Apartment Decor and Homemade Oreos!

On Saturday, my parents drove up and brought my dining room table.

It’s a hand-me-down table from my grandma, but I really love it.  I have lots of memories of the table and eating wonderful food there, such as tomatoes and grits for breakfast on weekend mornings and yummy Easter and Christmas dinners.

They also brought the bookshelves that belonged to my grandfather. Dr. Jack (I never knew him, so I’ve never called him grandpa) kept his veterinary books on them, but now they’re filled with programming and chemistry books.

So… I have my mom’s Christmas ornaments, Clay’s family’s Christmas tree, Clay’s grandma’s angels, my grandma’s table, and my grandpa’s bookshelves.  Sure, I could buy new stuff, but it wouldn’t be nearly as special or have as much character.

Saturday night, Clay and I- but mostly Clay- made vegetable soup and homemade grilled cheese sandwiches, and we ate at the new table. It was souper (bad joke, I know) yummy and I’ve eaten off of it all week.

It almost *never* snows here, but believe it or not, it does get pretty cold in the dirty south.

Considering the lows this week have been in the teens, it’s perfect for soup.

Then tonight, I baked cookies- homemade oreos. One of my 13 things to do before 30 is to learn how to cook- at least something. I’m never going to be the next Food Network star, or a chef, or one of those women who cooks large meals each night. Honestly, I’m perfectly content eating a bowl of cereal or PB&J sandwich for dinner. I followed this recipe, but instead of peppermint extract, I used vanilla extract, and I used a bit more vegetable oil.

The cookies weren’t too hard to make once I got the cake batter mixed (Note to self: Put hand mixer on wedding registry). Clay helped a lot by rolling out the dough into the cookies and helping mix the frosting.

Baking the cookies together was pretty fun :).

Of course, I wound up making an odd number, so we have this one “topless” cookie, haha.  Slightly risque but still tasty, right?

My cookies are currently chillin’ out in the fridge, but I’m pretty excited about taking them to my family’s annual Christmas barbecue tomorrow :). It’s my first time making homemade oreos, but I do remember a girl from high school who always made them for class parties, and she never had leftover to take home.

Here’s to hoping they taste as awesome as they look!

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6 Responses to Apartment Decor and Homemade Oreos!

  1. Your blog is adorable-I love the background. Anywho-I have a lot of old quilts and such from my grandma and I love them. I find them so much nicer than any other comforters and things you can buy these days.

    Those cookies look so yummy.

  2. lindsay says:

    ooh homemade oreos. baking anything is always good 🙂

    i love the “recycled”/hand-me-down furniture. it works just as well and is less wasteful (money and resources). (i’ve kind of become a bit “hippy” this year with a new concern for wastefulness of resources)

  3. dmcgirl37 says:

    Those look SOOO GOOD!!! I never thought to make a homemade oreo, how creative

    Dana xo

  4. Rebecca says:

    Hey, Amy! 🙂

    Mmmm… your entry looks very appetizing!

    First of all, that is a beautiful kitchen table! I love how it’s a hand-me-down because it makes it really special and precious with all the memories, you know? 🙂

    Those cookies look phenomenal!! Especially the homemade Oreos. Good job! Well, you’re a lot farther than me on learning to cook. I really should start helping out in the kitchen at home. I mean, I like cereal and lil’ sandwiches too, but I would like to know to make some meals myself. I guess what I really want to learn how to make is casseroles. hehe. 🙂

    I’m sure your cookies turned out fine.

    Thanks for another beautiful, inspiring entry! 😀

  5. Erica says:

    Great looking oreos you got there I’m sure theyll be a hit and I will gladly send my address to give them a test run for ya. 🙂 Love the dining room table.

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