Thankful Tuesday: April 13, 2010

Hey everyone!  I am finally feeling back to myself again!  I even feel well enough to write a blog- as if I haven’t been doing enough writing each day at work.  Today’s blog is called Thankful Tuesday.  I’ve seen them in other blogs, and it’s basically a post about what you’re thankful for on a Tuesday (or sometimes a Thursday, but I didn’t want to wait two days).  So here goes:

1.) Finally being well! Believe it or not, it took a little over a week for me to get over the stomach virus, officially.  It really amazes me, because I’m in excellent health and have a pretty good immune system.  I can only imagine how much worse it could have been if I hadn’t been taking good care of myself to begin with.  My friend Jamie actually told me about her son having a disease called Walking Pneumonia, and it really scared me because I had a lot of the same symptoms last week.  Fortunately- it was just getting over being sick, and after a few days of taking it easy, I’m back to myself again and *SO* glad!

2.) My mom and her awesome cooking. I went home on Sunday, and still being sick, my mom freaked out!  The first thing she said when she saw me was how frail I looked.  We went out for lunch, and even though I ate, my mom spent the whole time persuading me to take “a few more bites” and wondering if I was going to eat all of that salad, etc.

Today, my parents came to Florence so my dad could get his truck worked on, and my mom called me at work.  She made brownies and blueberry muffins for me and dropped them off by putting them in my car while I was on my lunch break (I went to lunch with a friend and the friend drove so my car was still there).  Talk about awesome!  We definitely enjoyed those this afternoon :).  All my friends and coworkers love my mom’s cooking too hehe.

3.) My wonderful fiancé, Clay. Despite calling me “Weezy” all weekend, Clay and I hung out Saturday night and had pizza and watched TV.  Hooray for Pizza Hut’s $10 pizzas and having a buy one get one free coupon (Yes- 2 “lovers” pizzas and 8 wings for under $20- not bad).  Pretty sure he understood why I wasn’t able to hang out all week with being so sick, and he totally didn’t mind putting up with my random fits of coughing.  I love eating pizza in front of the TV with him because I just love him :).

4.) My roommate Alicia. Alicia and I had a House Party at our apartment on Friday night, and she totally took charge of things and made lots of yummy food and party plans for it.  The party went so well, we think that we might have friends over maybe one night a month to eat, watch a movie or play video games, and just hang out.

5.) My supportive coworkers. Last Wednesday when I was really weak and out of it, my Den Mother senior writer, manager, and the other writer on my team all told me that I should go home and get some rest, even though we had a lot of work.  It really rocks to work with a good team.  I mean, they could have said something like, “Well, we’re sorry you’re sick.  Why don’t you grab a Ginger Ale and just try to get a little more done before you go home at 4:30?”.  But they didn’t.   Clay and I were talking about it, and we both agreed that we would NEVER hear that from people at other places where we’ve worked (and where he currently works).

6.) My four-mile run today. It wasn’t the best or fastest 4 miles I’ve ever run, but I got through it!  I had to stop and walk for a few minutes- but I’m okay with that!  I said before I started that I was going four miles, no matter what- after all, it’s four miles more than most people ran today, too.  I want to do another 10K, and right after the last 10K I did, I was considering doing a 10K in a nearby town this weekend.  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to do that, but I am hoping to do some volunteer stuff with my church, so that will give me a good workout and a great volunteering opportunity. And I *will* run another 10K!

So… what are YOU thankful for this Tuesday?

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One Response to Thankful Tuesday: April 13, 2010

  1. zenlizzie says:

    I love this entry! I think I forget to take time to think about what I’m thankful for sometimes because I’m too busy thinking about all the stuff I want to be different. I’ve been a debbie downer lately, so I need to spend some time being thankful.. & Glad you`re feeling better!

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