Something to smile about =)

So, today I did something that I haven’t done in a very long time.  Something that had been heavy on my mind and worrying me for the last month, but something that I love, nonetheless…

I ran a mile and a half.

Yep, a mile and a half.  A far cry from the 6.2 miles I ran three months ago, but still a run.

After receiving my blood test results, my doctor cleared me to run yesterday afternoon.  My results weren’t perfect- I didn’t expect them to be.  However, I’ve been upgraded to being “moderately” anemic, instead of severe.  My hemoglobin (iron) level is up from a 7.3 to a 9.1 in only 30 days, with supplements and diet and lifestyle changes.  Granted, the normal hemoglobin level for a 24 year old female is at least 11.5, so I still have a ways to go, but I’m getting there.  I didn’t become anemic overnight, so I’m not going to recover overnight, or in a month.

Here’s a hemoglobin protein. The red and blue represents the alpha and beta subunits, and the green represents the heme subunits. I just thought it looked cool, even patriotic for the upcoming July 4th holiday :).

Of course, after the doctor said the magical words yesterday, I wanted to go out and run immediately.  However, I held off until today because I’d already lifted yesterday and I had Financial Peace University class that night.

I went to work this morning pretty happy, having a run to look forward to this afternoon.  Some of my coworkers even said that I was really smiley and happy today.  Still- I had no clue how far or fast I could go after over a month of not running.  Not to mention, I’m still not “well”, so I don’t want to push it and feel sick again.

After work, I laced up my shoes and hit the track.  But before I even started, I sat down outside on the bench and prayed.  I have a lot to thank God for- my improving health, my supportive friends, family, and coworkers, and even being able to run at all.  Of course, I also asked God to keep me safe, help me feel good about myself- just for getting out there and even trying to run, and to continue sending His healing vibes down.

After that prayer, I set off for a mile and a half, in around 20 minutes.  I didn’t officially time it, because I didn’t want any added pressure- but it was a good 20 minutes.

When I was done, I drank a bottle of water (gotta stay hydrated!) and this:

Picture 002

Smoothie! Oh, and check out my old school phone!

It wasn’t a race or a personal record.  I didn’t finish first in my age group.  I didn’t get a medal or a ribbon or a prize- but for me, that mile and a half was a victory.

… And I haven’t stopped smiling since.

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2 Responses to Something to smile about =)

  1. lindsay says:

    congrats and welcome back!! you definitely earned that smoothie – love the cup.

  2. zenlizzie says:

    Thats great!! I have to admit, I thought at first the hemoglobin model was like, celebration clip art or something. lol. Being healthy is one of those things I need to constantly remind myself to be grateful for. Not being able to do something you love for a little while is good in that way, I guess, because it makes it even better when you are able to. Glad you’re feeling better 🙂

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