Cruise Day 2: CocoCay

Thanks for everyone who came back for more. Today, I’m writing about the second day of our cruise on the Freedom of the Seas, and our first stop- CocoCay, the Royal Caribbean private island.

Also, here are links to the other parts of the review. Enjoy!

This morning, Clay and I got up pretty early and went to the Windjammer buffet for breakfast.  The Windjammer has an excellent breakfast with almost everything you can imagine to eat.  I ended up having cereal, fruit, and part of the veggie omelet.  Clay had a big breakfast because he was going snorkeling at CocoCay, and I was just laying out.  I didn’t want to eat a lot and then go lay out :).

At CocoCay, you have to take a tender to the island.  It’s a small boat that takes you to ports that don’t have a dock/pier.  I’ve only been to one other tender port, which was the Carnival private island, and that was a rough ride.  The tender ride was really smooth this time.

Tenders are magical too even though the cruise ship brochure doesn’t advertise it.  They take you to the island white and bring you back RED.

We didn’t book any shore excursions at CocoCay, but Clay rented some snorkel equipment and I snagged a chair.  You guys know I’m a pretty active person, so on vacation, I don’t mind laying out and reading because that’s something I don’t always get to do back home.  I enjoyed my book and also a Coco Loco drink- so yummy!

The Coco Locos come in a souvenir cup, and you can have rum in your drink or have it alcohol free, it’s your choice.  I thought that was a cool idea because not everyone drinks, and kids and teens could get the alcohol free version and still get the cool cup.

We walked around the island a lot, and if you walk around, you’ll find a lot of empty chairs and many more places to lay out, including hammocks.  The area when you get off the ship is fairly crowded, but if you walk down a bit, the beach is more secluded, so if you like privacy, just do that.

We walked around and found a hammock and just laid in there for awhile.  We love hammocks and definitely plan to buy one when we buy a home!

While on the island, we met a man named Dale from Oklahoma and talked to him a lot.  He also took excellent pictures of us in front of the ship.

Since CocoCay is operated by Royal Caribbean, lunch is provided on the island.  I mostly just ate fruit at lunch, because there were very few vegetarian options.

In fact, this is the only complaint I have about food, but there were no veggie burgers on the buffet, and my previous Carnival cruises had veggie burgers (you had to ask for them).  The only place to get a veggie burger on the ship was Johnny Rocket’s, and the burger cost $4.95 and came with onion rings and French fries (ick, grease) so obviously I opted out of that.

It was all good though- I found plenty of other cool stuff to eat!

I don’t think Clay was too fond of the lunch either.  We got on the return tender back to the ship, and he ordered room service.  He got a steak sandwich and a cheesecake.  He loved the steak sandwich, and the cheesecake was really light. I had a sandwich and granola bar (yum!) from the Cafe Promenade.  I love those granola bars, but I took off one slice of bread and folded the sandwich in half- too much bread.

We were pretty hot from being on CocoCay all morning, so that afternoon, we went to the 3-D movie, How to Tame a Dragon.  The ship showed a couple of 3-D movies, and they also showed movies on the pool deck.  We don’t go to the movies often, especially not 3-D ones because they’re so expensive, but we really enjoyed this one.

After the movie, we went back to our room and cleaned up for dinner because it was formal night.

The dining room finally got our reservation straight, so we were able to enjoy dinner with Jason and Chrissy again, along with Tricia and Mike and Brandy and Mark, who we also met through the Cruise Critic site.  Joe and Mike, a father and son, were also at our table.  Joe just turned 21 so he really enjoyed himself and closed the bars down pretty much every night, haha.  Everyone really got along, and we loved our waiter Refik and bar server Ricardo, who sang and danced for us every night.

Tonight, I ate the potato curry and Clay had the escargot, shrimp cocktail, and something else.  We skipped out on dessert because we were getting full, and we headed to the honeymooner’s get together at the Crypt.

Now, a lesson in cruise ship “prizes”.  I “won” a necklace at the honeymooner’s get together.  When they announced the door prize, they described it as a diamond necklace.  Obviously I knew they weren’t going to give away something nice and expensive, but the prize was a necklace that looked like something from a dollar store.

I really hope none of the other honeymooners were jealous of me winning it, but I think we’ll give it to one of the kids that Clay’s mom keeps, lol.  I think they wanted to give away a cheap necklace so that the bride would throw a fit and make the groom buy her diamonds or something, haha.  It didn’t work.

Along with the prize giveaways, we slow danced a bit at the honeymooner’s get together, and we also took pictures of the cake and chocolate covered strawberries.  Neither of us ate either thing (I’m not a cake fan), and the line at the table was for people who were taking pictures by the cake rather than cutting a slice and eating it.

After the get together, we went downstairs to our little interior cabin to snuggle and get some rest before our busy day at sea the next day!

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12 Responses to Cruise Day 2: CocoCay

  1. lindsay says:

    the honeymooner party sounds pretty cool – nice of the ship to do. too bad about that necklace 😉

    i wish i always had self-control about greasy fried food… i shouldn’t eat it anyway b/c 99.9% of the time it’s fried in soybean oil (allergy) but sometimes… i give in. ugh. i know i feel better when i eat well yet i still give in sometimes.

    • proudpatriot07 says:

      It was a very nice party, and a great way to meet other honeymooners if you wanted to hang out and chill. If it’d been earlier in the day, we could’ve hung around more, but we were tired and didn’t really want to hang around in the bar anyway.

      I thought it was awesome for Royal Caribbean to do this and to have the cake and strawberries for us, despite my crappy prize. I don’t remember anything like this on my other cruises so I don’t know if other lines do it, but then again I wasn’t on my honeymoon then so probably wouldn’t have noticed much if they did .

      I can’t deal with fried foods very well anyway, as my tummy hates them… I had the pan fried tofu one night in the dining room and it was pretty good but I kept trying to soak the grease off the tofu, haha.

  2. Jodi says:

    Your trip looks amazing!!! I am sooo Jealous!

  3. AH! I went to Cococay on my cruise too. Maybe we went on a similar one!? Well obviously I’ll just continue to read. The windjammer buffet was my all time favorite place to eat ever. I could seriously eat all my meals there for ever and ever.

    • proudpatriot07 says:

      Yeah- I should post another cruise blog in the next day or so, had to write about running for today :). A lot of the Royal Caribbean cruises go to Cococay, we really can’t wait to go back there, really liked it!

      And you know the Windjammer was good if *I* liked it because I avoid buffets like the plague most of the time!

  4. That cake looked yummy!!!!!!! making me drool already! heehee.

  5. Linda Griffin says:

    So enjoying being along each day of your honeymoon!! Great Job!

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