The Three Change Challenge

So, I read a lot of blogs.  I read my friends’ blogs (even if I don’t comment, I always read!). I read couponing/deals blogs.  I read giveaway blogs.  I read workout/running blogs.

The best blogs don’t just offer coupons or great sales or free stuff or tips for running races.  Sometimes they offer something more, like a challenge.  And even if you don’t complete the challenge- you’ve come further than you would have if you hadn’t set a goal, right?

A few nights ago, I read a blog about the Three Changes Challenge.  Basically, it involves making three changes in your life over the next 30 days.  The other stipulation is that it should be a challenge to help you break free of a rut or plateau.  According to the blog, “You are definitely being asked to really evaluate your life and figure out 3 changes that you are willing to commit to and support others on for the next 30 days.”

So, since I’m always looking for things to blog about and ways for personal improvement, I got on board.  And I’m inviting YOU to get on board too.  If you blog, blog about it.  If you don’t blog, tell everyone you know about it so they can pester you and keep you encouraged. Remember that you only have to commit for 30 days- so if you haven’t improved personally in 30 days, you can just go back to however you were doing things before; it’s not a complete life change.

Here are my changes for the next 30 days:

1.) Fewer sodas, more water.

This can be hard since soda is free at my job.  I was really good about drinking water when I was preparing for my 10K, but since then, I’ve fallen back into the pitfall of the magical soda machine.  I’m limiting myself to one can of soda per day.  That means less of the “Mountain of Dew” and more water (Having a funky water bottle koozy helps).

2.) Be more encouraging.

Over the past few weeks I’ve realized that negative vibes are contagious.  Like the stomach virus I had last week, negativity is not something one wants to catch. Sometimes I think being ‘neutral’ is taking the easy way out- just like being negative.

3.) Do something (or a few things) outside of my comfort zone- and not worry about it.

Those of you who know me know that I can mull on things for a few days when something worries me.  So this goal is to basically take another step in the direction of worrying less about things that I really can’t control and not being scared to do something different.

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4 Responses to The Three Change Challenge

  1. RunToFinish says:

    i LOVEEEEEE that song! It’s one that I run to and it picks me up

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