The Friday 5K- Week 3 (*and* more cooking)

Despite being swamped at work, having a eye doctor appointment, being too tired to roll out of bed one afternoon, and everything else, I managed to pull off one run this week, on Sunday.  I didn’t run through sprinklers or do anything cool after my run.  I didn’t take a post-workout picture, although the picture of me below is technically after my workout.  I just… ran.

5K Time: 30:06.  9:42/mile pace.

I’m still hovering at the 30 minute time.  I’ve broken it once, and I hope to break it again, on a day when I feel 100%.

It’s been a pretty hectic week.  Besides that, I haven’t felt well.  Sometimes the best laid plans go astray, and while I intended to run on Wednesday evening… I wound up falling asleep that afternoon and barely being able to function that evening.  I was tired, pale, weak, and had a headache.  I missed my medicine/iron supplement and well… it was pretty obvious.  Let’s just say, I’ll remember next time.  I *have* to be faithful with taking them.

I was pretty happy after my Sunday 5K, and since it was Sunday and I had some free time, I came home and made Spinach and Cream Cheese lasagna.


This is the lasagna before I put it in the oven.

I’m trying to learn how to cook a few dishes, and the recipe sounded really yummy.

Finished product

It made the whole apartment smell AWESOME!!

I love lasagnas and pasta, and the spinach was a great touch because I obviously need the iron and nutrients.

Me with my creation.

Check out the awesome Hello Kitty toaster and my retro checkered blender cover! Actually the entire blender is retro, as it was my grandma's.

The lasagna turned out great!  I had leftovers for lunch on Monday and Tuesday, and it was still tasty!  I’ll definitely be making it again, and next time I’ll spray the pan so that it isn’t so hard to clean.  This whole learning to cook thing isn’t so bad after all.

Here’s to hoping for a fun-filled yet restful weekend, and hopefully another run soon!

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3 Responses to The Friday 5K- Week 3 (*and* more cooking)

  1. zenlizzie says:

    That lasagna looks really good! I keep looking for new ways to enjoy cheese and pasta, so I’m always happy to find those recipes 🙂 And I can’t imagine what it is like having to deal with anemia. Running is hard enough without having a lot of extra obstacles, so you should be really proud of sticking with it.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Wow, you are awesome for getting that run in despite your crazy week. I can’t imagine having anemia, especially if I was a runner. That lasagna looks SO good and healthy! xoxo

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