The Three Change Challenge: Wrap Up

It’s been a little over 30 days since I started the Three Change Challenge, which means that my challenge is officially OVER.

Basically, the challenge involved making three changes in your life over a period of 30 days.  The other stipulation is that it should be a challenge to help you break free of a rut or plateau.  According to the blog, “You are definitely being asked to really evaluate your life and figure out 3 changes that you are willing to commit to and support others on for the next 30 days.”

Of course, I used this as an opportunity to basically blog non-stop about stuff, but let’s see how I did…

1.) Fewer sodas, more water.

I’ve definitely cut back my soda consumption.  Granted, our magical soda machine still calls my name almost every afternoon at work, and my hand always gravitates toward the top button (Diet Mountain Dew).  But, I only get one soda per day, and usually, I don’t drink the whole thing.  I’ve actually gone a few days without drinking any soda, and truthfully… I don’t miss it much.  If I replace my afternoon soda fix with walking, I’m usually energized enough to make it through the rest of the day.

As far as drinking more water goes, obviously I had to replace soda with something, but I still probably need to drink a bit more water on days when I run.  It’s no fun to get dehydrated on the middle of the Rail Trail, that’s for sure.

2.) Be more encouraging.

This has definitely been fun.  After being inspired by Operation Beautiful, I posted encouraging post-it notes up in the gym locker room.  I plan to continue this occasionally, too.  I probably won’t do it EVERY time I go to the gym (yup, some days I’ve there in the morning AND afternoon), but I’ll definitely do it once or twice a week.  I also tried to be more positive in general, even though that can be pretty tough sometimes with things going on in life.

3.) Do something (or a few things) outside of my comfort zone- and not worry about it.

Well, painting a house was definitely outside of my comfort zone, I’ll say that.  So was doing yoga.  Speaking of yoga, I went back to Sunrise Yoga last Wednesday morning, and I also placed some yoga videos in my Netflix OnDemand queue.  I liked it, but I don’t think I’ll be able to do the 5:30 thing very often.  Fortunately, the gym does offer yoga at different times so hopefully I can make it occasionally.

So… that’s about it.  I will say, this was an interesting challenge, to try to stick with some goals for a short period of time and think of fun ways to accomplish them :).  Thanks to Run to the Finish for proposing the idea!

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2 Responses to The Three Change Challenge: Wrap Up

  1. how cool that you really found some great things by challenging yourself!

  2. zenlizzie says:

    All those seem like good goals for a 30 day challenge. I never consider myself a soda person, except when they are around and then really overdo it, especially with diet-yellow drinks! I like diet mountain dew, and that was my drink of choice when I worked at the FloMo, but I’m addicted to Diet Sundrop normally. This week of not consuming artificial sweeteners is showing me how much non-water beverages I usually drink.

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