Friday 5Ks, Financial Peace, and Finding a Remedy for Crooked Ears

So, after a week-long hiatus from running (being sick sucks!), I managed to run twice this week- two 5Ks for the Friday 5K Challenge.  I even ran outside for awhile on Sunday morning.  Granted it had just rained the night before and was very cool and nice outside, otherwise I wouldn’t have ran outside.  I saw a few others on the trail too, but fortunately- no snakes.

Sunday (Outdoor) 5K Time: Roughly 35 minutes.

I don’t have a fancy watch to track it, so I kinda just guess by the clock in the car.  Accurate, huh?

Wednesday (Treadmill) 5K Time: 29:11 (9:24 pace).

Once again, I’m proud that I did it in under 30!

In culinary news, I made a new shrimp pasta dish last week.  I haven’t cooked anything this week because I’ve been too busy at work to randomly google recipes lazy, but I went grocery shopping today and I plan to cook next week and eat in the break room with everyone else who’s doing Financial Peace University and trying to save some moo-lah.  I ate in there the other day, and seriously- over half of the people eating in there that day are in the class.

Hey, eating in the breakroom isn’t glamorous, but having an emergency fund and paying off debt is pretty cool.  And of course, the other FPUers are eating at their desks or driving to their homes nearby and eating, right?

I also got contact lenses last Thursday.

After some persuasion from my Mommy and others, I made an eye doctor appointment.  The optometrist is the only doctor’s visit I don’t hate, because there’s no drilling, blood drawing, awkward ‘gowns’, or other extremely gross stuff.  I decided to pay the extra money for the contact lens exam- why not at least try them out and see how it goes?  If I can’t wear them for some reason, at least I’ll know that I tried.  Plus I always have glasses as a backup.

Well, after a week (and several nights of spending 15+ minutes trying to get them out), I have to say…

I really love contacts.

So here’s what’s so awesome about wearing contacts so far:

  • After a week, I can now successfully insert and remove them in 3 or fewer tries.
  • Running is even better because the sweat just goes all the way down my face now instead of fogging up my glasses.
  • I have peripheral vision again!
  • End-of-Season Sale racks of sunglasses have never been so appealing.
  • I can miss every shot while attempting to shoot hoops with friends play basketball and not worry about getting hit in the face with the ball and my glasses turning into contact lenses.
  • My glasses that were always crooked?  It wasn’t the glasses, folks.  Now nobody has to know the big secret that my ears are crooked.  *Shhhh….*

… And I’m sure that list will grow.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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5 Responses to Friday 5Ks, Financial Peace, and Finding a Remedy for Crooked Ears

  1. zenlizzie says:

    hahah it took me about three years of attempting contacts before I finally got used to wearing them. Coincidentally, it coincided with starting to drive and not wanting to miss out on wearing sunglasses. I don’t know how you’ve been running all this time in glasses! I hate working out in glasses, and I’m sure running would just make it easier for me to drop/step on them.

  2. lindsay says:

    i had glasses when i was in elem/middle school so… i was soooo ready for contacts! i remember at the end of the appointment they had a ‘class’ for learning how to put your contacts in. i’m still confused as to how there were a handful of people there at the same time for the class…

    i hear you on the eloping… i suggested it too! haha. my guy mostly reminded me how my parents would not be too happy with that idea, but claims he would have done it if i wanted to. but in the end, the wedding day was soo much fun and i’m glad we did it that way. the important part is doing what YOU (and your guy) want, and not feeling like you have to live up to any expectations/preconceptions. well, you do have to give in here and there to your parents but just remind yourself the things they want are not a big deal. (ie: i wanted a rice krispy treat cake but my dad wanted real cake)

    anyway, not sure if you know of this site but you can get a lot of good ideas and motivation/inspiration from!

  3. i didn’t think i could handle contacts, but they really were great once i used them… of course now i don’t bother with glasses or contacts so i just hope i’m not missing much

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