Weekend Recap: Arthritis Foundation 5K, Wedding Stuff

So, the story behind the Arthritis Foundation 5k actually starts a few months ago.  A lot of my coworkers and friends had signed up to do the USMC Mud Run, which I wasn’t (medically) allowed to do.  I wished all my Mud Runners the best, and a few weeks later, the brochure for the Arthritis Foundation 5K popped up at my gym.

I took the brochure, held onto it for a little while, and ironically noticed that the race was on the same day as the Mud Run.  I kept running and working out and all that good stuff, thinking that it would be a nice race to do because it’s in town and benefits a great cause.  Plus, I wouldn’t feel all left out if I did a race that day.

Fast forward to last Monday (Sept. 13).  I went back to the doctor for more bloodwork.  I have to have blood drawn every 2-3 months to make sure that my iron supplements are working and that my blood counts are still going up.  Fortunately, most of my numbers were closer to the normal range, and my doctor (who smiles when she hears that I run and work out five times a week) said that it would be fine for me to do a couple of 5Ks this Fall.

Hooray for my blood giving me the thumbs up to race!

In celebration of this news, I ran three miles that afternoon and filled out the race entry form.

Saturday morning, I got up bright and early to run.  I walked around the house some, stretched, ate a nice little breakfast of peanut butter, raisins, and bananas on a deli flat (this is a common pre-run snack for me), and drove the five or so miles to the race.  I had a lot of energy because tons of my friends were doing races that morning (my friend Terence did the Freedom Florence 5K, Laura did a 10K in Augusta, and of course, tons of my coworkers and friends did the Mud Run).

Even though we were all doing different races, it still felt good to be a part of the collective group who ran some race that morning :).

Once I got to the race, I noticed that something was missing.  That something was well… people.  Only 9 people ran this 5K.  That’s extremely small, but I kinda liked it because everyone talked before and after the race and kinda cheered each other on.  I’ve gone to bigger races where I didn’t really know anyone there and felt very alone, but ironically, I didn’t feel alone at this super small race.

I placed first in my age group, but since all 9 of us were different ages/genders, I think we all did…

The course was one that I’ve ran probably a hundred times, because it’s right outside my gym.  So of course, I expected a good time, and I got it.

5K Time- 29:29 (9:30 mile pace).

This was the first race where I ran a 5K in under 30 minutes.  I was super happy!!  Part of the race was through the woods (I usually run on paved surfaces), and the heat and humidity were insane even at 8:30.  I even ran that pace while taking a few walk breaks.

After the race ended, I went home, showered and got cleaned up (One plus about not being able to do the Mud Run: One post-race shower sufficed!).  My parents came by and we went out for a post-race lunch at Cici’s.

My Mommy and I at Cici’s Pizza.

We had a nice lunch and my parents told me all about their recent road trip out West.  It was nice to spend time with them, and of course, always nice to have parents treat you to lunch.

The guy serving the pizza gave me 4 slices of spinach. Guess he wanted to make sure I got my iron for the day, haha.

That afternoon, Clay and I went with his parents to Outback, where I enjoyed some awesome shrimp pasta and we talked a lot about wedding details.  I’m pretty glad his mom seems to know what she’s doing with weddings, since I certainly don’t.  We pretty much have the guest list set, and she’s doing a couple of showers too.

Not to mention, she (and everyone else) loves my choice of a very non-traditional wedding dress. 

Here’s to hoping everyone else had a great and restful weekend before another busy work week starts!

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5 Responses to Weekend Recap: Arthritis Foundation 5K, Wedding Stuff

  1. jamie says:

    Saw your note on my blog about the virtual race. You just need to run a 10K on your own, a true 10K race or part of a longer race (ahalf or full marathon). Take pics and blog about it. Then send me the link. Easy peasy. fun! 🙂

  2. Rebecca says:

    Wow! Good job on running the race within a half hour! That’s amazing. It takes me about a half hour to walk/run 2 miles on a treadmill, so I give you kudos for that. 🙂

    You and your mom look lovely at Cici’s.

    Your wedding dress looks pretty! Too bad that wouldn’t fit me though. I don’t have the body type for it. 😦

    Yeah, I want an old-fashioned dress. I like the traditional wedding dress, yet I want mine to be more old-fashioned. In fact, some of the dresses out there look more like prom dresses. I like yours better than those. 🙂

  3. tiffany says:

    i love the flower strap on the dress…very classy….make sure u wear some non-rainbow platform shoes though 🙂

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