30 Days of Thanks: My fellow dorkumentation geniuses!

I really do work with nice people.

I can’t say that I always say hi to them every morning, or have a meaningful conversation with each of them every day (which was one of my workplace goals when I first started here and had a much more extroverted personality AND much more time of my hands)… but my coworkers are all pretty cool people.

Nope, doesn't work here!

I work as a technical writer dorkumentation extraordinaire for a software company. We had a training class for three days at work this week, where we ate lots of candy, participated in crazy weird team-building activities involving spaghetti, marshmallows, tape, and string, and learned how to do manual labor write effective documentation.

Today, our whole department went out to lunch at Redbone Alley. One of our Senior Writers Chief Dorkumentation Divas lives in Virginia and works remotely, so it’s not like *all* of us are together very often to just ‘do lunch’. We had a great lunch, and when we left the restaurant, everyone still liked everyone else.

You know, no Jerry Springer fist pumps or flying chairs.

We're super swamped sometimes, but we don't manage stress like this.

Sometimes I’m really amazed at the childish drama that goes on in the professional world.  I’ve known other workplaces where, during meetings, someone in the meeting had to hold another person back to keep them from slugging a “team member”.  Some “professionals” lash out in board rooms, make personal attacks on coworkers, refuse to work on projects with certain team members for whatever reason, or just randomly break out into fist fights while sorting mail.

At some jobs, it happens.  And I’m thankful we’re not a part of it.

So, on Day 4… I’m thankful for my awesome coworkers who (usually) don’t want to kill each other.

We can attend training classes for 3 days and still all be on speaking terms . Sure, we’re not all best friends, but we all get along, we’re great writers, and we produce some kickin’ dorkumentation documentation.

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