The Meaning of Support

I work at an awesome company with an even more awesome group of people.

I know I say that often, and maybe it gets old sometimes, but I really believe in what we do and feel passionately about it. ACS Technologies develops, supports, and sells Church Management software, and unless you’ve ever worked at or been heavily involved in a church, you have absolutely no idea the vast amount of data churches track.

I work as a Technical Writer, and my job consists of writing and editing instruction manuals to help people track all that data. Believe it or not, someone wrote that instruction manual that sits shrink-wrapped in your bookcase- or in my case, a help file that resides somewhere on your hard drive.

But more important, my company helps churches, schools, and organizations accomplish ministry goals.

However, at ACS, helping and supporting doesn’t stop when we release a software update, send an e-mail newsletter, make a profitable sale, or hang up the phone after a support call.

Kenton White, who works in our Customer Support department, has a son who was born with a heart defect.  Kenton Jr., affectionately known as KJ, was placed on the organ transplant list, awaiting a new heart. On Sunday night, Kenton and his family got the call they had been waiting for.

A donor heart was ready for KJ.

Working at a company full of techies, many of us immediately facebooked, tweeted, texted, and e-mailed prayer requests and updates about KJ’s surgery and condition.

Through technology- the same technology we use each day to do our jobs- people all over the world were praying for KJ and his family. By the time most of us arrived at work Monday morning, we already knew that KJ would be in surgery at MUSC, getting his new heart.

Support doesn’t stop with technology, though.

On Monday morning, the Support department where Kenton works joined hands in prayer, praying for KJ, his family, the doctors and nurses, and the donor family. Many of us also prayed throughout the day and kept everyone in our thoughts.

In a world where political correctness prevails, on-the-job discussions about family life are discouraged, and companies where employees don’t speak to those in the cubicle next to them, some of us are blessed enough to work at awesome companies like ACS Technologies- the exception to this world.

At ACS, we don’t just support computer software. We support each other.

Currently, KJ is stable and recovering well, but has weeks and months of recovery to go, so please continue to remember the White family in your thoughts and prayers.

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7 Responses to The Meaning of Support

  1. Lisa Newell says:

    That’s an awesome blog! It’s nice to see others love this company as much as I do. Great job at writing this! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Hey, Amy!

    I’m glad that you enjoy your job…well, MORE than enjoy it. I’m pleased to know that your career as a Technical Writer has become a huge part of your life, and also part of who you are as a person. 🙂

    I’m proud of you, and I’m proud of how you have developed a strong bond with the people you work with. I like how you mentioned how you all support each other and not just what you’re working toward.

    I will remember the White family throughout the Christmas season in my thoughts and prayers.


  3. zenlizzie says:

    I never realized thats what you guys did at ACS. And, a supportive work environment can make the difference in so many ways.
    The story of KJ is very touching and I’m so happy to hear that he is doing well after his surgery. Thanks for telling this story 🙂

  4. Bella says:

    Wow, it sounds like your workplace is a huge blessing! Hope your friend has a speedy recovery!

  5. Tori says:

    I actually appreciate instruction manuals very much! I’d be lost without them so I be sure to keep up with them! I wish everyone was as passionate about their jobs as you are. Heck, I hope to be as passionate with whatever I end up doing. And it wouldn’t hurt to be good at it! Hahaa!

    ❤ Tori

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