Thankful Thursday

So, I decided I’d do a Thankful Thursday entry because I have some new pics to post, and I wanted to write about something other than my cruise.  Oh, and computer software and check scanners.  I write about that too, from time to time, ya know?

I’ve had a very busy week since coming back from vacation!  On Monday, I had a busy day at work, obviously catching up on everything I missed from being out a week, plus from being too sick to really function at work the week before.

On Tuesday, we had our first Financial Peace University class.  I’ll write more about Financial Peace University class later, but basically I will be spending every Tuesday night this summer in a two hour class learning about finances and budgeting.  It’s pretty cool so far though; the class is really laid back and fun.

On Wednesday, I had a pretty busy day at work with meetings and Jamie being out sick (hoping Jamie feels better), plus craziness from not having caffeine.  If you didn’t know, caffeine inhibits iron absorption so I am inhibiting my intake of it to one caffeinated drink a week.

For today’s Thankful Thursday, those of you who I’m thankful for are getting called out by name.  You can thank me later.

1.) My fabulous fiancé, Clay. I seriously love so much about my fiancé.  I’m so lucky to have found a good guy like him.  He’s been super supportive during this whole sickness fiasco by helping me find new foods to try, constantly telling me I’m beautiful, and even noticing whenever I missed my multivitamin on the cruise (oops).  He is also doing Financial Peace with me and he’s really enthused about it. Hopefully the class will help our future marriage.

2.) My mom and dad, Cheryl and Jack. During the financial peace class, I realized just how thankful I was that my parents taught me about money early on.  I’m so thankful that my dad bought me a gently used car instead of encouraging me to get the car I really wanted, resulting in a car payment.  I’m glad my dad helped me get a job at 16 so I could go ahead and start earning money instead of just depending on my parents.

I’m thankful my mom encouraged me to open CD’s with my leftover college fund money, so that it can be in the bank earning something instead of me blowing it.  I’m also glad my mom taught me about getting coupons, bargains, and sales, which now lets me get tons of stuff for only a few dollars (or sometimes just tax) at stores like CVS, Harris-Teeter, and Target.

They’re not perfect parents, but they didn’t do a bad job at all :).

3.) My roommate Alicia. After I came home from my doctor’s office fiasco, Alicia talked to her friend who’s a nurse, and they’re helping me find another doctor (I basically had to go on google since my doctor told me next to nothing about iron deficiency anemia, which says something about our medical system lately).  Plus, Alicia has been cooking totally awesome foods lately.  Best of all, she usually waits to add the meat or something so that I can eat them.  We’re both trying to do a better job of eating healthy lately, and it is definitely paying off.  This was my dinner a few nights ago:

Spinach & fruit salad and a stuffed bell pepper. Healthy & delicious!

4.) My coworker Jamie. So, despite me falling asleep in Jamie’s car two weeks ago on a trip to Chic-Fil-A, Jamie made me an awesome sign to welcome me back from my cruise.  And I don’t care what she says, she can draw a pretty mean picture of a cruise ship.

I assure you, I did NOT look like that picture when I got off the cruise ship (even though I am happy to be home).

5.) My bestest guy friend Nick. Nick and I went out for Mexican before the cruise and had a long chat about stuff.  I love all my female friends, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes guys offer a different perspective, and I like that.  Not to mention, he’s been supportive about this whole “no running” deal lately.

6.) My senior writer, Carol. I love all my friends who are my age, but sometimes it’s nice to get perspective from someone with more experience.   So, Carol (affectionately known as Den Mother), thanks for being the  voice of reason during my crazy upset phone call two weeks ago.  *Hands Carol a “Mom Hat”*

7.) My handy-dandy medicine holder. Despite my initial aversion, this day-of-the-week medicine container has been quite helpful.  I haven’t missed any of my iron supplements and only one multivitamin (Honestly, I just didn’t feel like swallowing that horse pill that day).  I guess to go along with the name theme, maybe I should name the medicine holder?  Hmmm…

8.) My awesome company, ACS Technologies. So, I already mentioned Financial Peace University, but the best thing about it, is that my company’s paying for employees to go through the class.  It’s a really good idea, because the class normally costs over $100, which most of us can’t really just pull out of our pockets.  Also, everyone in the class is an ACSer or the spouse/accountability partner of one, so it’s cool that I get to go to this class and  get to know people from other departments.

ACS definitely has the best company benefits.  Not only do we have things like FPU, we also have awesome insurance, which means a lot when you have to go to the doctor.  I opened the bill from my bloodwork today, and it was only $24. At other employers with other insurance, it would’ve been triple that (not to mention having insurance fees come out of my check each week at my previous employer).  Yup, gotta love having insurance right now.

Not to mention, I have some of the best coworkers (and friends) in the world at ACS.  Seriously.  You guys ROCK.

9.) Feeling Better! So, if you couldn’t tell by how happy I am in the cruise pictures and the upbeat blog tone, I’m feeling MUCH better.  It took a few days for the high-powered Rx iron supplements to kick in, as to be expected, but boy do they work… or at least something’s working.  My appetite is back for the most part, I don’t feel weak anymore, and I’m in a better mood.  Sure, I’m not 100% yet, but I’m working really hard to be, hopefully in the next few weeks or month.  After all, I have to be able to run again- and having something I really love taken from me has made me want to work that much harder to get better so that I can.

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3 Responses to Thankful Thursday

  1. Susanne says:

    Counting your blessings really makes a difference doesn’t it?? You’ve got some awesome things to be thankful for… Great post, as usual, Amy Lauren!

    Have a great weekend!! 😉

  2. did you do a cruise out of miami and not hook up with me!

    So glad you went to the doc and found out what was going on!!! I lucky did not end up having that, but now you are on the right track and it’ll all be good!

  3. lindsay says:

    all very important people! 🙂 i know they appreciate you too.

    dave ramsey – he has some good practices to follow and get out/stay out of the trouble most of america is in!

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