30 Days of Thanks- The Right to Vote

November 2, 2010: Today, I’m thankful for the right to vote.

In spite of the numerous campaign signs that line the roads, the candidates who’ve left voice recorded messages on my phone (Candidates: if you read this… I’m much more likely to vote for you if I get to talk to a human, even if it is a college student who’s volunteering.  I’ve been there, done that), and negative TV ads, I’m thankful for the right to vote, and those who defended (and are defending) that right for me.

I’m thankful that all of us over 18 can vote, regardless of gender or color.  Over 200 years ago, during the first elections, voting was reserved for white, land-owning males.  Now, thanks to suffrage and the civil rights movement, we can all have a say in who leads our country.  The electoral system isn’t perfect, but it sure beats other countries that don’t have one at all.

Did you vote today?  I voted absentee last week!

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