Cruise Recap: Carnival Fantasy (Day 4- Freeport)

Hey everyone! I’m back with my Day 4 vacation blog. On Day 4, we were in Freeport, Grand Bahama.

Picture 120

So, Clay and I woke up early on Day 4, since we were in Freeport and we had booked a Sea Safari Snorkeling Excursion with Pat & Diane tours (as you see, we don’t really book ship excursions- they cost more too).

Clay really likes snorkeling and I wanted to give it a try.  Plus, the snorkeling boat that they take you out on has a waterslide and a rock climbing wall, which I thought was pretty cool.  Got up early and went to the dining room for breakfast, where I ate an Eggs Benedict without the meat (they give you two, I ate one) and a piece of French toast.  Pretty yummy- but I love dining room breakfast!

I had all my papers ready for the snorkeling excursion, which, according to those papers, began at 10:30.  We got off the boat at around 9:45 and waited at the meeting place.  We waited.  And waited.

Picture 125

One thing about Freeport is that the Port of Freeport is located about 15-20 minutes away from the actual city.  So, any excursion, tour, etc… basically if you want to do ANYTHING, you have to take a taxi or bus to Port Lucaya.  Fortunately, there are buses and cabs lined up at the port to take you, so there’s no trouble there.

Finally, after waiting about 30 minutes, we showed the confirmation papers to a guy who worked with excursions, who then called a lady on his cell phone.

Picture 127

So, a lady from the Pat and Diane tours comes up to us, looks at our papers, and tells us we’ve missed our snorkeling tour.  Apparently the snorkeling boat LEFT at 10:30, but we were supposed to MEET at 9:30.  Of course, I put money down on the tour, and I’m pretty upset, thinking I’m going to get charged- but she tells me that since the confirmation papers didn’t say anything about 9:30, we wouldn’t get charged.  Then, she calls the snorkeling boat to let them know we won’t be coming, and they said that if we got on the next bus to the pier, they’d hold the boat for us.  Talk about awesome service from Pat and Diane’s tour company!

Picture 146

So we were pretty much hustled onto a bus to Port Lucaya, where we got off the bus and the tour guide was waiting for us telling us to run to the boat.  It was funny, because the tour guide actually asked me (as I ran in 3 inch platform flip flops) if I ran 10Ks and I told him yes.  Pretty funny stuff, but we made the tour and got on the boat just in time.

Picture 129

Picture 130

Oh, and did I mention that we were hustled off so fast, I didn’t even get to pay the bus driver?  I didn’t even think about how I forgot to pay until I was actually ON the snorkeling boat, haha.

Picture 131

I liked snorkeling.  It was a little hard to get used to breathing underwater at first, but once I got the hang of it, it was cool to see all the fish and the reefs.  You could see everything REALLY, REALLY, well too.  The water was awesome.  Clay and I took a waterproof disposable camera, and we took tons of pictures.  It was pretty cool, and the tour gave us a long time to snorkel too.  I would guess we were out there for over an hour.

Picture 132

After he was tired of snorkeling, Clay went down the waterslide.  I wasn’t really into going down the waterslide, probably since I went down the slide so much on the cruise ship, but I was into the rock climbing wall, so on our journey back to the pier, I decided to do the rock climbing wall.

Picture 135

I got pretty far up the wall, but since I didn’t get to the top, I want to go to another rock climbing wall to see how high I can get!  We have one in town but it looks a little harder; I still want to try it out though!

On the way back, I took some pictures of Freeport.

Picture 143

Picture 141

Then once we got back, we had to take token “tourist” pictures by the welcome sign, haha.

Picture 148

Picture 149

We took a taxi back to the ship, which was another adventure.  The air conditioner in our taxi (it was like a big van) went out, and we thought it was going to break down completely.  The driver actually had to pull over to the side of the road and we had to open all the windows.  It would barely go.  I was scared we’d wind up like the family in the movie Little Miss Sunshine where they all have to push the van off and jump in!

Once we boarded the ship, Clay and I went to the Lido deck buffet to eat.  I nibbled at some red beans and rice and then finally just settled with fruit and a dessert (I will say the buffet had good desserts… not that I’ve ever had any bad chocolate, but anyway).  At 4:00, we headed to the Past Guest party, where we both enjoyed a FREE drink and hors d’oeuvres, and right after the past guest party, we ate at the sushi bar.  The sushi was awesome that night and I was glad because I was pretty hungry!

Picture 155

Picture 156

After relaxing for a bit, we went to dinner, as usual, where I had a pasta appetizer (By the way, ALL of the pastas I had on the boat were great!), a mixed green salad, and the veggie lasagna, which was just okay.  But, my dessert totally made up for the lasagna…

Picture 164

Picture 161

Clay left dinner a bit early to go play bingo.  It was the wipeout bingo, where they clear your Sail & Sign card if you win, and once again, no good luck there.  I went back to our room to find our towel animal for the night.

Picture 167

And that was pretty much it for Freeport.  Our day started out rocky with almost missing our tour, but we ended up having a pretty good time.  I liked Freeport itself, but I didn’t really like having to take a bus or taxi to do anything.  It’s definitely a lot more industrial than Nassau, too.  There’s a beach there and a marketplace, if you want something to do without doing an excursion, but if I go back there, I’ll probably do another excursion, most likely with the same tour company.

I’ll also note that when I returned home and looked at my e-mail, I saw that the confirmation e-mail did list a meeting time of 9:30- just that my printout from the Web site did not.  So, our tardiness for the tour was not the company’s fault or our fault- just miscommunication.  I would definitely recommend the snorkeling tour- just make sure to be there at 9:30!!

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One Response to Cruise Recap: Carnival Fantasy (Day 4- Freeport)

  1. Lindsay says:

    Well at least everything worked out and the people were all helpful! I am really craving some beach action now… Thanks a lot! 😉

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