House Partying

So, a few months ago, I joined a website called  Basically, House Party is a website where you apply to host parties that are sponsored by companies and products.  The website has a section for planning your party, and the companies that sponsor the parties send you stuff such as coupons for free food and party favors for your guests.  According to the site, “When you host a House Party you’re a VIP: You get sneak previews of the best TV shows, free stuff, and the best offers out there on the things you really like.”

I applied for plenty of House Parties only to get rejected, but after a few months- I got chosen to host a Stouffers Toasted Subs House Party.  Since this was the first time I’ve ever done this, I didn’t really know what to expect, until one day I came home to a huge box on my doorstep that contained reusable bags, TONS of coupons for free subs (to serve at the party), coupons for $1 off the subs (to give to the guests), and even paper plates and napkins with the party’s theme.  Pretty sweet, huh?

So… if you like to host parties, get lots of freebies, and have friends over for a good time, you should definitely sign up for House Party.  It’s a lot of fun.

Anyway- Alicia and I scheduled the party for April 9.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do as much planning as I wanted to, because I was sick the week before (Stupid Stomach Flu).  But, I got the toasted subs, we made party favor bags (which contained random goodies- as we put it “You’re guaranteed to get something.  You’re not guaranteed to like it.”), and I cleaned the house up.  Alicia also made awesome dips and veggie trays for everyone :).

Only P.J. can make a photo of food look so good.

... and these are the toasted subs that we served. We actually ended up eating them open faced like that, more like a pizza instead of a sub. But everyone loved them!

No subs were burnt by me heating them up in the oven. Actually I'm happy I didn't burn the place down- I don't have a good track record with cooking.

See? PJ even took this pic as proof I didn't burn them!

Of course, a party is only as awesome as the guests in attendance (Monica, Will, Clay, Tim, Nick, Ashley, Neil, PJ, Becca, and Chris).  So, here are some random pics of the guests:

Ashley & her significant other, Neil. Ashley and I worked together at Assurant. She was smart enough to get out of writing and go into the much more lucrative field of Graphic Design ;).

Alicia & Tim. Okay, so Alicia was a party host, but there's Tim (welcome to ACS, Tim, btw!)

Chris & Becca. Becca works with me. Not only can she conquer the evil documentation monster each day at work, but she can also deal with Chris' crazy looks without batting an eye!

At one point, we realized that bald guys outnumbered everyone else (Will, PJ, Clay, and Chris).

... and here's Nick, Neil, and Ashley modeling the awesome reusable "Green" bags that House Party sent for the party favors. We put random stuff in the bags- but everyone seemed to like what they got.

And finally, a pic of me and the wonderful fiance. Oh, and the bling ring!

The coolest thing is that we think we might actually have more parties and get-togethers here at the apartment.  Everyone had a great time- we all just ate and hung out, and Clay played video games while the rest of us watched.  Everyone met new people or reunited with old friends who they hadn’t seen in awhile, which was awesome.  So, I’m thankful for House Party for hopefully inspiring more (maybe monthly?) parties in our future :).

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3 Responses to House Partying

  1. Karen w says:

    How cool is that? Free food and a reason to party!

  2. tiffany says:

    you better invite me to the next one!

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