Camp RAE 5K Race

So, last year I ran the inaugural Camp RAE 5K here in town (you can read about it here), and when I found out that they were having another 5K race, I couldn’t wait to sign up again.  I had fun last year, and I think it would be cool to do a race from the very beginning and then do it for many years straight. Not to mention it’s an easy course that I know, and after 3 people got lost on the course at the last race I did, I guess knowing your way around is important.

Camp RAE hosts a camp for children who have many disabilities and special needs.  Some parents of special needs kids started the camp in 2009 because their children got lots of education and interaction in school, but not during the summer months.  At the camp, the kids get to make crafts, exercise, go to the Splash pad, and do all the other fun day camp activities.

One of the best things about doing this race last year was that a few months later when the camp was held, they posted pictures and recaps online.  It was cool seeing the camp’s vision in October 2009 become a reality in the summer of 2010 and knowing that I contributed to that by running the 5K.

The race is a really easy 5K- course wise, it’s the easiest 5k race I’ve ever done.  There are no hills, the entire course is paved, and you basically run down in a circle twice, then cross the finish.  It’s a lot easier to run fast when you don’t have to worry about big honkin’ humongous hills or tripping over roots.  It was a little chilly this year, but you definitely couldn’t tell once you started running.  Thanks to the easy course, good weather, and taking two days off from running, I finished in… 28:26.

Yup.  That’s a minute faster than my last 5k, and it’s the fastest 5k race I’ve done so far (a 9:10/mile pace).  I was super proud to finish that fast.  Me, this little boy about 9-10 years old, and Becky (who’s a fitness instructor at the gym I go to) ran it pretty closet together for most of the race- except the little boy would sprint, walk, sprint, and walk… so we’d all keep passing one another, haha.  I broke out into a killer sprint at the end though!

I was so happy about my finish that I immediately hit up the bounce house! The kids there were just standing around- leave it to a 25-year-old college educated, working professional, to actually get in and jump!

I also got passed by a pregnant lady running with a stroller, so whatever place I finished, I guess  two additional people beat me and everyone else she passed, counting the kid in the stroller and the baby bump :).  It was kinda cool though- I bet that kid in the stroller LOVED that fast ride!

Anyway, I had tons of fun doing the race this year!  Thanks to Facebook promotion, a lot more people ran, including some of my friends from work (Sam), the Run FloRUNce Run running club (Debbie), and the gym (Chad, Becky).  And of course, I can’t forget Nick and Kent who came out to watch, take pics, and cheer.  We all had a great time.

My coworker Sam and I

Definitely going to do this one again next year and hopefully beat that time!

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6 Responses to Camp RAE 5K Race

  1. Lindsay says:

    The PR’s just keep on coming! Nice! Love the bounce house pic haha.

  2. zenlizzie says:

    omg @ the lady with the stroller!

    Sounds like a fun race for a good cause, and that is really fabulous about your time!

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