Cruise Recap- Carnival Fantasy (Day 5- Key West)

So, I’ll preface this blog by letting you guys know that Clay and I booked this cruise mainly for the Key West port.  We’ve already been to Nassau and knew next to nothing about Freeport (except that we hadn’t been there so we figured it’d be nice to go somewhere new).

Anyway- we woke up that morning in Key West, and we took TONS of pictures while in port.  We didn’t do any excursion- just walked all over the island.  Sometimes excursions and plans are fun, but sometimes you have the most fun when you’re just random, so that’s what we did.

Key West in the morning

We got off the boat, and the first thing we did was shop.  In fact, we went into a lot of stores.  I would say that I bought a lot in Key West, but I really didn’t.  I bought a t-shirt for my mom, and a necklace and pair of earrings for myself.  My fabulous fiancé, on the other hand… bought several t-shirts for people back home, new swim trunks, etc.  We did save most of our shopping and spending for this port, though.  There were a lot of nice stores on the island, and we went into TONS of stores just to cool off from the heat.

This sign was a few days old, but it felt WAY hotter than 86. It felt like SC in August.

After we left the stores, we walked around a little bit and took pictures of the statues.  There are tons of awesome statues when you get off the boat.  Some of the pics I won’t post in here because they were ummm… revealing, but all the statues were really cool and fun.

I thought this one was sweet!

Then, we went to the Key West Toy Factory.  It was in a mall or shopping center of some sort, you just walked upstairs and there was a huge toy store.  Of course, Clay and I are overgrown kids (well, he’s an overgrown kid; I’m still kid-sized), so we really enjoyed this.  The coolest thing was that the entrance to the Key West Toy Factory was designed like a rain forest and the inside of the store had a huge pirate ship.

Us 🙂

They had tons of pirate themed toys, too!

Sword fight!

The store also had some interesting books too.

I contemplated...

Across from the toy store, there was a little museum/exhibit that had all sorts of weird stuff like this…

I don't know if this is truly the 'skin' or just a gimick, but it was really creepy!

We left that shopping center and journeyed up Duval Street.  There were tons of stores, restaurants, bars, and of course, people walking around.  It was getting crazy hot though.  Since Clay and I like local restaurants, we decided that’s what we’d do while in Key West.

We stopped here for a drink at around noon. The sign that advertised AIR CONDITIONING was an awesome sales pitch!

It kinda gets to us when we see people spend tons of money at places like Margaritaville or Senor Frogs (both of which we have in Myrtle Beach- so why would we go there while on vacation?).  You can have much better food/drinks and get better service and meet cool people at local places so we like those.

I had a mudslide and he had a margarita. Both drinks, with generous tip, were under $15 and the bartender was really nice and talkative.

After we left the Grand Cafe, we continued our journey down Duval Street.  We decided we’d go to the end of the street to the Southernmost Point because the bartender told us where that was.  But, we took some pictures on the way:

... and a big pink taxi took my girl away...

If this church is an ACS client, I vote to go on ANY onsite visit.

In Key West, hot and cold water are considered premium amenities...

There was a huge BP Backlash on the island.

We took a picture with this crazy old man!

Jet skis, Grand Slams, and Cigars all under one roof!

As we got closer to the Southernmost point, we saw that apparently there was a big competition to be the Southernmost anything…

The Southernmost Hotel

The "First" Southernmost House

See the irony... and the embarrassing sweat on my shirt.

Once we finally reached the Southernmost point, the line to take pictures beside it was really long, and we were really hot, so we just took pictures of other people taking pictures beside it, haha.

The Southernmost Point

When we left the Southernmost point, we walked back up Duval Street because it was about time for lunch.  We decided to go back to the Grand Cafe for lunch because the prices were reasonable, we liked the atmosphere, and we saw some good dishes on the menu.

He had a burger with and fries

I had a panini and salad

Afterwards, we went back to the shopping center, and Clay got ice cream for dessert, while I got a piece of chocolate covered key lime pie on a stick.

It was awesome 🙂

After we finished those awesome desserts, we went into a few more stores and then got back on the ship. There wasn’t a whole lot going on on the ship that day (I think Carnival realizes that everyone gets off the ship in Key West!), so basically we just showered and then chilled out until dinner.

Dinner that night was another formal night, which I thought was kinda weird. First off, everyone gets off the ship in Key West, and we were in port until like 4:30. We didn’t dress up quite as much and we didn’t see anyone else very dressed up either.

But we still looked cute 🙂

I did the crazy dances with the servers too! Some of the songs they danced to are songs I danced to in Zumba. I offered to teach our server some dances, haha

For dinner that night, I ate some sort of vegetarian pot pie they had, which was really good.  I don’t remember what Clay had as an entrée, but I remember he had escargot, which he tried on his last cruise and actually liked.  He said it tasted like mushrooms and offered to let me taste.  It was a nice gesture, but you don’t exactly go from being a strict vegetarian one week to eating snails the next (I will say they did have some good seafood on the boat, though).

After dinner, I checked out our new towel animal. No clue what it was, but it was cute.

No clue what it was, but it was cute.

There was a comedy show that night, but we decided not to go since we were so wiped out.  We went back to our room and Clay read and I fell asleep pretty quickly.

I guess that’s what happens when you walk and sweat all day long, but Key West was definitely awesome!  I really want to go back- and if I don’t get to go back on another cruise, I want to just go to Key West and stay there for a few days.  Seriously- it was that awesome :).

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  1. Tricia says:

    looks like a pelican to me 🙂

    great pics, I love key west!

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