I fly like paper, get high like planes…

So… for those of you who don’t catch the irony in my title, I’ve been MIA (a group named MIA sings that, by the way).

I planned a really great Easter weekend.  Planned time with my bestest friend, Jenn.  Planned time with my fiance (alone) and his family (with him included).  Jenn and I were going to Myrtle Beach on one of the prettiest days so far this year to get a jump start on our tans, and of course this would result in tons of pictures and fun and a blog post.  Not to mention spending holidays with Clay and his family is always fun.

Of course, we all know what happens to the best laid plans.  Here’s what happened:

Or… for those of you who are less biologically inclined…

After three horrible days (all of which were a part of my “long Easter weekend”), 2 bowls of oatmeal, half of a PB&J, and one trip to urgent care, I have recovered to eating *drumroll please*… SOLID FOOD!  Seriously, today’s lunch, which was a veggie on wheat from the deli with the unpronounceable name that begins with an S Scholotzskys, never tasted so good.

Fortunately, I’m feeling MUCH better now.  I even worked out today.  I missed three days of working out- now that’s seriously sick for me!  Although being able to sprint 15 feet from the bed to the bathroom can prove to be a useful life skill… I know, TMI.  I will have some interesting blogs for you guys coming up soon.  I’m even throwing a House Party later this week- how exciting is that?

And I *did* get to spend some time with the wonderful fiancé.  Shameless plug: My super sweet fiancé gave  me a gift certificate for a facial for Easter… apparently he knew just what I wanted before our next cruise in May!  Guys take note- facials and massages are what women love!

Oh, and that Taco Bell “Fourth Meal” I had late Thursday night… since I felt like I ‘deserved’ it after running + Beach Body Boot Camp… let’s just say that was my FAIL of the week…

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3 Responses to I fly like paper, get high like planes…

  1. Lindsay says:

    Sorry to hear things fell apart for you over the weekend but it sounds like you recovered enough of it to still have a good time. Hope you are feeling 100% better!

  2. Tiffany says:

    i’ve never had a stomach flu before; that sounds so sucky tho. 😦 Glad you are feeling better now.
    yay for house parties! mmm chips and dip!

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