Date Night <3

No, not these dates.  But they were involved too…

So, everyone always asks me how married life is lately, and the only answer I have to that is shrugging my shoulders.  Clay and I lived together for three months before getting married; we were engaged for almost a year, and we dated for over four years before he proposed. Not much has changed yet.

In fact, my last name hasn’t officially changed, as I’m not changing it pre-honeymoon.  I’m hyphenating my last name and I already have a two word first name (to those who call me as Amy Lauren) so once I change it, I’m going to have one big honkin’ signature ;).

With the threat of severe weather Saturday morning, I decided not to race this weekend and opted to laze around the house reading Cruise Critic, run on the treadmill, and do tons of laundry.  Of course, the much publicized severe weather came in the form of a 20 minute thundershower Saturday evening, but thankfully that was all we got because it was MUCH worse in other parts of this state.  I’m not in Kansas, but tornadoes?? EEK!

On Saturday night, Clay and I went to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Las Palmitas.  I’m no food blogger or food snob, and I’m not all about fine dining- Mexican is fast, filling, and cheap.  Plus we adore the family that owns Las Palmitas and love seeing them when we go there.

Las Palmitas is like the Cheers of Mexican restaurants- everyone knows your name.

(The above picture of us was taken at a wedding- we’re not quite klassy enough to dress up like that for Mexican food 🙂 ).

We also went to Sam’s Club because they had a special no-upcharge, no membership required weekend- I really am THIRFT to the T.

I love going into Sam’s Club so that I can eat my weight in free samples (which means stopping at each sample table) and feel incredibly small standing beside 300-serving cans of baked beans and packages of toilet paper that would TP every house in my dirty south rural hometown.

Oh and did I mention that Sam’s Club is a candy lover’s heaven?

As for the dates, Clay and I tried them for the first time after buying them in Sam’s Club.  Leave it to us to try a new food by purchasing an economy-sized package of something we don’t know if we’ll like.  They’re super yummy so I have a feeling they won’t last too long.

The Skittles and Cow Tails won’t either ;).

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5 Responses to Date Night <3

  1. I love eating my weight in free samples too. I don’t see the problem. I’m glad you and Mike go on dates and really still hang out if that makes sense. I’m sure it keeps your relationship so much more alive.

  2. Aw sounds like you had fun 🙂 i love that skittles box….

  3. Ash says:

    Hey thanks for your comment on my blog! So far, I’m lovin’ yours! I realized that we have the same initials (well, first and middle anyway) and my middle name is Lauren, too! Haha. And dates are amazing, I’m surprised it took me so long to try them, but oh well, I love them 🙂

  4. Looked like a lot of fun. I hope you guys get back to blogging soon!

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