Cruise Recap: Carnival Fantasy (Day 2)

So, the second day of our cruise was a “relaxing day at sea” and an elegant night at dinner.  Since we had excursions planned in our first two ports (Nassau & Freeport- which I’ll write about later), Clay and I just decided to chill out a lot, pretty much all day.

I woke up a little before 7:00 and went up to the walking track, where I walked for about a mile and took pictures of everyone’s favorite part of the ship, the Lido deck.

See, there are plenty of chairs at 7:00 AM!

After my walk, I went back to the room and woke up my fabulous fiancé, who was still asleep (this is what working all night does to you, and we went to breakfast in the dining room.  I prefer the dining room over the buffet; they have basically the same breakfast but I like being waited on :).  I had a veggie omelet, hash browns, and orange juice, and Clay had his favorite, Eggs Benedict.  It was quite yummy, especially the veggie omelet- it was a cheese omelet, but I asked them to put tomatoes, peppers, and onions on it :).  Clay liked his eggs benedict too.  After breakfast, we went to the gym and lifted some weights.

After lifting, I went to the sun deck and laid out for about 2 hours.  I didn’t get burnt, but I think everyone else on the trip got sunburnt on the first day.  It was kinda cloudy and also really breezy, so I don’t think people realized they were burning, but hooray for having pretty good skin :).  They had a Caribbean style band playing too so that was nice.  I think Clay laid on the bed and read.  He read two books on the cruise this time.

We went to lunch in the dining room, where I had the sushi, some soup called Caribbean Pepper Pot, and the baguette filled with shrimp, lettuce, and crab meat.  The sushi was good, but everything else was pretty bad.  I just didn’t care for the soup and the sandwich had way too much mayo in it, which made the bread soggy.

After lunch we hit up the arcade for a little while…

Clay playing one of the arcade games.

Me with my arcade game face 🙂

The arcade had a pretty good selection of games, not that I’m really up on arcades but it seemed like they had a lot to choose from.  You used your ship card to get tokens for the games, too, but you could use cash if you wanted to.

Clay did the bean bag toss game too… you wouldn’t believe how competitive some people are at bean bag toss!  Some of them were really good too… he didn’t win one of the medals or “ship on a stick” but I got some pics.

Bean Bag Toss

We wanted to go down the waterslide, but it was closed on the first sea day due to high winds, so we wound up going to the library and playing Jenga.

You could check out the games and take them back to your room- you could even keep them the whole cruise. But we just sat there and played it.

We also played bingo, and of course, the outcome wasn’t favorable…

Bleh, bingo! It was my first (and only) time playing bingo on a cruise ship, but Clay played a lot. Neither of us won anything, though :(.

To ease the pain of our bingo loss, Clay’s beanbag loss, my Jenga loss, and the waterslide being closed, we got these from the Bistro Coffee shop and took them back to our room to eat:

These were totally awesome. It was less than $5 for five of them, and totally worth it.

Me with the strawberries. Oh, and the result of my laying out that morning...

Open Wide...

After we ate the strawberries, we ordered room service.  The sushi bar was closed for formal night, and I was hungry because my lunch wasn’t that good.  Clay had the NY Strip Lion & Brie Cheese Baguette sandwich, and I had the Grilled Portobello, cheese, and veggie sandwich.  We both really liked the room service.  It was really prompt and the portions are huge!  I never can eat that whole sandwich, lol.

That evening, we went to formal night and took this picture with our dinner table mates.

The waiter didn't wait for everyone to look at the camera... still a good pic, though.

We also took this pic. I love seeing Clay dressed up :). Look at my tan lines!

For dinner, I had fruit and the Chile Rellenos with Mexican rice.  I also had a spinach, alfalfa, and sprouts salad- almost every night they had a dish that had spinach in it.   After being diagnosed with severe anemia, I’m trying to eat a lot of spinach and high-iron foods, and Carnival made all the dishes with spinach in them taste pretty awesome :).  The fruit and the spinach salad were excellent, along with the Mexican rice (hard to mess up).  Wasn’t too thrilled with the Chile Relleno.  I think Clay had the Lobster tail, maybe?  Anyway, he enjoyed it.  They also had the sushi appetizer on this night and he got that.

The dining room also had this guy, who did card and magic tricks at dinner on some nights.

We returned to our room to find some goodies that our room steward left us:

I don't know what kind of towel animal this is, but it looks angry.

We also got invitations to the past guest party. You guessed it: they still have me as a "Mr."

We changed clothes and went to the adult comedy club show with comedian Al Ernst.  He was really, really funny- he was from a small town in the south and had that funny redneck potty humor.  After the comedian show, which ended at like 11:30, we came back and went to bed since we had a 9:00 excursion in Nassau the next morning.

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  1. lindsay says:

    so fun! (i’m still jealous!) 🙂 your bathing suit and dress are so cute! those strawberries – yum. i always thought the “day at sea” would suck but you actually made it sound like the part i would like the most if i ever go on a cruise.

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