thomas until 11:00 AM that morning, which was pretty nice because it gives you the morning to sleep in. If you can sleep in, that is. I woke up fairly early and went up to the fitness center to run on the treadmill (not much was going on at 8 AM, haha).

I ran 2 miles and then went into the main dining room for breakfast, where I sat with some random people again and I ate fruit and scrambled egg whites, pretty yummy. I didn’t take a picture because well… it was fruit and scrambled egg whites, haha. Clay slept in, but I went back to the room and got him up so we could see the ship dock.

It was overcast but cleared up fast!

I just want to say, the captain did an amazing job parallel parking the Freedom of the Seas between the Disney Magic and Carnival Glory.  I bet he would beast through an American driver’s test.

We took lots of pictures from the deck…

… but instead of getting off the ship right away… we decided to enjoy the ship by taking a dip in the Solarium pool and hot tub, then going to the Windjammer for lunch.

How's this for a lunchtime view?

Yummies 🙂

It was super nice eating lunch with the boat docked and a view of St. Thomas. Plus, it saved us money from having to eat on the island, and the Windjammer was almost empty.

Clay and I both decided we wanted to take things easy in St. Thomas because we booked an excursion in St. Maarten the next day. So, we didn’t do much in St. Thomas besides walk around and shop at the Havensight Mall, which is mostly souvenir stores or liquor stores.

Havensight mall sign. That's our ship in the background.

I bought a few souvenirs like a Christmas ornament, and Clay bought a few bottles of island rum and some t-shirts for people back home. There were actually free samples of rum on the island- and no, they don’t ID.

We walked around a lot and went into random stores to cool off. Also, if you need anything… sunscreen, candy, etc, everything is MUCH cheaper on the island than on the ship. So if you run out of sunblock, this is your place- don’t pay $20 for a bottle on the ship!

We also went to the Dog House Pub for a drink, because I don’t take vacations from couponing, even while cruising! When you get off the ship, you can go to the tourism information center and use a very clean bathroom and get tourist coupons for things like 2-for-1 drinks and deals at restaurants on the island. The coupon book I got had a 2-for-1 drink coupon for the bar, so we checked it out.

Yep- I even coupon on vacation!

I got a Baileys and Banana Cream (BBC) and Clay got a margarita. We really enjoyed our drinks and supporting a local business. Plus, if you have a SmartPhone, laptop, Ipod touch… the Dog House Pub also has Wi-Fi!

Yep, that's Clay with his margarita. And our coupon.

Very refreshing.

We also saw this sign and it reminded us of home:

Yippee for seeing something South Carolina-esque in St. Thomas!

On our way back, a very nice couple also took this picture of us beside the tourist trap postcard, haha.

We got back on the ship fairly early and both napped for a bit. I watched the ship leave St. Thomas, and if anyone got left… it was long after the ship was gone. I also tried the Windjammer sushi, which was okay. I guess it’s along the lines of fast food-esque sushi. The Windjammer had some Indian dish and I tried that as well, it was much better.

After my little snack, I went to the room and Clay and I got ready for dinner.

At dinner, I started out with the fruit and yogurt dish. It was super yummy and had mango and papaya, which was awesome! I also had the pan-fried tofu, which was okay, but it seems odd to ruin a usually healthy food like tofu by pan frying it.  I don’t remember what Clay had.

For dessert, I had a low fat mango dessert and Clay had the banana and chocolate pie. We always had bites of each others desserts so we got completely different things! And of course, we saved room for after dinner shooters!

Once dinner was over, we went to the Love and Marriage gameshow. This is always an exciting event on cruises- we went to the same gameshow on both our other Carnival cruises and totally loved it!

You literally have to get married ON THE SHIP to get on stage as the most recently married couple! The couple who they picked got married on Sunday at 1:00, so I’m assuming it was an onboard wedding. Everyone was a hoot, though. Always a fun show, don’t miss this one, but make sure you get there early so that you can get a good seat!

After the Love and Marriage show, it was still fairly early, but we went off to go to bed because we had big plans for the next day in St. Maarten.

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19 Responses to Day 4: St. Thomas, Love and Marriage, and Your Questions Answered!

  1. I watched love and marriage too. Aram and I were almost going to do it for the dating couple but he got too embarrassed. Your curise sounds a lot like Aram and I’s. I would wake up early-hit up the fitness center and he would chillax and wait for me.

  2. Linda Griffin says:

    Your review rocks!! I am anxiously awaiting your next post. I can’t wait to board FOS on June 5 – you have given me so many great tips. Can you say more about the sippy sippy shooters? Are they offered every night and how much do they cost? Is this only in the main dining room? Are they different flavors each night? Is it more of a dessert or a drink?

    • proudpatriot07 says:

      They were offered every night. I think they were like $6-7, but I don’t remember the exact price. We ate in the MDR every night, so I don’t know if the Windjammer offered them or not. I’m sure you could get a bar waiter in the WJ to bring you one if you asked, though.

      There’s a different flavor every night, but I’m not sure if it’s like a dessert or a drink. I only had the non-alcoholic variety.

  3. Renee says:

    I love your blog title. As I read through your review, I realized that you remind me of a younger version of myself and pre-kids. I was also a vegetarian for 7 or 8 years (and went 10 years with no beef). I was reading your review to find out more about FOS because we are thining of taking our three little kids in August. We curised several times prior to having kids, twice with the oldest, and once with the second. Your review reminds me of our cruises, pre-kids! And our 10th anniversary cruise.

    Btw, my husband grew up in Hartsville. His brothers went to South Carolina but he is a Hokie.

    • proudpatriot07 says:

      My husband grew up in Hartsville too- how ironic :). Your kids would definitely love it- all the kids we saw on board were having an awesome time!

  4. zenlizzie says:

    I’m living vicariously through your island vacation recap! I’ve found on the cruises I’ve been on that the work out rooms are never crowded, which surprises me considering how many people are on the ship and how tiny the rooms usually are.

    • proudpatriot07 says:

      A few mornings the workout room was actually pretty busy. Not crowded to where you’d have to wait for a machine, but there would definitely be more treadmills in use than not. I was surprised, it seemed like more people used the workout room compared to other cruises I was on.

  5. Samantha says:

    Wow sorry, was logged into my old account lol!

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  8. Love & Marriage show sounds really FUN! =)

    Sweet Tea Vodka huh??? I guess I need to try that!!! haha

    • proudpatriot07 says:

      Oh yeah, Firefly- kinda surprised you haven’t heard of it. Pretty big in SC.

      I don’t drink much so I’ve never had it and can’t comment on it, but everywhere here in Florence has it.

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