#8: Shrimp-in-Love Pasta

I started eating shrimp about two months ago.

Shrimp and sushi are the closest I come to eating meat.  Granted, those foods are technically meat, so I suppose I’m no longer a vegetarian.  I hope this doesn’t mean I have to give up my cute vegetarian t-shirt.  You know, the one that has the dancing vegetables on it (I don’t know why they’re dancing when they’re so yummy I could eat them right up).

For a short period of time (like a month), I hopped off the veggie bandwagon, but I quickly raced back to it (good thing I’m a runner).  I really just don’t care for meat, and if I ever start eating it again, I can’t see myself eating it every day like so many people do.  However, to get some iron and to add flexibility to my diet, I now eat seafood maybe once a week.

See... even cartoons can be vegetarian!

So, a few weeks ago, I decided to try my hand at cooking shrimp.  I cooked it with Clay a few times over at his place- we made shrimp curry a few weeks ago, which was really yummy.  It’s kinda odd to cook a food that you just really started eating, but I gave it a shot, and it was yummy.  I found an awesome recipe for Shrimp-in-Love pasta and decided to make it.

I started with shrimp...

... and Fresh Tomato. I love that tomatoes are in season- so yummy!

And, with cream cheese and spinach- I got this.... Shrimp in Love sauce!

The pasta was quite yummy :).  Even though the recipe made two servings, I couldn’t eat it all myself.

The final product =). As you can tell, I love my star-shaped bowls!

I didn’t have anyone to share it with, so I took the leftovers with me to work the next day (I did eat all of the shrimp out of it that evening).  It was pretty good reheated, too.

Me with the pasta. Another post-run pic. It seems like every time I run, I wind up cooking that night, haha.

So- I’m just glad that I can cook *something* now.  I made another lasagna on Monday night- and it was totally awesome.  I’m still finishing up the leftovers, but it’s really great reheated at work for my lunch.  Sure, I’m not master chef, or even an experienced cook- but it does feel awesome to eat something home-cooked, that *you* cooked :).

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3 Responses to #8: Shrimp-in-Love Pasta

  1. Lindsay says:

    Lol I can’t cook either… I want to learn/practice, but I’m too lazy when I’m actually home.

    Looks delicious! I can’t have shellfish but the sauce looks good.

  2. zenlizzie says:

    I never really thought about cooking as something I could be good at until this last year, and now I really love it and get excited about sharing stuff with people.
    I usually eat vegetarian foods at home, except on the odd occasion that I am craving meat and then I’ll usually have turkey or something, not very meaty. When I eat at restaurants or people’s houses, I’m more flexible because that works the best for me. If they have a veggie option that isn’t totally awful, then I’ll usually get that. The world needs more veggie options at restaurants. Or maybe just the South needs that. 🙂

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