30 Days of Thanks: My fiance’s mad sandwich making skills

I’ll keep today’s 30 Days of Thanks entry short and sweet, since I’m running a 10K this morning (at 9:00 AM, in 40 degree weather, EEK!).

I went to visit my fabulous fiance, Clay, yesterday after work. We wanted to spend some time together since he is busy working and going to school all week, and it was nice to relax with the race tomorrow.

I came over hungry, thirsty, and nervous, and what did my fiance surprise me with but a tomato sandwich.

This isn't the actual sandwich, but a picture I found online that looks remarkably similar

Tomato sandwiches are a southern delicacy of simple goodness- sliced tomato between two slices of wheat bread, salt and pepper, and mayo (preferably Dukes brand), cut diagonally. Don’t eat one if you’re wearing a white shirt, because the juiciness and ‘drippiness’ of the tomato makes it such a good sandwich.  To bring out flavor, serve the sandwich with other southern delicacies such as boiled peanuts and sugar with a little tea mixed in.

Tomato sandwiches are best enjoyed toward the end of the summer months, but since this is South Carolina and we have wonky weather, I’d say they’re best right after the humidity dies down from the usual 5637385%.

Of course, good food is a reflection of the awesome people who prepare it, and there’s one cook who I’ll *always* kiss.

And on Day 6, I’m thankful for him and his mad tomato sandwich making skills.

He also makes a mean banana pudding.

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One Response to 30 Days of Thanks: My fiance’s mad sandwich making skills

  1. lindsay says:

    mmm banana pudding.

    LOL about the sugar w/ a little tea mixed in! that is so how it’s made too haha.

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